Cloudways Review 2023: The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting


Hands Down! After, Cloudways is the only host that has blown me away with its speed. Yes, if you leave aside, Cloudways is the fastest host that I have tested in recent times.

As a blogger, focusing intensely on website speed optimization, I always look for web hosts that offer excellent speed. I was with for the last couple of years and was looking for an alternative. Cloudways was right on the spot.

No, was not bad. It is still the best and fastest web host, but I was looking for some cheaper alternatives.

After moving to Cloudways, RiansTech passed all web core vitals and traffic also increased. We have TTFB now in the range of 100-130ms. Thanks to Cloudways+ Perfmatters+ Super Page Cache For the Cloudflare plugin. We don’t use any cache plugin but still, we get an excellent speed.

Yeah, there is a bit of a learning curve as the Cloudwways interface is new. However, it’s just a matter of time to get used to it.

I was so amazed by the speed that I moved all my blogs to Cloudways. If you try their service once, you will also have the same impression. Guaranteed!

So, here you go! The most detailed and unbiased Cloudways Review that will cover almost every aspect of Cloudways. Don’t worry, I won’t spare Cloudways for things that could have been better.

25/05/2023 Update
Cloudways no longer supports choosing Vultr And Linode as IaaS providers. Old customers can still use Vultr and Linode, However, for new signup, you will get the option of Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and AWS
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Cloudways is a managed WordPress hosting company, we all know that. But what the heck is this Managed WordPress hosting? Let’s learn about that first.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Many of us, including me, do not know much about how a web hosting process works. We don’t know how to get the best out of a web hosting service. The result is ” We start blaming our web host

That’s not fair at all. To overcome these kinds of issues, most web host nowadays offers a service called Managed Hosting.

What does that mean is that some experts from the web host company itself will maintain each and everything of your web hosting service?

managed hosting
Managed Hosting

They will decide how the server should be optimized, and they will decide the key variables and the best settings that your hosting environment should have.

In a nutshell, they will give you the best possible setup for optimum performance.

Now when we talk about Managed WordPress Hosting, your web host goes one step extra and optimizes your hosting environment to suit the requirement of WordPress and as a result, you get the best speed and experience from your WordPress blog.

Cloudways Hosting Overview

Cloudways was founded back in 2012 by Aaqib Gadit and Pere Hospital. It has its headquarters in Malta.

As of 2022, Cloudways powers 570K+ websites across 20 countries and has close to 300+ employees. They have offices in Malta and Karachi.

Cloudways is a managed hosting company. You can choose servers from different providers like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and AWS.

cloudways logo

You can choose the amount of RAM you need, the number of CPU cores you need, and the bandwidth.

The best thing about Cloudways is that they charge you monthly. No commitment at all, unlike other hosts who charge you per year.

You can upgrade resources anytime if you feel that the current setup cannot handle the traffic. You don’t have to jump to other hosts just because you got some spike in traffic.

Cloudways is tied up with Cloudflare, Object Cache Pro, and Malcare ( Apart from three cloud server vendors) to offer customized services. All these services will take your website speed to the next level.

The below image shows the key components of a typical stack in Cloudways.

Cloudways Review
Cloudways Features

Cloudways Features [Key Features]

Here are some of the key features of Cloudways Hosting that make it one of the best and fastest hosting available in the market today.

Renowned IaaS Providers

With Cloudways, you will have access to host your website with renowned IaaS ( Infrastructure As A Service) providers like Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and AWS.

They all are very popular for cloud hosting. If you want to host your website directly with those IaaS providers, it’s a little difficult. But with Cloudways, you are just a click away from hosting with them.

Dedicated Environment

Unlike shared hosting, Cloudways offers a dedicated environment for all accounts. This means, your resources will be only yours and won’t be shared with other accounts.

Dedicated accounts drastically improve the website loading speed. From a safety point of view, a dedicated environment is the best.

Although there is a limitation on the CPU seconds per hour it is not as bad as Siteground. The INODE limit is also massive.

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN [ Paid Add-On]

This is the real trump card of Cloudways Hosting. With Cloudways Enterprise CDN, you can enable Full Page Caching which will drastically reduce the TTFB ( Time To First Byte).

However, Cloudways still uses a customized version of the CDN that does not include Full Page Caching. It is in the pipeline and hopefully, we may see this feature in the future.

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Apart from caching, Cloudflare Enterprise CDN also offers prioritized DDoS protection, advanced firewall, Brotli compression, PCI DSS compliance, and many other features.

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN is a paid add-on service that cost $4.99/ Month for up to 5 websites and $1.99 for up to 25 websites.

To activate Cloudways Enterprise CDN, you can follow this guide

In case, you don’t want to use Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, you can use “Super Page Cache For Cloudflare” which is a free plugin to activate ” Full Page Caching”. You will get the speed, but you will miss the safety feature with this plugin

Below is the snippet of features that Cloudflare Enterprise CDN offers tailored to suit the Cloudways environment.

  • 100 GB bandwidth [ CDN Overage: $0.2 / 10G]
  • Priority DDoS protection
  • Intelligent firewall (WAF)
  • Image optimization with Polish
  • Brotli compression
  • Mobile optimization with Mirage
  • Wildcard SSL support
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • HTTP/3 support
  • Reserved for Cloudways IPs & prioritized routing
Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Point to be noted that Cloudways does not offer the full fledge version of Cloudflare Enterprise CDN. Instead, it’s a trimmed version with limited features. But think about the pricing. Cloudways only charge $4.99 whereas the full fledge version cost $200 per month.

Cloudways is planning to offer the Full Page Caching feature soon. If that comes into the picture, things will be far better in terms of speed [ Cloudways is already very fast]

Here are the top three hosting companies that offer Cloudflare Enterprise CDN. The below tables show the feature comparisons.

Full Page Caching
Prioritized Routing
Load Balancing
Argo Smart Routing
Image Optimization
Automatic Configuration
Priority DDoS protection
PCI DSS compliance

Redis Cache Support

Cloudways supports Redis as well as Memcached for object caching. Object cache can drastically improve the website loading speed by caching database queries. Object cache can also improve the speed of the WordPress admin area.

Redis Object Cache
Redis Object Cache

Typically, Redis is far more advanced and faster than Memcached. Please read this article to know about the difference between Redis Vs Memcached

With all 2 GB plans and higher, Cloudways offers the Redis Object Cache pro plugin for free which typically costs $95 if you want to buy it directly.

If you have the 1 GB plan, then also you can use Redis cache, but for that, you need to install Redis on the server and then use Redis Object Cache free plugin to activate Redis in WordPress.

To enable Redis Cache on the server, please go to Server->Settings And Packages-> Install Redis

Install Redis Cache On WordPress
Install Redis Cache On Cloudways Server

After you install Redis on the server, you can stop or start the Redis server by going to Server-> Manage Services

Enable Redis Cache On Cloudways
Enable Redis Cache On Cloudways

Install the Redis Object Cache and activate it on WordPress. If you are with a 2GB plan or higher, the Object Cache Pro plugin will be installed automatically when you activate the service at the server level.

Redis Object cache
Redis Object Cache

Caching Comparison Chart

Caching Comparison Chart
Credit: Object Cache Pro

Free WordPress Cache Plugin [ Breeze ]

Breeze is a free WordPress cache plugin offered for free to all Cloudways customers. It has all the features that other mainstream cache plugins like WP Rocket has.

On top of that, it has direct integration with the Varnish cache which is the server-level cache offered by Cloudways.

Breeze Cache Plugin
Breeze Cache Plugin

If you use Breeze with Cloudways, you will be saving the amount that you would have to spend on other cache plugins.

However, Breeze has a lot of room for improvement. In certain setups, it may not work properly. We will discuss more of that later in this article.

SafeUpdate For WordPress

When you are hosted with Cloudways, all your servers come with an Auto Healing feature. In case of a server crash, most issues are resolved with Auto Healing server restart.

Cloudways has a feature called SafeUpdate that automatically detects, tests, deploys, and rollback WordPress updates. Visual regression testing ensures plugin updates don’t break your site.

safe update cloudways

Using SafeUpdates you can literally convert hours of work into minutes. Just schedule updates and move on with your day.

Cloudways Safe Update
Cloudways Safe Update

Vertical Scaling

What would you do when there is a spike in traffic?

Change the host for better resources?

Well, with Cloudways, it’s not the case. You can always upgrade your server resources anytime you want without affecting any customization that you might have done with your server.

vertical scaling
Vertical Scaling

You can buy more RAM, more CPU cores, and more bandwidth, and even you can upgrade or change your server.

But how about a downgrade? Is it possible?

If you are with Digital Ocean, Linode, or Vultr, the downgrade is not possible. For AWS and Google, you can upgrade and downgrade anytime you want.

One more thing you need to note is that, in case you are with Digital Ocean, Linode, or Vultr, you can upgrade only the package and not the individual resources.

For example, if you are with a 1 GB plan of Vultr and you want to upgrade to 2 CPU cores, you need to upgrade to a 4 GB plan only as the 2 GB plan still offers 1 CPU core.

However, with Google Cloud and AWS, you can scale resources individually.

If you were with shared hosting, you might know that they trap you for at least a year ( sometimes 3-4 years). In between, if you want to upgrade, you need to buy a higher plan. With Cloudways, it’s a different story.

Enterprise Grade Security

One of the reasons I moved out of Siteground is that my site was hacked about two times in a span of three years.

With Cloudways, to date, all my sites are safe.

The reason is very simple. Cloudways offers a dedicated environment and has a bunch of security measures installed at the server level.

Recently, Cloudways has collaborated with Malware Security. Now all Cloudways customers will get Malcare security plugin for free ( Known as Bot Protection)

Apart from that, Cloudways offers the following security features.

  • The dedicated firewall at the server level
  • SSL Certificate
  • Regular security patching
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Advanced DDoS protection [ When you use the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN]
  • Web Application Firewall [ When you use the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN]
  • Safeupdate for WordPress

Application And Server Cloning

Things can go wrong anytime for any reason with your server or application. This could be due to a wrong setting, a bad plugin, or it could be the wrong theme. There are thousands of reasons why your server or application may crash.

But with Cloudways, you don’t have to worry!

You can do one-click server cloning or application cloning. You can perform all your testing with the cloned server and when you are ready, deploy the same to the production server.

Unlimited Applications

With Cloudways, you can install unlimited applications as long as you have the storage available. You can create unlimited databases as well.

But my suggestion would be to watch out for CPU and RAM usage and based on that, decide how many applications you should install.

The more application you install, the more load on the CPU, and the slower will be your applications.

Just because Cloudways allows unlimited applications, don’t install too many applications. It will slow down all your sites.

No Long Term Contract

Cloudways pricing is on an hourly basis or a monthly basis. No commitment at all, not even for a month. You can leave Cloudways anytime you want. No need to pay upfront for the whole year.

Cloudways Hourly Pricing
Cloudways Hourly Pricing For DO Server
Cloudways Hourly Pricing
Cloudways Monthly Pricing For DOServer

If you feel you need more resources due to a sudden spike in traffic, you can always upscale your resources. I have never come across any web host that is so flexible.

Excellent Support

I heard other customers saying that Cloudways support used to be bad. But I have never come across this issue. Whenever I contacted Cloudways support, I got a prompt response.

Many times they have solved problems that may not come under their support converge. But they have done that on goodwill.

The only issue I noticed was that the Cloudways support team sits in Karachi. So if you try to chat with them from a different time zone, it may take some time to connect. But it won’t be more than 2-3 minutes.

Here are the Cloudways support features in a nutshell.

  • 24X7X365 live chat support
  • Ticket based support
  • Server configuration and customization
  • Phone-based support (Only for premium support plan customers)
  • Fixing application-level issues
  • Server-level Cron job creation
  • Application monitoring

The basic support is free ( More than enough) and available 24X7. But if you are running a big company and you need premium support, then Cloudways has that option too.

I found Clouways support very good. The team is very knowledgeable and they are eager to support their customers.

The best mode of support is the live chat which is available 24X7.

Cloudways Live Chat Support
Cloudways Live Chat Support

Easy Migration

Cloudways has a partnership with BlogVault and as a team, they have developed a plugin called CloudWays Migrator that can automatically transfer your website from other hosts to Cloudways.

The migrator tool is very solid. It never failed to transfer. The UI is very smooth and all options are well laid out.

In case, you don’t want to use Migrator tools, you can use the WPVivid plugin that can transfer your website very easily.

We will talk about the migration process later in this article.

Customized Control

Cloudways is a Cloud hosting. So you can control everything you want on your server. You can change the PHP configuration, install modules you want ( If that supports it), or do anything that can be done on a web server.

You can also change the application web root, access files using SFTP, can do an automated backup, or create server-level cron jobs.

If you are comfortable with server customization, the Cloudways support team is always there to help you out.

Excellent Pricing

I see many people have concerns with Cloudways Pricing. But trust me, Cloudways plans are not that costly.

Cloudways is Cloud Hosting Provider and not typical shared hosting. So the pricing comparison should be done between Apple to Apple. Right?

Cloudway’s basic pricing starts from $11. Can you find a better Managed WordPress hosting for $11? Maybe not. I would any day pay a little extra money for hosting to get better speed and security.

Cloudways can go costly only when you choose Google Cloud or AWS. Other than that the pricing of other servers is good enough to host with.

Cloudways Promo Code

Cloudways is offering up to 20% Off For The First Invoice for RiansTech audiences. All you need to do is to click on the below link and use the promo code RIAN20.

[Please note that if you don’t use the promo code and do not click on the above link, you won’t get the 20% Off.]

On top of that, we are also offering Astra Pro Theme Premium License for Free worth $299.

We have one more offer for you!

You can get a $25 Hosting Credit, which means 2 Months Of Free Hosting. You won’t get the Astra Theme Pro if you claim the hosting credit. Please note that both offers can not be clubbed together.

Here is the summary of Cloudways Promo Codes

Promo CodeDescriptionFreebiesAction
RIAN2020% Off For 1 MonthAstra Pro Lifetime LicenceGet 20% Off
$25 Hosting CreditNoneGet A $25 Credit
Free Trial For 3 DaysNoneStart Free Trial

Cloudways Pricing And Cloudways Hosting Plans

Cloudways Hosting

$8.8 $11

Cloudways charge on an hourly basis or monthly basis. No long-term commitment, and no hidden fees. You pay what you see while buying the plan.

For example, if you use their hosting for 10 days, you need to pay for 10 days only and not for the whole month. There is nothing called a renewal fee in Cloudways.

You may think, why can’t we host directly with Cloud service providers like Digital Ocean or Vultr?

Of course, you can do that. In fact, the pricing is almost 50% less than what you pay to Cloudways for a similar set of resources.

But there is a catch.

If you directly host with Cloud server providers, you will miss the benefit of Managed hosting. You need to manage each and everything by yourselves which is not easy. The below image shows what you will miss if you directly host with the Cloud service provider.

Cloudways Vs Traditional Hosts
Cloudways Vs Traditional Hosts

Cloudways has THREE IaaS providers, Google Cloud, AWS, and Digital Ocean. Here are the different Cloudways plans based on different cloud servers.

We have shown the pricing for Digital Ocean servers as it is the most popular IaaS provider among all three providers listed above.

Cloudways Digital Ocean Server Plans

Digital Ocean has standard and premium servers. The pricing varies based on the type of server you choose.

Digital Ocean Standard Server Plans

price/ Month
offer price/ Month
1GB Plan
1 Core
1 TB Bandwidth
price/ Month
offer price/ Month
2 GB Plan
1 Core
2 TB Bandwidth
Object Cache Pro
price/ Month
offer price/ Month
4 GB Plan
2 Cores
4 TB Bandwidth
Object Cache Pro
price/ Month
offer price/ Month
8 GB Plan
4 Cores
160 GB SSD
5 TB Bandwidth
Object Cache Pro
price/ Month
offer price/ Month

Digital Ocean Premium Server Plans

price/ Month
offer price/ Month
1 GB Plan
1 Core
1 TB Bandwidth
price/ Month
offer price/ Month
2 GB Plan
1 Core
2 TB Bandwidth
Object Cache Pro
price/ Month
offer price/ Month
4 GB Plan
2 Cores
4 TB Bandwidth
Object Cache Pro
price/ Month
offer price/ Month
8 GB Plan
4 Cores
160 GB SSD
5 TB Bandwidth
Object Cache Pro
price/ Month
offer price/ Month

Cloudways Data Centers

Cloudways data center location depends on the cloud server you choose. If you are targeting the USA and Europe region, almost all cloud service providers have a data center.

However, if your targeted audience is in India, you may choose Digital Ocean. The below image shows the list of data centers across different regions.

Cloudways Performance And Test Results

We never review any hosting without using it and running some rigorous speed testing. We test actual sites, unlike other bloggers who never show the URL that is used for testing.

We proudly show the URL that is used for testing because we believe in transparency and unbiased review.

For Cloudways, we have taken our live site ( RiansTech), and below are the results. We did not use any cache plugin for this test as cache plugins always manipulate the actual speed of the server.

We have only used Perfmatters and Cloudflare CDN.

Here is how our site performs across different regions. Did you notice that we are getting almost the same speed across different locations? That is the power of Cloudways and Cloudflare.

Cloudways Speed Test Report
Cloudways Speed Test Report

Speed Test Report

The below images show the speed test reports of RiansTech that we have tested on different tools.

GT Metrix Speed Test

GTMetrix shows a perfect 100 score with a fully loaded time of 0.2 seconds which is simply great. Just look at the total blocking time and CLS which is 0. It’s all because of Perfmatters.

GT Metrix Speed Test Report
GT Metrix Speed Test Report

Web Core Vitals Test Report

Yes, We passed the web core vitals. It was possible only due to Cloudways. We scored an almost perfect 100 score in both the mobile and desktop version

RiansTech Web Core Vitals-Desktop
RiansTech Web Core Vitals-Desktop
Google Speed Insights Mobile
RiansTech Web Core Vitals-Mobile

Speed Vitals Test Report

Here also we have scored a perfect 100. Just look at the TTFB. It’s only 36 ms. Can you believe that?

Speed Vitals Test Report
Speed Vitals Test Report

TTFB Test ( Time To First Byte)

Here is the TTFB report of RiansTech across different regions. We are getting almost the same TTFB across all regions.

Please note that TTFB is the main thing for your website speed. TTFB is the time that the server takes to render the first byte.

rianstech TTFB
Cloudways TTFB
RiansTech TTFB Map On Cloudways
RiansTech TTFB Map
Cloudways TTFB-America
Cloudways TTFB-America
Cloudways TTFB-Europe
Cloudways TTFB-Europe
Cloudways TTFB-Asia
Cloudways TTFB-Asia

How To Host With Cloudways

You might have heard that Hosting a website on Cloudways is tough, especially if you are moving from the C panel.

Yeah, the Cloudways interface may be confusing for many, but once you get around it, you will find every option well laid out.

We are here to help you host your first website on Cloudways. If you follow all the below steps mentioned, you will be done in flat 10 minutes.

Sounds interesting? Let’s go!


Sign Up For Cloudways

First thing first. And the first thing is that you need to buy a hosting plan. For that, you can consider clicking this link which will take you to the Cloudways home page.

There, click on the “Pricing” option on the menu bar. That will show you the Cloudways plans and pricing.

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways
How To Host A Blog On Cloudways- Pricing

Choose a plan based on your requirements. I personally recommend choosing the Vultr High-Frequency server plans.

Once done, click on ” START FREE” which will take you to the signup page.

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways- Plans
How To Host A Blog On Cloudways- Plans

There you can enter the promo code ” RIAN20” to get 20% off for the first 3 months.

Cloudways Sign Up Page
Cloudways Sign-Up Page

If you choose to get a $25 Hosting credit for free, please click on this link and sign up.


Deploy Your Server

The next this is to do is choose a server. I would suggest you the Vultr High-Frequency server 1GB plan for small websites and the 2 GB for websites with moderate traffic.

Enter the application information, server name, project name, etc. And then choose the server and the RAM size.

Choose the data center close to your targeted audience. That will affect your server TTFB. The data center location varies based on the server you choose.

Deploy Server In Cloudways
Deploy Server

At the end click “Launch Now

It may take a couple of minutes (5-10 minutes) to deploy a server. Please don’t refresh or close the page during the server deployment.


Launch Application

To add Applications, go to ” Applications“, and click on “Add Applications“. Select the server for your application.

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways
Launch Application

Select the server and click on ” Add Application

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways 6

Then, select the type of application ( For example, WordPress), the name of your application, and finally click on “Add Application

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways 7

It may take some time (2-3 minutes) for the application to get installed.


Install SSL Certificate

Once you have installed the application and clicked on the installed application, you will get the following window.

Cloudways Application Settings
Cloudways Application Settings

Here you can see the temporary URL, temporary admin URL, Admin user name/ password, and the database details.

If you want to access the hosting files, you need to create application credentials (4) as shown on the right side.

To install the SSL certificate, please click on the “SSL Certificate” option on the left side.

Install SSL Certificate
Install SSL Certificate

Enter your email ID and domain name on which you want to install the SSL certificate. Please check the ” Apply Wildcard ” option as it will install the SSL certificate for all subdomains ( If added to Cloudways) too.

In the end, please add the CNAME records to your DNS registrar. After some time click on ” Varify DNS” to make sure that the CNAME records are added.

Record Type: CNAME
Host Name:_acme-challenge
Value/Alias: [ This will vary based on your application]

After that, please click on “ Install Certificate

Cloudways has a nice video to explain the whole process. The below video shows the process of installing an SSL certificate on a single domain [No Wildcard]

The below video shows the process of installing an SSL certificate on multiple domains ( Subdomains). You need to use the ” Apply Wildcard ” option.


Connect Your Domain

The final thing that you have to do is to connect your domain. When you installed the application, you got a temporary URL. Once you connect your domain, the temporary domain will be replaced by the actual domain.

To connect your domain, click on the ” Domain Management ” option.

Connet Domain
Connect Domain

Enter your domain name and save the changes. If you want, you can add additional domains too as shown on the right side.

Finally, you need to add the A Record and the CNAME record (4) to your domain registrar.

First Record

Record Type: A
Host Name:@ [ If you use Cloudflare enter @, otherwise follow your domain registrar]
Value/Alias: Your Cloudways IP [ You will get that IP on your application details page]

Second Record

Record Type: CNAME
Host Name: WWW
Value/Alias: Your Cloudways IP [ You will get that IP on your application details page]

Once these DNS entries are live, you can access your website with the actual domain address.

That’s it. You are now hosted on Cloudways.

Here is a video to explain the whole process of domain management.


Request For Migration [ In Case You Need It]

In case, you are moving away from another hosting to Cloudways, you can request free migration.

Please note that only the first website migration is free. Additional migrations will be charged as per the below rate.

Cloudways Migration Charges
Cloudways Migration Charges

To raise a migration request, please go to ” Add Ons ” and submit a migration request.

How To Migrate To Cloudways
How To Migrate To Cloudways
How To Migrate To Cloudways
How To Migrate To Cloudways

Do you know that Cloudways also has a plugin for migration? You can transfer your website with that tool very easily without any support.

You can download the migration plugin by following the below instructions.

Cloudways Migration Tool
Cloudways Migration Tool

Getting Used To Cloudways Control Panel

The Cloudways interface is a little different compared to the traditional C panel interface. So let us explore the interface and know what we can do to manage our hosting.

Cloudways Backup

Cloudways has three backup options. Please note that Cloudways backup is not free. they charge $.50 for each GB of data backup

  • Scheduled Server Backup
  • On-Demand Server Backup
  • Application Backup

Scheduled Server Backup

Cloudways does a server backup automatically with a frequency of one day. However, you are free to change the frequency. The scheduled backup option is available for the whole server.

Cloudways Schedule Backup
Cloudways Schedule Backup

On-Demand Server Backup

If you want, you can also do the on-demand backup of your server that can be downloaded to your local drive.

For the on-demand backup, you need to turn on the local backup option.

Cloudways On-Demand Server Backup
Cloudways On-Demand Server Backup

Application Backup

Similar to On-Demand Server Backup, you can also take on-demand application backup and restore it very easily when you need it.

Cloudways On-Demand Application Backup
Cloudways On-Demand Application Backup

Cloudways Cron Job Management

You should disable WordPress cron if you want to improve your website loading time. But many functions like WordPress backup depends on corn jobs. If you disable the cron job, the backup won’t work.

In that case, you can use the server-side cron job that won’t affect your website speed. To create a corn job by yourself, please refer to this guide or raise a support ticket.

To see the list of server-side cron jobs, you can see the corn job management tab.

Cloudways Cron Job-Management

Cloudways Bot Protection

Cloudways Bot Protection is an excellent security tool that blocks unwanted traffic to your website. The Bot Protection tool is basically the Malcare security plugin tailored to suit the Cloudways environment.

Once you enable the Bot Protection in the Cloudways dashboard, the plugin will be automatically installed in your WordPress application.

Cloudways Bot Protection
Cloudways Bot Protection

Application Monitoring

Cloudways has a very detailed application monitoring system that gives you various data as shown below. This data is very useful to find the root cause of any issues that your application might be facing.

Cloudways Application Monitoring
Cloudways Application Monitoring

Cloudways Vs Competitors

The best thing about Cloudways is that they have plans from $10 per month to $275 per month. So no matter, if you are a beginner or you have a high-traffic blog, Cloudways has a plan for you.

Due to this wide price range, Cloudways competes with many web hosts. But out of all these, only Rocket. Net, Kinsta, and WP Engine come close to ( Or better) Cloudways in terms of speed and features.

For all the below comparisons, we have considered the Basic Plan of all web hosts. Bandwidth is calculated considering a page size of 500 KB

Cloudways Vs Competitors ( Number Of Visitors)

The following graph shows the number of visitors allowed per month in the basic plan. Cloudways does not impose a cap on the number of visitors. So Cloudways is the winner here.

Winner: Cloudways

Cloudways Vs Competitors ( Bandwidth)

This chart shows the head-on comparison of the four hosts when we considered the bandwidth that is offered on the basic plan.

Clearly, Cloudways is the winner here as Cloudways offers 1 TB bandwidth even in the base plan.

Winner: Cloudways

Cloudways Vs Competitors ( Storage)

The basic Cloudways plan comes with 25GB SSD storage whereas the other three offers 10 GB SSD space only. Again the winner is Cloudways here.

Winner: Cloudways

Cloudways Vs Competitors ( No. Of Applications)

All plans of Cloudways allow unlimited applications as long as you have the storage space available. The other three allow only one application in the basic plan.

Winner: Cloudways

Cloudways Vs Competitors ( Price)

The basic plan of Cloudways starts at $10 which is almost 50% less than the lowest plan that WP Engine offers. So, in terms of pricing also Cloudways is the winner.

Winner: Cloudways

Cloudways Vs Competitors ( Feature Comparison)

FeaturesCloudwaysRocketKinstaWP Engine
CPU Cores13212Unknown
RAM( GB )1 GB128 GB8 GBUnknown
Storage (GB)25 GB10 GB10 GB10 GB
Storage TypeNVMeNVMeNVMeNVMe
Object CacheRedisRedisRedis($100/M)Unknown
Bandwidth1 TB50 GB100 GB50 GB
CDNCloudflare EnterpriseCloudflare EnterpriseCloudflare EnterpriseCloudflare Enterprise
Full Page CachingComing Soon
Image Optimization
Load Balancing
Cache PluginBreeze
Email Hosting
Free Migration
Free Backup
Base Price$10$30$35$20
PlansLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn More

Cloudways Positives And Negatives

  • Multiple Cache mechanism is in place ( Redis, Varnish, Memcached)
  • Excellent speed ( Even without any cache plugin)
  • Choice of 5 different cloud service providers.
  • It’s cloud hosting which is better than shared hosting
  • Choice of Vultr High-Frequency server which is very fast
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • Multiple security mechanisms are in place
  • Latest PHP version
  • Allows modifying PHP variables
  • MariaDB is better than MySQL
  • Dedicated hosting environment
  • No more CPU over-usage issues ( Except the 1 GB plan)
  • Free Breeze cache plugin
  • Easy migration using a migrator tool
  • Bot protection for free
  • Rackspace email Add-on
  • No long-term commitment. Pay as you go.
  • 3 days free trial. No credit card is required.
  • Excellent support team
  • Relatively better pricing than the competition.
  • Object cache using Redis/ Memcached
  • Still uses Apache
  • The 1 GB plan suffers from CPU over-usage issues
  • No email hosting
  • No file manager
  • The Breeze plugin has a lot of bugs
  • No domain registration

Things That Could Have Been Better

No hosting is perfect. Cloudways also has its own share of flaws in its service. Although the positives of Cloudways are outperforming the negatives, it is our duty to let you know about the drawbacks of Cloudways so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

Breeze Plugin Needs A Lot Of Improvement

You might be tempted to use Breeze which is a free cache plugin offered by Cloudways. But trust me, this plugin has a bunch of issues.

The support team has no knowledge of how to fix these issues and the developer has no intention to make it better.

When I used Breeze with CloudFlare CDN, I had my site broken multiple times, although the support team was proactive to restore it back.

I would suggest you use WP Rocket or FlyingPress along with Perfmatters to get the caching job done for your websites.

Use Apache And Not LiteSpeed Server

The competition has moved away from Apache, but Cloudways still use Apache. The response time of the Lite speed server is 2-3 times better than Apache.

Although the NGNIX reverse proxy has reduced the effect of using Apache, still Cloudways has a lot to do with their selection of web servers.

CPU Outage Issue In 1 GB Plans

I faced this issue a couple of times. However, the support team was prompt enough to suggest a solution.

CPU outage in 1 GB plans occurs due to the use of Apache Web server and low CPU seconds per hour limit. Better to go with the 2 GB plan or higher.

You can resolve the CPU outage issue by changing the following settings.

  • Disable WP heartbeat
  • Disable Auto Save
  • Disable Cron [Ask Cloudways support to create server-side Cron]
  • Use MariaDB 10.4
  • Use PHO 8.0
  • Increase PHP Memory limit
  • Increase PHP maximum execution time

No Email Hosting

For me, it’s not a negative but for many, it could be. Cloudways does not offer any email hosting. But you can buy Rackspace addon for $1/ Month/ Mailbox. Rackspace can be integrated into the Cloudways dashboard. A detailed guide is available here.

In case, you don’t like RackSpace, you can use Google Workspace or Zoho ( A cheaper option). Personally, I use Zoho and I am very happy about it.

No File Manager

Unfortunately, Cloudways does not offer any file manager. You need to depend on tools like Filezilla to access hosting files.

Should You Use Cloudways

Yes! Cloudways offers the most value-for-money hosting plans. Cloudways speed complements the pricing. You won’t get a fast hosting service like Cloudways in the price range that Cloudways deals.

The only other hosting that can beat Cloudways is Rocket.Net. Our testing shows the same as beats Cloudways in speed and security. But pricing starts at $30 whereas for Cloudways it’s $10. You need to consider that as well.

So, if you are a blogger, small business owner, or own a small e-commerce store, Cloudways would be a great choice for web hosting.

Conclusion: Cloudways Hosting Review

Cloudways is definitely way better than shared hosting. The speed is excellent even without a cache plugin. In fact, the WordPress admin area runs very smoothly.

Since Coudways does not use a C panel, there is a learning curve to get used to the interface. But Cloudways has extensive knowledge base articles that will help you to learn things better.

Do you recommend Cloudways?

Yes! Of course. Even RiansTech is hosted on Cloudways.

Cloudways is undoubtedly the fastest-managed web host available in the market today right behind Yeah, compare to, Cloudways is not that fast, but if you see the pricing of and Cloudways, then Cloudways is the most value-for-money host.

Once Cloudways offers full-page caching, it can easily catch in terms of speed. I Hope Cloudways offers this service very soon.

So I would say, If you are serious about your website speed, move to Cloudways. You will get better speed, better safety, better customer support, and overall a better hosting experience.


FAQ | Cloudways Review 2023

What Is Cloudways?

Cloudways is basically a managed cloud hosting service provider that gives you the option of Cloud Servers from Vultr, Digital Ocean, Linode, Google Cloud, or AWS.

Although you will get the cloud servers from the IaaS providers, Cloudways will give you the managed hosting service for your servers.

What Is The Difference Between Digital Ocean And Cloudways?

Digital Ocean is a cloud service provider whereas Cloudways tests, deploy, and manage cloud servers for you.

Cloudways itself does not have any servers. For servers, they depend on providers like Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Google Cloud, and AWS.

If you have the technical skills, you can directly host with Digital Ocean, Vultr, or Linode, but I would suggest you to go through Cloudways to reduce the burden of managing servers.

Which Is The Cheapest Cloudways Hosting Plan?

The cheapest plan is the Digital Ocean Standard server 1 GB plan. This plan comes with 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, 25 GB SSD, and 1 TB bandwidth.

The plan cost $10/month. But if you use the promo code RIAN20, you will get 20% off for the first three months.

Which Cloud Hosting Providers Does Cloudways Offer?

Cloudways offers the following service provider options.

Google Cloud
Digital Ocean

Does Cloudways Offers Free Website Transfers?

Only the first website is free for migration. However, Cloudways has a migrator tool that can automatically transfer your website from other hosts to Cloudways.

You can use the WPVivid plugin to transfer your websites.

Does Cloudways Offers Free Website Backups?

No, Website backup is not free in Cloudways. You will be charged $0.033 per GB for backup

Is Cloudways Good Hosting?

Yes, Of course. They are way better than other so-called premium-managed web hosts. On top of that, Cloudways offers you a dedicated hosting environment. So it is secure too.

Is Cloudways Worth It?

Depends. If you are just started your journey in this online space and do not make money out of it, Cloudways will be a costly option for you.

But if you are serious about your business, then you should consider moving to Cloudways as they are one of the fastest web hosting available in the market today.

Cloudways Review
Cloudways hosting review

Cloudways is one of the fastest and secured web hosting. By using the promo code RIAN20, you can get up to 20% discount for the first 3 months of invoice. Grab the deal now!

Price: $8

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: Web Hosting

Editor's Rating:
Cloudways Review 2023: The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting
Cloudways Review 2023: The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting
$8.8 $11


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