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What We Are?

RiansTech is an online publication house primarily focused on everything about WordPress, be it WordPress Hosting, WordPress Themes, or WordPress plugins, we cover it all.

We also review different software and services that could add value to your business and personal life.

We learned from our mistakes and we don’t want you to go through the same. That is why we document everything we learned so far in our online business journey here on RiansTech.

RiansTech was conceived during the summer of 2020 and has grown up exponentially over the years. We thrive to serve you better in the coming years.

Where We Are?

We are based out in the Pearl City Of India, Hyderabad, India.

Why We Are?

One more WordPress blog! Why man? The internet is flooded with WordPress blogs and RiansTech is another entry into this overcrowded space.

Frankly speaking, We would have never picked this niche unless we faced the problems while we were launching our first start-up.

We were in the market to search for good themes, plugins, and other recommendations. However, we observed that most of the reviews available on the internet are sugar-coated.

Bloggers prioritize recommendations based on the affiliate commission they earn rather than how good or bad the product is. Unfortunately, even some big names do these shitty things.

Yes, we also earn affiliate commissions but we never recommend any products that do not add any value.

That is where RiansTech is different. On this blog, you will find reviews that are completely unbiased. We recommend products only when we feel that the product will be good for your business too.

We are not here to sell products. We are not like other garbage blogs that glorify every product they review. We never trap anyone ( In lieu of so-called training) to buy our recommended products.

If you buy, we can survive. If not, we will wind up. As simple as that. But can’t compromise on our ethics.

Who We Are?

Hi, I am Rajib. I run this show and I am the founder of RiansTech. Along with my wife, I started RiansWorld Venture back in 2019. We currently run three blogs on different niches and one e-commerce store.

I did my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Worked for around two decades in India and the United States as a specialized product designer. My last role was with GE Appliances, KY, United States for which I spend almost 13 years of my career.

Coming to our journey, started back in 2014 when one fine day my wife decided to quit her job. We decided to conceive our own start-up and started Mimi Creation. We started selling craft products on Amazon and Flipkart.

Soon we got some profit and launched our first physical store in Hyderabad in June 2014. Everything was going well, we were making some handsome profit out of that business.

We bought our second car, A Red Maruti Baleno in cash from the money that we saved from our business. It was a great achievement for us as we never thought that our business will grow that much.

However, in December 2016, we traveled to the USA to meet my job commitments. As there was no one to take care of our store in Hyderabad, we had to shut it down and our first start-up failed ( Not really failed, but we had no options)

The synthetic lifestyle of the USA never pampered us and the etching of doing something of our own was bugging us badly.

The final nail in the coffin was when I lost my job in the USA. I saw a different side of my life and realized that corporate jobs are like slavery where every day you struggle for your survival.

Finally, we decided to resume our online businesses and launched RiansTech. I am still on my 8-5 job until I earn enough to ditch my corporate life.

By The Way, Who Is Rian?

Rian is our 6 year old toddler who is graduating from Kindergarten in 2023. We could not think of a better name than Rian for all our online businesses.

When he grows up, he will have at least something that is related to him. When we die, he will have at least something to take it forward.

We lived our corporate life like a slave but we want Rian not to go through the same and that is why he is here, in fact everywhere!

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