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About RiansTech

RiansTech was started during the summer of 2020 as a hobby project to store our technology learning and experience. Over the last two years, we have explored the business potential of RiansTech and as of today, it is one of the fastest-growing technology review portals.

Being relatively new in this arena, we are hovering around 5K visits per month and growing at 10% month on month. We have a considerable presence on social media and our email subscribers are over 2K.

If you are concerned about the domain authority, RiansTech has a DA=32 as of August 2022 and a Spam Score=0. So it is assured that you will be dealing with a relatively moderate authority site.

You can head over to the About Us section to more about RiansTech or visit RiansWorld to know more about our other businesses and potential advertising opportunities.

What We Write About

Snippets Of Key Categories That We Cover
Web Hosting
WordPress Theme
WordPress Plugin
WordPress Guide
Software Reviews
Web App Review
Blogging Guide
Affiliate Marketing

Advertising Opportunities


Sponsored Mention

Sponsored mention
Sponsored Mention
Sponsored mention is available on all posts currently published on RiansTech.
The outgoing link should not be pointing to a spam site or any other restricted content website.
Only one do-follow link will be honored per order
The outgoing link will be permanent. Once published we can NOT change the link.
We can not guarantee that the link will be at the start of the article or at the end of the article.
If the sponsored mention is in ” List Post “, then there will be a separate fee for 1-5 spots and the spot will be reserved for one year only.

The price varies based on different factors. For example, we charge a special rate for link insertion to pillar posts and high-traffic articles.

Please reach out to [email protected] for details and a quote.

Sponsored Mention
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We Allow Free And Sponsored Guest Posts

Sponsored Guest Post

sponsored guest post 2
Sponsored Guest Post
An article with at least 3000 words can be considered a free guest post
If the article has a product and/or service promotion, it will be considered a sponsored guest post only.
Only one do-follow link will be honored per article.
The outgoing link will be permanent. Once published we can NOT change the link.
For further details about the sponsored guest post, please visit here
Articles that have more than 3000 words: FREE
Articles that have less than 3000 words: Contact for price
Articles that has product/service promotions: Contact for price

Please reach out to [email protected] for details and a quote.

Sponsored Guest Post
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We Write In-Detail And Unbiased Reviews

Sponsored Reviews

sponsored review 2
Sponsored Review
We can only write unbiased reviews for your products/services
We will cover the positive and negative aspects of the product and also may show alternate recommendations.
We charge a service fee as we are writing the product review.
Our service charge will be $100 for 1000 words. For each extra 1000 words, we will charge an additional $50
You need to give us the license for the specified tool at least for 3 months to review it.
We don’t offer a do-follow backlink for sponsored reviews. We charge separately for a do-follow link in sponsored reviews.
Up to 1000 Words: $100
Additional 1000 Words: $50

Please reach out to [email protected] for details and a quote.

Sponsored Review
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We Allow In-Post And Sidebar Banner Ads

Banner Ads

Banner Ads
We offer ad slots on a monthly basis
There are three positions available for banner ads. Article In-Content, Sidebar, and Home Page
The article in-content banner size is 730X90
The home page banner size is 750X90
The sidebar banner size is 300X250
The banner ad image should be in PNG or JPG format only
The image size should not cross 100 KB.
We DO NOT offer banner ads right below the header
Home Page Banner Ads: $300 / Month
Sidebar First Widget ( Sticky) : $200/ Month
Sidebar Other Widget : $100/ Month
In- Content ( Below Article Title): $150/ Month
In-Content ( Except Below Article Title) : $100/ Month

Please reach out to [email protected] for details and a quote.

Banner Ads
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Sponsored Giveaways

giveaway 1
Sponsored Giveaways
Sponsored Giveaways offer the maximum brand outreach.
We will create a dedicated landing page for the giveaway
We will promote the giveaway details on different social media platforms.
We will place a dedicated banner or section on the homepage/sidebar.
You need to give us a license for the product at least for 3 months.

Please reach out to [email protected] for pricing details and a custom quote.

Sponsored Giveaways
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is RiansTech Refund Policy?

We will offer a 100% refund within 2 days of payment if the service is not availed. Beyond 2 business days, we will not entertain any refund.

What Payment Mode Does RiansTech Accept?

We accept payment through PayPal, Wire Transfer, And RazorPay payment gateway system.

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