40+ Best AppSumo Deals [May 2022]: Up To 98% OFF (+Lifetime Deals)

Many of you might have heard about AppSumo. If not, AppSumo is one of the best software marketplaces where you can get exclusive software deals ( Mostly lifetime deals).

Are you hunting for similar deals? Then let’s explore different AppSumo deals so that you can save on your software and apps.

If you are a blogger, YouTuber, or entrepreneur, you know how hard it hits to pay for your software licenses every year.

For example, you need to pay about $10 per month for a good email marketing tool. Does that really make sense to pay every month for a software tool? That is where Appsumo comes to our rescue.

Appsumo Deals

In Apsumo, most of the deals are lifetime deals. What that means is that you need to pay once and enjoy the software lifetime.

You might be wondering that, since it’s a lifetime deal, the one-time cost might be more. But that’s not the case. Lifetime deals on Appsumo come at a relatively low price tag.

Here are a couple of salient features of Appsumo Deals

Features Of Appsumo Deals
Most of the deals are lifetime deals. This means you only need to pay once and enjoy the software for a lifetime
Most of the deals come with unlimited site usage. So you can use the software on unlimited sites.
Appsumo offers a 60-day no question asked money-back policy. In case you are not happy, you can ask for a refund
You get a chance to directly ask questions to the owner/ CEO of that product. So you will get a more transparent deal
Excellent customer support

Please note that Appsumo deals are available only for a limited time period and most coupons are sold within a few days. So it’s better to buy the deals as soon as you see them.

Almost every week or month, new deals are added on Appsumo. This article will be updated as and when new deals are added. So you should bookmark this page for future reference.

Best Appsumo Deals [ WordPress]

1. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is one of the best image optimization plugins that optimize images so that your website loads very fast. It can compress images while you upload or else you can compress those afterward.

You will get an option to serve optimized images from Bunny CDN thus saving your hosting bandwidth. You also get the option to change the image type from PNG to JPG or vice versa in this plugin

WP Compress can do lossless and lossy compression. It can serve images in WebP format which is one of the best and most lightweight image formats available now.

The package also comes with a cache plugin called Swiss performance for free of cost. This plugin further helps your site to speed it up.

Key Highlights

Features Of EWWW Image Optimizer
One-click image optimation.
Free hybrid CDN
WebP support
Lossless and lossy compression
Swiss performance cache plugin
Software NameEWWW Image Optimizer
TypeImage Optimization
AlternativeShortpixel, Imagify
Original Price$240 per year
Deal Price$99 ( Lifetime)
Deal StatusActive

2. Backup Guard Plugin

Backup plugins are a must for WordPress blogs. Because you don’t know when something may go wrong. That’s why most backup plugins charge a hefty amount every year for subscriptions.

Fortunately, Appsumo has a deal on Backup Guard Plugin that you can use for a year for just $39.

The package also comes with a security plugin for FREE. So you will save money on that plugin too.

Key Highlights 

  • Full or custom backups with just 1-click
  • Site Migration
  • You can backup your websites locally or upload them to the cloud.
  • It supports Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and Amazon.
  • Ensures reliable Restoration of your WordPress Site.
  • Disaster Recovery & 99.99 % backups durability.
Software NameBackUp Guard Plugin
TypeWordPress Backup Plugin
AlternativeUpdraft Plus, Duplicator
Original Price$54.95 Per Year
Deal Price$39 / Year
Deal StatusActive

3. Stackable [Expired]

Stackable is one of the best and most intuitive WordPress Plugins for Gutenberg Editor. It brings ready-made designs and intuitive page builder tools to create stunning and professional websites without writing a single line of code.

Key Highlights 

  • Pre-made Designs
  • Extensive Block Collections
  • User-friendly Controls
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Live Responsive Editing feature
  • Global Settings and SEO friendly Options
Software NameStackable
TypeWordPress Plugin for Gutenberg Editor
AlternativeQubely, Ultimate Blocks
Original Price$330 Per Year
Deal Price$59 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

4. WP Scheduled Post

WP Scheduled Post Plugin is the most finest and authentic editorial calendar tool present in the WordPress Repository.

It makes it a lot easier for you to streamline your content strategy, automate the WordPress Workflow, and schedule what to post and when to post without personal involvement.

Key Highlights 

  • With WP Scheduled Post, You can plan, create and publish your content in a centralized manner.
  • Auto Scheduling of unlimited posts.
  • Drag and Drop feature to easily navigate, create, and editing of posts right in the calendar.
  • Manual Post Scheduler
  • Missed Post Handler
  • Auto Sharing to the major social media platforms.
Software NameWPScheduled Posts
TypeWordPress Plugin
AlternativeAutopost Scheduler, Editorial Calendar
Original Price$149 Per Year
Deal Price$39 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusActive

5. WP Social

Social share is one of the best ways to generate traffic to a blog. Most of the time, due to time constraints, it gets very difficult to publish on different platforms.

WP Social helps you to post on different social media platforms automatically without going to each platform separately

It keeps all your social media channels altogether and makes the log-in process along with content sharing of your website smooth and easier.

Key Highlights

  • Up to date API.
  • Automatically publish on social media platforms
  • Social login via Buddy-Press, WooCommerce, Linked In, Dribble, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.
  • Comes with 14+ Social Share Providers, and 8 + social counter & social login providers.
  • Login buttons enhanced with editable and translatable texts
Software NameWP Social
TypeWordPress Plugin
AlternativeNextend Social Login and Register, Buffer
Original Price$186 Per year
Deal Price$39 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusActive

6. Coming soon and maintenance mode

Though it’s surprising but it’s the fact that WordPress does not have any default option to show a ” Maintenance Page ” or ” Coming Soon ” page. You need to depend on a plugin for that.

Coming Soon and maintenance mode plugin is an amazing WordPress Plugin that helps you to create, and manage custom “coming soon” and “maintenance pages” in a matter of time.

This is an awesome tool for webmasters to show their visitors that they are working on the website to make it better.

Key Highlights

  • 170 + Professional Themes
  • Works well with all the versions of WordPress
  • Social media-ready.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Site status can be managed remotely
  • Collect emails & show your progress
Software NameComing Soon & Maintenance Mode
TypeWordPress Plugin
AlternativeSeed Prod and Under Construction Page
Original Price$99 Per year
Deal Price$69( 1 year)
Deal StatusActive

7. Quick Pop [ Expired]

Quick Pop is a WordPress pop-up plugin. It enables you to add amazing and customizable popups to your WordPress site.

Also, you can collect emails, set popup colors, link the social media pages, create exclusive promotions, attracts customers with free giveaways, and many more, with this responsive WordPress Popup Builder.

Key Highlights

  • Create a powerful pop-up on any device with Quick Pop’s 100 % responsive interface.
  • Collect Emails.
  • Set the Popup Delay
  • Create Popup animation effect.
  • Promote sales with a promo code
  • WPML, Multisite & Visual Composer Compatible
Software NameQuick Pop
TypeWordPress Popup Plugin
AlternativeTrust Pulse, Ninja Popups
Original Price$14 Per Year
Deal Price$ 7 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

8. Courseware [ Expired]

WP Courseware is a WordPress plugin that can help you to build an e-learning platform similar to Udemy or Treehouse.

eCourses are one of the fastest-growing markets now. Courseware is one of the best LMS plugins that you can use to create, manage and sell online courses, conduct quizzes, and many more.

Key Highlights

  • Drag and Drop Course Builder option
  • Student management system
  • Monitors Progress Tracking of Students
  • Variety of Quiz Options
  • Internal email service availability
  • Payment, and subscriptions Integration options
  • Multiple Instructors
Software NameCourseware
TypeWordPress Plugin
AlternativeLearn Dash
Original Price$149 Per year
Deal Price$39 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

9. WP Reset

Unexpectd things can happen to your website too. By mistake if you have installed a wrong plugin or theme or you have deleted some piece of code. Your website may go bad for many reason.

That is where WP Reset comes into the rescue. The plugin creates a automatic snapshot of your website so that it can restore back if something goes wrong. It is similar to a time machine for your website.

Key Highlights

  • Creates automates snapshots
  • Install favorite plugins in one click after restore
  • Cleaning tools
  • Whitelabel options
Software NameWP Reset
Type WordPress backup plugin
AlternativeBackup Guard
Original Price$39 Per year
Deal Price$ 49 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusActive

10. SliceWP

If you are selling a software, service or a products though a website and you want to integrate an affiliate program into that, then Slice WP is the best option.

It has all the feature that an affiliate tool should have. It can be easily integrated with WooCommerce, Paid Memberships Pro, Paid Member Subscriptions, Easy Digital Downloads, and MemberPress.

You can decide the commission rates, you can track the affiliate referral and they many other thing in this plugin.

Key Highlights

  • All in one affiliate software
  • Easily integrates with WooCommerse
  • Affiliate referral visits tracking
  • Affiliate approval process
  • Custom commission rates per individual affiliate

Best Appsumo Deals ( Web Development)

11. Formaloo

Formaloo is a great tool for creating forms, survey and quizzes with just few clicks. You can create live presentations that you can embed in websites.

Formaloo also has an option to accept payment. Its a really good form builder that can be a good alternative to gravity form and contact form 7.

Key Hightlights

  • Create unlimited forms, survey and quizzes
  • You can leverage powerful conditional logic and workflow automation
  • Integrates with different payment gateways

12. Appmysite [Expired]

Appmysite is a great platform for every webmaster who wants high-quality mobile apps in no time. Appmysite creates mobile apps in minutes without writing a single line of code.

It has been featured on tech giants like WPEngine, SourceForge, WPExplorer, and many more blogs

Key Highlights

  • It can create mobile apps easily in minutes.
  • No need to hire a developer to build your mobile apps
  • Mobile apps align with your online business
  • An app’s Page builder is intuitive.
  • It involves cross-platform testing
  • Seamless Management
Software NameAppMySite
Type Mobile App Builder
Original Price$684 Per year
Deal Price$ 39 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

Best Appsumo Deals ( Designing)

13. Photokit

Photokit is a phot editor tool that you can use to enhance photos, retouch portraits, remove backgrounds, apply effects, create photo collages and more.

You can also remove background of images using this tools along with other exciting features.

Key Highlights

  • Background remover
  • Image retouch
  • One touch enhance photo
  • 2.3M stock photos and graphics.

14. Pixelied [ Expired]

Pixelied is a great alternative to Canva and Crello ( Now Vistacreate). Those who are tired of paying money charges to Canva or crello can try pixelied.

Although not as feature-rich as Canva, Pixelied has almost all the required features to create stunning graphics.

It has pre-made thumbnails, a professional collection of templates, headers, images, and many more features, which makes designing very simple.

Key Highlights

  • Ready-made templates that are fruitful for your business needs.
  • AI Technology to remove the background of images
  • Access to millions of free stock images
  • Lightning-fast editor
  • Powerful product mockups in few clicks
  • Multiple file uploading option
  • Seamless Customer Support
Software NamePixelied
TypeImage editing Tool
AlternativeCanva, PicMonkey, and Venngage
Original Price$480 Per Year
Deal Price$59 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

15. Stock Unlimited

If you want to access million of stock images at a very reasonable cost, then you should not miss this Stock Unlimited deal.

You will have access to millions of stock images, graphics, icons, and vector images. Not only that, but you can also edit those images in the stock unlimited editor.

Apart from images, you can also get a lot of audio files that you can use for your videos or similar projects

Key Highlights

  • Over 1 million royalty-free image assets
  • Audio files for music and sound effect needs
  • Built in image editor
Software NameStockunlimited
TypeImage Stock Platform
AlternativeBehance, Imgur
Original Price$684 Per year
Deal Price$49 (3 Years)
Deal StatusActive

16. Shortpixel Android Image Optimizer

No, the offer is not on the short pixel image optimizer WordPress plugin. But the offer is on the Android app of the short pixel software that can reduce your mobile space by up to 80% by optimizing the photos.

You won’t even see any difference with your naked eye even after the optimization. The resolution and the quality of the image remain the same but the image size gets reduced.

Key Highlights

  • Unlimited image optimization
  • Imgae quality and resolution remains the same after optimization
Software NameShortPixel
TypeImage Optimizer Plugin
AlternativeGumlet, Image Kit
Original Price$47.90 Per year
Deal Price$4.99 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusActive

17. Yayimages

There are very few sites that offer lifetime deals on stock images. Yayimages are one of them.

Yayimages is offering a lifetime deal on over 13M+ stock images that you download and use in your project without the worry of copyright violation.

Do you know this deal also brings a $25K copyright protection? What that means is that, in case you get a copyright issue with any of the images downloaded from Yayimages, you are entitled to get up to $25K. Is mot it amazing?

Key Highlights

  • Over 13M+ stock images
  • $400K worth of partners perks
  • $25K copyright protection
Software NameYay Images
TypeImage Stock
AlternativeShutterstock, PixaBay
Original Price$700 Per Year
Deal Price$249 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusActive

18. Crello [ Expired]

Crello is a great alternative to Canva which is one of the best graphic designing tools. Crello has almost all the features that Canva at a fraction of the cost of Canva.

It has ready-made template that you can use to design your graphic, million of stock photos, icons, vectors that can spice up your graphics like anything.

Key Highlights

  • Awesome designs done with few clicks
  • You can remove background from images
  • 30, 000 + Static and animated graphic designs templates
  • Over 650k+ unique and premium images from Lightfield Productions
  • Has over 32, 000+ full HD video clips and animations.
  • Download without limits option available
Software NameCrello
TypeGraphic design editor
Original Price$99.88 Per year
Deal Price$67(Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

19. Depositphotos [ Expired]

Depositphotos is a royalty-free stock images website where they have a collection of over 195M+ photos, vectors, icons that you can use in your projects without the worry of any copyright violation.

Key Highlights 

  • Unlimited access to over a 195+million royalty-free stock photos, and vector images.
  • Attract an audience with high-quality content from professionals of all over the globe
  • Best for all who want feature-rich stock photos and vector images.
Software NameDepositPhotos
TypeImage Stock
AlternativeGetty Images
Original Price$500 Per year
Deal Price$39 (lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

20. Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages is a landing page builder that you can use to create intuitive lead generation pages. Those pages can be used to collect email addresses, sell products, and many other things.

Swipe pages can be integrated easily with stripe payments so that you can collect money by selling your products.

It has over 40 templates to choose from and there are about 20 different modules that you can use to build your landing page.

It can also generate AMP pages which is a plus because AMP pages load really fast on mobile devices. You can also track the performance of those pages in the in-built analytics section.

Key Highlights

  • It lets you create instantly loading AMP landing pages
  • Track the result and performance with a built-in analytics
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface
  • Ready made templates
  • Healthy list of modules.
Software NameSwipe pages
TypeAMP Page Builder
AlternativeUnbounce, Instapage, and LeadPages
Original Price$948 per Year
Deal Price$499 (1 Year)
Deal StatusActive

21. Linguix

Many of us do not have professional English writing skills. So we do a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes when we write something.

To solve this problem we have Linguix that can correct those mistakes and fully proof our articles. Without this tool, it becomes very difficult to find and correct those mistakes manually.

Key Highlights

  • Automatically check grammar, spelling, punchuation and writing styles.
  • Gives content appropriate recommendations
Software NameLinguix
TypeWriting Assistant
Original Price$288 Per year
Deal Price$49 (1 Year)
Deal StatusActive

22. Pixlr [ Expired]

The online photo editor tool Pixlr is the fastest-growing professional editing tool in the web market. It facilitates you to edit photos and create intuitive designs for your loved ones right through your browser for free. This AI-powered will take your photo editing, graphic designing to the next level.

Key Highlights

  • Enhance the mood of your photos with amazing filters & effects
  • A highly advanced editor tool for complex compositions
  • Supports layers
  • Clear and Intuitive Interface
Software NamePixlr
TypeOnline Photo Editor
AlternativePhotoshop and Lightroom
Original Price$144 Per Year
Deal Price$49 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

Best Appsumo Deals ( Social Media)

23. Promo Republic [ Expired]

The Promo Republic is a social media automation tool that can create, customize and publish content on social media automatically.

You can also edit photos in the inbuilt photo editing tools which is a plus. It has almost 7.5K ready-made templates and over 100K image library

Key Highlights 

  • It lessens your social media efforts with an automated promotion tool.
  • Offers around 1,00,000 + post ideas to edit photos, share blog posts to boost social media profiles
  • Auto-post Blog posts across multiple social media channels
  • Premade templates ensure a better user experience
  • It can launch content marketing on autopilot
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use graphics editor and template builder.
Software NamePromo Republic
TypeSocial media tool
AlternativeHootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social
Original Price$588 Per Year
Deal Price$49 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

24. Switchy

Switchy.io is an amazing URL shortener tool that helps you customize, manage, and track the retargeting links to ensure better user engagement and conversions.

Key Highlights

  • This tool lets you retarget the audience who clicks on your links with retargeted ads on social media, google ads, quora, etc.
  • Up-to-date analytics
  • Best tool for marketing agencies, advertisers, and hackers
  • Build your social media engagement with this URL shortener tool
Software NameSwitchy
TypeURL Shortener
AlternativeReplug, PixelMe
Original Price$2400 Per year
Deal Price$39 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusActive

25. Social monials

Socialmonials is an ideal choice for social media managers who know the changing nature of social media.

It is the perfect tool to manage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google my business, Youtube, and more. It lets you get the best possible organic search, ROI, and leads with a lower software expense.

Key Highlights

  • You can do the scheduling of social media posts with automatic reposts.
  • Tracking of social media metrics
  • Lets you launch engaging contests and sweepstakes
  • The best alternative to Hootsuite
  • Favorable for Digital marketing, and social media agencies
Software NameSocial Monials
TypeSocial Media Tool
Original Price$1788 Per Year
Deal Price$69 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusActive

Best Appsumo Deals ( Video)

26. VadooTV Player

Vadoo Tv Player is a video hosting platform where you can host HD quality video without ads. You can also record and upload audio files and distribute them in 180+ countries.

You can also secure your video files with industry-leading security features, add CTA, forms, quizzes, puzzles, etc.

Key Highlights

  • A good alternative to Youtube for marketers
  • Allows audio files distribution as well
  • You can embed the video inside custom landing pages.
Software NameVadooTvPlayer
TypeAd-free video hosting platform
AlternativeVidyard and Loom
Original Price$1456 Per Year
Deal Price$49 (1 Year)
Deal StatusActive

27. Moovly [ Expired]

Moovly is an online video editing tool that you can use to create videos, video presentations, and video templates.

Key Highlights

  • It contains professionally made video templates.
  • You can drag & drop, synchronize, and animate videos and sounds.
  • Boost brand alignment with the optimal use of customizable video settings and user hierarchies.
Software NameMoovly
TypeOnline Video creation Platform
Original Price$599 Per Year
Deal Price$49 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

28. Spoke [ Expired]

Spoke is the best video recording, editing, and transcribing tool in the market. It lets you take your video meeting, webinars, and presentations to another level.

Key Highlights

  • An easy-to-use screen record feature to record live presentations
  • Can upload pre-recorded video from spoke
  • Lets you create an automatic transcription
  • Transcribe video conversations easily with high accuracy of over 90 %.
  • The best alternative to Grain. co
Software NameSpoke
TypeVideo recording, transcribing tool
Original Price$360 Per Year
Deal Price$79 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

Best Appsumo Deals ( SEO)

29. Squirrly SEO [ Expired]

Squirrly SEO is an AI-Powered SEO tool that you can use for keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO, Site audits, rank tracking, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Allows keyword research at a fraction of the cost of other tools
  • You can also do technical SEO, site audits etc in this tool
Software NameSquirrly SEO
TypeSEO Suite
Original Price$864 Per Year
Deal Price$49 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

30. NeuralText

NeuralText is an amazing tool that makes your writing process smooth. It uses AI technology to analyze the nature of search engine pages, gain valuable insights, and generate the copy for your site. It is an effective tool that helps you create user-engaging content that ranks higher on the first SERPs.

Key Highlights

  • It lets you find useful keywords and phrases for your content that can help to level up your site’s SEO.
  • Create user-friendly content for your blog posts with the highly advanced neural networks
  • The best alternative to Clearscope and Topic
Software NameNeural Text
TypeSEO Tool
AlternativeClear scope and Topic
Original Price$1200 Per Year
Deal Price$69 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

Best Appsumo Deals ( Marketing)

31. Encharge [ Expired]

Encharge, the automated marketing software is the perfect choice for digital marketers. It sends behavior-based emails using a drag & drop feature to users, reduces bounce rates, and is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Key Highlights 

  • Get automation of the email process with an intuitive drag & drop flow builder.
  • It has native integrations with HubSpot, Typeform, and more.
  • Best marketing automation tool digital marketing campaigns with behavior-based segmentation.
  • The best alternative to Active campaign, and Autopilot HQ.
Software Nameencharge
TypeMarketing Tool
AlternativeActiveCampaign and AutopilotHQ
Original Price$2148 Per Year
Deal Price$59 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

32. SendFox

SendFox is an amazing digital marketing tool. It is created especially to help content creators send customized emails automatically to their users, subscribers, fans, and followers.

SendFox can be a perfect alternative to other tools like Mailchimp, Mailpoet etc.

Key Highlights

  • Custom emails, landing pages, and built-in forms.
  • You can send unlimited scheduled, and automated emails to your user base
  • Integration with tools like Zapier, API, King Sumo, Sumo.com is possible with this Software.
  • Best for Bloggers, vloggers, and Podcasters.
Software NameSendFox
TypeMarketing tool
AlternativeSmoove, Activetrail
Original Price$240 Per Year
Deal Price$49 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusActive

33. Viral Loops

Viral Loops is a referral marketing tool. Using it, you can create referral campaigns in a matter of minutes.

You can also create giveaways, contests, reward campaigns using this tool. This tool can be very handy during black Friday sale where you can promote your products.

Key Highlights

  • Amazing ready-made templates to create referral programs in no time.
  • Promote your online business
  • Can grow your newsletter
  • The Best alternative to UpViral, and GrowthSurf
  • Marketing agencies love this referral marketing tool.
Software NameViral Loops
TypeReferral Marketing Tool
AlternativeUpViral and GrowthSurf
Original Price$408 Per Year
Deal Price$229 (1 year)
Deal StatusActive

34. Nichesss

With Nichesss you can find niches in your target audience and find business ideas. And then with single click you can create marketing material in that niche.

Key Highlights

  • It is a great platform for creating ideas
  • You can write your newsletters
  • Unlimited tokens
  • Email subject lines
  • Get Youtube Video ideas for any niche
Software NameNichesss
TypeNiche finder Marketing Tool
AlternativeHeadlime 2.0
Original Price$999 Per year
Deal Price$59 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusActive

Best Appsumo Deals ( Security)

35. Beagle Security [ Expired]

Beagle Security is a security tool for your website that can do multiple automated test to ensure that your website is vulnerable to hacker.

Key Highlights

  • It helps you identify loopholes on your website
  • It ensures tailored recommendations to fix security issues
  • Automated Penetration Tests available
  • The Best alternative to Detectify
Software NameBeagle
TypeSecurity tool
Original Price$828 Per Year
Deal Price$ 59 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

Best Appsumo Deals ( Others)

36. Acadle [ Expired]

Acadle is a good online learning management software. It facilitates you to create, customize, and launch white-labeled online learning academies.

Key Highlights’

  • Give an interactive learning experience to your students, customers with this learning platform.
  • Conduct quizzes and issuing certifications will help keep your learners engaged.
  • The best alternative to SAP Litmos and TalentLMS
Software NameACADLE
TypeOnline Learning management Software
AlternativeSAP Litmos, TalentLMS, 
Original Price$468 Per Year
Deal Price$69 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

37. Keyword Hero [ Expired]

Keyword hero as the name implies is the best and most reliable keyword research tool for webmasters. It helps to find organic keywords to create user-engaging content, and also to analyze those keyword’s specific performance metrics inside your Google Analytics account.

Key Highlights

  • Performs keywords research optimally
  • It lets you discover actual organic keywords and phrases directly inside your Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • Boost engagement, conversion, leads, CTRs, ROI with the powerful keyword research tool.
  • Alternative: SEMRush
Software NameKeyword Hero
TypeKeyword Research Tool
Original Price$1044 Per Year
Deal Price$49 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

38. Truconversion [ Expired]

True conversion is a dependable funnel tracking and optimization tool that helps many businesses around us. This tool facilitates heatmaps, session recordings, and form analytics to work better on your business strategies.

Key Highlights

  • It lets you quickly discover the funnel performance to find what is working or what doesn’t.
  • Connect to a potential customer with surveys
  • Their competitors are Hot Jar and Funnelytics
  • It is the best for marketing professionals, email marketers, media managers, and everyone who loves to monitor and improve their funnels
Software NameTruCoversion
TypeFunnel Tracking and Optimization tool
AlternativeHotJar and Funnelytics
Original Price$95 Per Year
Deal Price$29 (Lifetime)
Deal Status Expired

39. Livewebinar [ Expired]

A live webinar is a great platform for those who want to create a professional presentation to increase the brand’s reputation, generate leads, and more importantly engage with potential customers.

Key Highlights 

  • Enhanced your presentations with a cloud-based webinar solution
  • You are free to run your presentation to any browser or platforms
  • A great platform for sales and social marketing teams
Software NameLive Webinar
TypeWebinar Platform
AlternativeZoho Meeting, Invision
Original Price$144 Per Year
Deal Price$99 (1 Year)
Deal StatusExpired

40. Tyle [ Expired]

Tyle is the most potent image and video editor tool which is a favorite among content creators. By using it, you will be able to create high-quality video content and daily social posts in just a couple of clicks.

Key Highlights

  • Offers a user-friendly solution to create featured-rich video content and social media posts.
  • Edit quickly and easily each layer to customize your video.
  • Over 3 Million stock resources to create user-engaging videos
  • Boost appearance and visibility in social media posts with this tool
  • The Best alternative to Adobe Spark and Animoto.
Software NameTyle
TypeImage and Video Editor Tool
AlternativeAdobe Spark, Animoto, Clipchamp
Original Price$294 Per Year
Deal Price$59 (Lifetime)
Deal Status Expired

41. Hostmaria

The UK-based Hosting company Hostmaria, is one of the reliable web hosts in the tech market today known for its blazing fast speed and performance. It works in partnership with 20i and helps businesses reach greater heights with its all-in-one hosting services.

Key Highlights 

  • Decent Uptime
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free CDNs
  • Free from DDOS attacks
  • Free standard SSDs
  • Easy-To-Use Control Panel
  • Enhanced 24×7 support
Software NameHostmaria
TypeWeb Hosting
Original Price$24.50 Per Year
Deal Price$4.0 (1 Year)
Deal StatusActive

42. Boost [ Expired]

The most authentic tool that uses for building an email list. This tool incorporates social network APIs to create opt-in links easily and quickly. Thereby, you could generate more leads and conversions.

Key Highlights

  • Opt-in links can be share offline or online with QR codes
  • Lets you collect email addresses easily with the use of social network APIs
  • Opt-in links help increase conversion rates.
Software NameBoost
TypeEmail List Builder Tool
Original Price$1190 Per Year
Deal Price$49 (Lifetime)
Deal StatusExpired

43. Briefcase by Appsumo

The briefcase is the favorite choice for entrepreneurs. It has dozens of the best and most reliable software that can help grow businesses of all sizes.

The briefcase is exclusively offered by Appsumo.

Key Highlights

  • Over 200 freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs uses Briefcase
  • Sales and business development tool to get more new clients
  • Marketing tools including SEO, social media analytics, and blogging.
  • Easily create intuitive designs with designing tools
Software NameBriefcase
TypeAll-in-One Solution Tool
AlternativeInside Deals, DealsRoundUp
Original Price
Deal Price$49/mo
Deal StatusActive

44. Appsumo Plus

AppSumo Plus is a new membership program for webmasters, entrepreneurs, and those who want their business reach to the next level. It comes with perks like 10% off deal purchases, access to KingSumo Web Pro, and many other surprising offers and benefits!

Key Highlights 

  • Plus Membership includes 10 % off on Appsumo purchases
  • Grow your email list with access to KingSumo Giveaway Pro.
  • Appsumo Plus offers exclusive extended access to deals
  • Membership is $99/ year and can cancel anytime
Software NameAppsumo Plus
TypeSoftware Lifetime Deal Site
AlternativeDealify, PitchGround
Original Price$99 Per Year
Deal Price
Deal StatusActive

Conclusion: Appsumo Deals

Appsumo deals are the best if you want to save on your software or services. It is the best platform for bloggers, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs to save on their recurring software license costs.

In fact, the cost of those lifetime deals is like pennies compared to the recurring fees that you may need to pay if you don’t opt for Appsumo deals.

Personally, I have bought many softwares on Appsumo and I am super happy with the service. I almost stopped paying recurring fees for most of my blogging software. So what are you waiting for?

I would appreciate it if you can share this post on your social media channels so that others can be benefitted from these deals. If you have questions, you are always welcome to post that in the comment section and I will be happy to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions On AppSumo Deals

What is Appsumo?

Appsumo is a software marketplace where you get lifetime deals on software products, apps, and services.

This is one of the best platforms for bloggers, YouTubers, and entrepreneurs to buy lifetime licenses of different software.

What is Appsumo plus?

Appsumo plus is a specialized service that offers you a 10% extra discount on all deals, exclusive access to King Sumo giveaway pro, and an extended deal period for all deals. You can get Appsumo plus for $99/year

What is Appsumo Briefcase?

Appsumo briefcase is a premium software package offered by Appsumo. The cost of the Appsumo briefcase is $49/ month.

What is a lifetime deal?

A lifetime deal is something where you pay for the software once and use it for a lifetime. No need to pay a recurring fee.

What are the alternatives to Appsumo?

Pinch ground, Stacksocial, Dealmirror, Deallify are a few of the Appsumo alternatives. But no other platforms are as popular as Appsumo



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