Blogging Vs YouTube: Which One Is Better

Are you planning to earn money online? Are You confused about whether to start blogging or create a YouTube Channel? Let’s solve this puzzle between Blogging Vs YouTube and figure out which is best for making money online!

Blogging Vs YouTube, Well, many of us are really confused between the two when we plan to step into making money online. Both platforms are damn popular and can help you to earn money.

Many of us usually start focusing on both platforms and some prefer to concentrate on one platform

. That’s when the big question comes into the picture. Blogging Vs YouTube: Which is the best for making money. We will try to find out the answer in this article. So keep reading!

Many of us love to earn a hefty amount of money apart from our income from a job. India still has a job-driven education system and people usually run for jobs after graduation sacrificing the dream and passion where they might have done well in their careers.

The trend is changing and more people are now diverting to find options for making some money apart from a regular job.

Unfortunately, there was hardly any platform before where we can explore our potential. With the entry of YouTube, things have changed drastically although blogging was available well before YouTube.

I would say blogging got more popular after the entry of YouTube. Reason? Very simple. People who failed on YouTube tried their luck in Blogging.

Anyway, Before going further in this article, how about a short introduction to YouTube and Blogging. I know these terms are not new to anyone nowadays but an introduction sets the context of a useful article. Right?

What Is Blogging

Blogging is a way of sharing your knowledge through websites. People host their posts on their websites and submit them to search engines.

When any visitor search for an article based on the keywords that your post contains, your post gets popped up in their search result.

Very simple concept. Is not it?  Unfortunately, it is not. That is the reason I have written another post on How To Start A Blog. That article might help you if you are just about to step into blogging.

Blogging Vs YouTube

All right, now we know what is blogging. But don’t you wonder how someone can earn money out of that?

I never heard of any visitor paying money when they visit a website. Right? Well, we should say thanks to social media and the digital revolution which is helping us to earn money from a blog. Below is a list of income sources where you can earn money through your blog.

  • Placing Google Ads or other Ad Agency Ads ( For Example in your blog and earning money from Ad clicks.
  • Putting affiliate marketing links on your website and earning money when someone buys a product using that link.
  • Sponsored product promotions
  • Selling digital products like eBooks
  • Selling online study materials

Let’s move on to YouTube.

What Is YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing platform offered by Google, where you can upload and share knowledgeable videos. Google places ads on your videos and when someone watches those ads in your video, you get paid.

You can upload videos on anything except some restrictive categories set by Google. Trust me, you can earn a good amount of money if you are a successful YouTuber. So let’s list down possible ways a YouTuber can earn money.

Blogging Vs YouTube
  • Earn from ads placed by Google
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Paid promotion of products and services.

Now we know the roots of Blogging and YouTube, and we have also discovered that we can earn money using both platforms.

But is that so easy? Is it a piece of cake? If yes, everyone in this world has been rich. Someone well said that you can’t gain anything without pain. What that means, is you will have to have a lot of pain and hard work to earn money.

The same rule applies here as well. It’s a wise choice to try both platforms concurrently as both platforms have many similarities and limited differences.

We can use the similarities to multiply the outcome of our efforts and differences we can handle separately. So let’s find out the similarities between blogging and YouTube in terms of content and effort that you make.

Youtube Vs Blogging: Similarities

Original Content

Both platforms need original content. You are likely to get caught early if you use other YouTuber’s content and the same goes for Blogging as well.

Google is very serious about copyright infringement and your ability to earn from Google Ad Sense will be terminated for life if you use any copyrighted content in your YouTube channel or Blog.

Hard Work

Both blogging and YouTube need hard work to get successful. There is no shortcut. Depending upon your niche sometimes you may need a whole day to make a video or write an article. So keep working hard until you get what you want.


If you are about to get into blogging or YouTube just for quick money then better shift to reverse gear.

No matter how much you try you won’t be able to earn money quickly from any of these two platforms. More than 50% of bloggers or YouTubers leave these platforms within one year as they were not making any money.

So you have to keep on working hard and if everything goes well you may be able to earn in 2 to 3 years. The best part is that once you start earning there is no limit.

SEO knowledge

Both platforms need at least basic SEO knowledge to rank. You may have created a very nice article or a video but unless those come in search results, there is no use. So you need to get some ideas and best practices about SEO before you land on any of these two platforms.

Little Bit Of Investment

Blogging and YouTube need a fair amount of investment at the beginning. For blogging, you need to buy a domain and hosting. For YouTube, you will have to buy equipment like a Mic, a Camera, etc.

Frankly speaking, you can start a YouTube channel without any high-end camera or mic but those cameras and mics make a huge difference in video quality. So if your budget permits go for some basic investment before you create a youtube channel or a blog.

Youtube Vs Blogging: Differences


On YouTube, you can upload only videos but in blogging, you can upload videos as well as articles. In that sense, blogging makes it more logical as the content type is versatile and you can earn more


YouTube is owned by Google. They have set certain guidelines and regulations for YouTubers. Violating those rules may lead your account to being suspended.

On the other hand, blogging is owned by you and you set your own rules. No fear of account suspensions and if for some reason Google AdSense is terminated, you have so many options to earn.

Earning Options

Blogging has a wide range of earning options compare to YouTube where your options are restricted to AdSense and affiliate marketing.


Absolutely no customizations on YouTube. Whatever Google gives, you have to be happy with it. On the other hand, Blogging is your den. Do whatever you want to do as per your liking and customize it the way you want.

Now the big question…

Blogging Vs YouTube: Which Is The Best For Making Money In 2021

Let’s try to find out the best platform based on certain criteria. On some criteria, YouTube may score high and on some, it may be blogging. Let’s find out.

Do you Want Money?

Yes, everyone needs money. YouTube and blogging, can help you to earn money. You will start earning relatively faster on YouTube but in the long run, blogging yields more revenue

Do you Want Fame?

If the answer is yes then YouTube is the best platform to choose. Blogging won’t be able to expose you the way you want for getting Fame.

Do you want an audience base?

If you would like to expand the audience base quickly then YouTube can be a better option. No matter how much traffic you have in your blog but it can not match the audience base of YouTube.

How about trying both YouTube and Blogging

If you can manage both platforms concurrently, then nothing can beat you from earning money. Many visitors may not like reading, but for them watching the same content in video format is a blessing.

YouTube and Blogging are like two sides of a coin. You have to carry both to yield maximum profits.

Conclusion: Blogging Vs Youtube Channel

Both YouTube and blogging are great tools for earning money. My personal suggestion would be to stick to both YouTube and blogging if your time permits.

If not start with YouTube first to build an audience. Once you decide to start blogging, those audiences can give you an early push in your blogging journey.

That’s all I have in this article. Hopefully, you got some useful information from this article. If you have any questions, then do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer you.

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Rajib is the Co-Founder and the Lead Product Analyst of RiansTech. A BTech in Mechanical Engineering and a veteran in the Home Appliance industry with over 17 years of experience in designing appliances for industry leaders like GE and Whirlpool. He also runs a successful niche blog (RiansClub) on Mechanical Engineering