Cloudways Promo Code 2023: Exclusive $25 Free Credit or 20% OFF For Three Months [+Free Gift Worth $299]


Are you looking for a Cloudways Promo Code?

If yes, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, will share one of the best Cloudways Coupon Codes that will allow you to get a flat 20% discount for the first three months of billing.

On top of that, you will get free gift worth $299.

So here is the deal for you.

CloudWays Promo Code 20% Off For THE first 3 months

5 Servers To Choose From
Incredibly Fast
Reasonable Price
Cloudways Promo Code 2023

Exclusive For RiansTech Readers!

You will get 20% off for the first three months of billing+ Astra Pro Theme lifetime license worth $299 for FREE

Use Promo Code


Please use the promo code RIAN20 while signing up and you will get 20% off for the first 3 months of billing

Not Happy?

One more offer for you!

Get a $25 hosting credit just for you. That means up to 2.5 months of FREE hosting

Please note that, if you don’t click on the above button, you won’t get any discount. So make sure you are signing up by clicking on the above buttons.

Also, you need to add your credit card to the Cloudways account to activate the deal.

To claim the Astra Pro lifetime license, please send us the Cloudways invoice copy to info(at) rianstech (dot) com. Once we validate the purchase, we will share the license code [The license is valid for only one website]

Cloudways Promo Code

Cloudways is offering up to 20% Off For The First 3-Months Invoice for RiansTech audiences. All you need to do is to click on the below link and use the promo code RIAN20.

[Please note that if you don’t use the promo code and do not click on the above link, you won’t get the 20% Off.]

On top of that, we are also offering Astra Pro Theme Premium License For Free Worth $299.

If you don’t like the above offer, here is one more offer for you.

You can get a $25 Hosting Credit, which means 2.5 Months Of Free Hosting. You won’t get the Astra Pro Theme if you claim the hosting credit. Please note that both offers can not be clubbed together.

Here is a summary of Cloudways Promo codes

Promo CodeDescriptionFreebiesAction
RIAN2020% Off For 3 MonthsAstra Pro Lifetime LicenceGet 20% Off
$25 Hosting CreditNoneGet A $25 Credit
Free Trial For 3 DaysNoneStart Free Trial

How To Claim Cloudways Promo Code

Claiming the Cloudways promo code is a very easy process. All you need is to use the coupon code RIAN20 during the signup process. Here is a step-by-step that will take you through the whole process of claiming the Cloudways Promo Code.


Visit Cloudways Home Page

First thing first. And the first thing is that you need to buy a hosting plan. For that, you can consider clicking on This Link which will take you to the Cloudways home page.

There, click on the “Pricing” option on the menu bar. That will show you the Cloudways plans and pricing.

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways
How To Host A Blog On Cloudways- Pricing

Choose A Plan

Choose a plan based on your requirements. I personally recommend choosing the Vultr High-Frequency server plans.

Don’t worry, you can upgrade your plan any time later after the purchase.

Once you decide on the plan, click on ” START FREE” which will take you to the signup page.

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways- Plans
How To Host A Blog On Cloudways- Plans

Sign Up With The Promo Code

Please fill up the signup form. In the end, you will see an option ” Got A Promo Code “.

Enter the promo code RIAN20 next to the ” Got A Promo Code ” option to get 20% off for the first 3 months.

Please make sure that the green check mark is showing next to the promo code. That ensures that the promo code is valid and there is no typo error. Please ensure that the promo code is typed in capital letters only.

Once you validate the promo code, click the check box next to the terms and conditions and then click on the “START FREE” button.

Cloudways Promo Code

Depending on which country you are signing up in, you may be asked to enter your mobile number for activation. For India, mobile activation will be asked. For other countries, mobile activation may not be required. However, email activation is mandatory.


Add Your Credit Card

Adding your credit card is mandatory to claim the Cloudways promo discount. To add the credit card, you can follow the below instructions.

First of all, click on the little avatar icon on the right side. And then click on ” Account

How To Add Credit Card In Cloudways
How To Add Credit Card In Cloudways

In the account section, click on the ” Credit Card ” option

How To Add Credit Card In Cloudways
How To Add Credit Card In Cloudways

Enter your address and phone number. Make sure it matches the credit card address [ If you are in the USA]. For India, you may be asked to enter the OTP.

How To Add Credit Card In Cloudways
How To Add Credit Card In Cloudways

Now, enter the credit card details. Please note that Cloudways only accepts credit cards. Once done, click on ” Authorise “. That it.

How To Add Credit Card In Cloudways
How To Add Credit Card In Cloudways

Claim And Validate Your Discount

Please note that Cloudways is a post-paid web hosting service. This means they won’t charge your credit card the moment you add it. They will deduct your money when the first invoice is generated.

For the first three invoices, you will see the 20% discount that you have claimed by using the promo code ” RIAN20“. A sample invoice is shown below.

[Images shown are for reference only. We have used some sample promo codes just to show you how things will look like when you claim our promo code]

Cloudways Sample Invoice
Cloudways Sample Invoice

You can also validate the discount by going to the funds section.

Cloudways Coupon Code 6
Cloudways Funds Section [ For Example]

Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways charge on an hourly basis or monthly basis. No long-term commitment, and no hidden fees. You pay what you see while buying the plan.

For example, if you use their hosting for 10 days, you need to pay for 10 days only and not for the whole month. There is nothing called a renewal fee in Cloudways.

[We have included only the basic plan of all servers for the pricing table. However, the offer is valid for all plans]

ServerPriceDiscounted PriceDiscountAction
Vultr$13$8.820%Claim The Deal
Digital Ocean$10$820%Claim The Deal
Linode$12$9.620%Claim The Deal
AWS$36.5$29.220%Claim The Deal
Google Cloud$33.18$26.520%Claim The Deal

Why Cloudways Hosting [ 10 Key Features]

Here are a few of the key features that make Cloudways one of the best and fastest cloud hosting.

#1. Renowned IaaS Providers

With Cloudways, you will have access to host your website with renowned IaaS ( Infrastructure As A Service) providers like Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode.

They all are very popular for cloud hosting. If you want to host your website directly with those IaaS providers, it’s a little difficult. But with Cloudways, you are just a click away from hosting with them.

Cloudways IaaS Providers
Cloudways IaaS Providers

#2. Dedicated Environment

Unlike shared hosting, Cloudways offers a dedicated environment for all accounts. This means, your resources will be only yours and won’t be shared with other accounts.

Dedicated accounts drastically improve the website loading speed. From a safety point of view, a dedicated environment is the best.

Although, there is a limitation on the CPU seconds per hour it is not as bad as Siteground. The INODE limit is also massive.

#3. Cloudflare Enterprise CDN [ Paid Add-On]

This is the real trump card of Cloudways Hosting. With Cloudways Enterprise CDN, you can enable Full Page Caching which will drastically reduce the TTFB ( Time To First Byte). TTFB is very important for the overall speed of your website.

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Apart from caching, Cloudflare Enterprise CDN also offers prioritized DDoS protection, advanced firewall, Brotli compression, PCI DSS compliance, and many other features.

#4. Redis Cache

Cloudways supports Redis as well as Memcached for object caching. Object cache can drastically improve the website loading speed by caching database queries. Object cache can also improve the speed of the WordPress admin area.

Redis Object Cache
Redis Object Cache

#5. Vertical Scaling

With Cloudways, you can always upgrade your server resources anytime you want without affecting any customization that you might have done with your server.

You can buy more RAM, more CPU cores, and more bandwidth, and even you can upgrade or change your server.

vertical scaling
Vertical Scaling

#6. Excellent Security

Cloudways has deployed many security systems to safeguard your hosting environment. They have collaborated with Malcare to give you bot protection services for free. The below list shows the snippet of security features that Cloudways offers.

  • Dedicated firewall at the server level
  • SSL Certificate
  • Regular security patching
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Advanced DDoS protection [ When you use the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN]
  • Web Application Firewall [ When you use the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN]
  • Safeupdate for WordPress

#7. Free WordPress Cache Plugin [ Breeze ]

Breeze is a free WordPress cache plugin offered for free to all Cloudways customers. It has all the features that other mainstream cache plugins like WP rocket has.

On top of that, it has direct integration with the Varnish cache which is the server-level cache offered by Cloudways.

Breeze Cache Plugin
Breeze Cache Plugin

#8. Unlimited Applications

With Cloudways, you can install unlimited applications as long as you have the storage available. You can create unlimited databases as well.

Just because Cloudways allows unlimited applications, don’t install too many applications. It will slow down all your sites.

#9. No Long Term Contract

Cloudways pricing is on an hourly basis or a monthly basis. No commitment at all, not even for a month. You can leave Cloudways anytime you want. No need to pay upfront for the whole year.

#10. Excellent Support

Cloudways support is good if not the best. I never had any issues with their support. Chat support is available 24X7.

The support team is eager to solve your problem even though it may not come under their support coverage. Here is a snippet of support features that Cloudways offers.

  • 24X7X365 live chat support
  • Ticket based support
  • Server configuration and customization
  • Phone-based support (Only for premium support plan customers)
  • Fixing application-level issues
  • Server-level Cron job creation
  • Application monitoring

Cloudways Positives And Negatives

  • Multiple Cache mechanism is in place ( Redis, Varnish, Memcached)
  • Excellent speed ( Even without any cache plugin)
  • Choice of 5 different cloud service providers.
  • It’s cloud hosting which is better than shared hosting
  • Choice of Vultr High-Frequency server which is very fast
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • Multiple security mechanisms are in place
  • Latest PHP version
  • Allows modifying PHP variables
  • MariaDB is better than MySQL
  • Dedicated hosting environment
  • No more CPU over-usage issues ( Except the 1 GB plan)
  • Free Breeze cache plugin
  • Easy migration using a migrator tool
  • Bot protection for free
  • Rackspace email Add-on
  • No long-term commitment. Pay as you go.
  • 3 days free trial. No credit card is required.
  • Excellent support team
  • Relatively better pricing than the competition.
  • Object cache using Redis/ Memcached
  • Still uses Apache
  • The 1 GB plan suffers from CPU over-usage issues
  • No email hosting
  • No file manager
  • The Breeze plugin has a lot of bugs
  • No domain registration

Conclusion: Cloudways Promo Code

Cloudways is one of the fastest hosts. It is one of the secure hosts too. You will get the option to host your website on reputed cloud servers like Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, AWS, Linode, and Vultr.

The pricing is already very competitive. On top of that, you are getting 20% off for the first three months. What else you are waiting for?

Please remember that website speed is a ranking factor too. So, If you are serious about your online business and want to grow it, I think you should switch to Cloudways. I can bet that you won’t get disappointed.


FAQ | Cloudways Promo Code

What Is Cloudways?

Cloudways is basically a managed cloud hosting service provider that gives you the option of Cloud Servers from Vultr, Digital Ocean, Linode, Google Cloud, or AWS.

Although you will get the cloud servers from the IaaS providers, Cloudways will give you the managed hosting service for your servers.

What Is The Difference Between Digital Ocean And Cloudways?

Digital Ocean is a cloud service provider whereas Cloudways tests, deploy, and manage cloud servers for you.

Cloudways itself does not have any servers. For servers, they depend on providers like Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Google Cloud, and AWS.

If you have the technical skills, you can directly host with Digital Ocean, Vultr, or Linode, but I would suggest you to go through Cloudways to reduce the burden of managing servers.

Which Is The Cheapest Cloudways Hosting Plan?

The cheapest plan is the Digital Ocean Standard server 1 GB plan. This plan comes with 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, 25 GB SSD, and 1 TB bandwidth.

The plan cost $10/month. But if you use the promo code RIAN20, you will get 20% off for the first three months.

Which Cloud Hosting Providers Does Cloudways Offer?

Cloudways offers the following service provider options.

Google Cloud
Digital Ocean

Does Cloudways Offers Free Website Transfers?

Only the first website is free for migration. However, Cloudways has a migrator tool that can automatically transfer your website from other hosts to Cloudways.

You can use the WPVivid plugin to transfer your websites.

Does Cloudways Offers Free Website Backups?

No, Website backup is not free in Cloudways. You will be charged $0.50 per GB for backup

Is Cloudways Good Hosting?

Yes, Of course. They are way better than other so-called premium-managed web hosts. On top of that, Cloudways offers you a dedicated hosting environment. So it is secure too.

Is Cloudways Worth It?

Depends. If you are just started your journey in this online space and do not make money out of it, Cloudways will be a costly option for you.

But if you are serious about your business, then you should consider moving to Cloudways as they are one of the fastest web hosting available in the market today.

Is The Cloudways Promo Code Valid For All Plans?

Yes, The Cloudways promo code is valid for all servers and all plans

What Is RiansTech Cloudways Promo Code?

Cloudways is offering a flat 20% off on the first three months of billing for all RiansTech audiences when they use the promo code RIAN20

Cloudways Promo Code
Cloudways Promo Code

With Cloudways Promo Code RIAN20, you will get a flat 20% discount for the first 3 months of invoice. Go and Grab the deal before its gone!

Price: $8

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: Web Hosting

Editor's Rating:
Cloudways Promo Code 2023: Exclusive $25 Free Credit or 20% OFF  For Three Months [+Free Gift Worth $299]
Cloudways Promo Code 2023: Exclusive $25 Free Credit or 20% OFF For Three Months [+Free Gift Worth $299]
$8 $10


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