About Us

About RiansTech

RiansTech is a technology blog dedicated to kinds of stuff on Android, Windows, Internet and WordPress. We also publish article on gadget reviews and help you to take a buying decision.

About Me

Myself Rajib, I have been working for over 15 years after I did my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute Of Technology, Agartala. Over the years I worked with Capgemini and GE as a product designer. Hailing from a small town called Agartala and currently settled in Hyderabad. Due to my job, I currently stay in the USA for the last couple of years.

I am a certified practitioner of six sigma methodology, expertise in process improvements, production planning and quality improvement. My job helped me to learn many CAD tools and in the past, I also worked as a CAD automation engineer. I take a keen interest in trending design philosophies like MBD, KBE, Top-Down Design, Industrial Automation etc.

About Rian

Rian is my 4 years old son. I decided to launch this blog when he was born. This is something which I want to gift him when he grows up. This is a brand with which he can relate himself in future. This is a brand which has his name in it and he can feel proud about it.

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