10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives [2023 Edition]

Google AdSense is one of the most popular Ad networks through which you can monetize your blog. But it is not the only platform out there.

There are many alternatives to AdSense ( few are even better) that you can use to diversify your income portfolio. If you get rejected by AdSense, these alternatives can be tried to monetize your blog.

This article will be all about discussing those 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives.

No doubt, Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog if you plan to earn through ads. But for that, your blog should get enough traffic, which is not always possible for newbie bloggers.

The solution is to find alternatives of Google AdSense that can earn you more money for the same amount of traffic. That is where Google AdSense alternatives come into the picture.

Why Look For Google Adsense Alternatives?

Google AdSense is one of the most popular advertising platforms. But it is not the best way to monetize. Unless and until your articles rank on high CPC keywords and have millions of traffic, your earnings will be in pennies.

If you are earning through AdSense, but want to increase earnings for the same amount of traffic, then also you can try some of the Google AdSense alternatives.

Here are some of the reasons why bloggers look for AdSense alternatives.

  • Getting Google AdSense approval is a little tough. If you are not approved for AdSense, you need to look for AdSense alternatives.
  • The CPC is very low in Google AdSense. You won’t be able to earn a good amount unless your website is getting millions of visitors.
  • You will always have the fear of AdSense termination. Google is very strict with its policies. Even if you violate minor rules, they may terminate your AdSense account.
  • Google AdSense will make your website very slow.

10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Here is the list of the 10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives through which you may be able to earn more money than AdSense.




Ezoic is the best AdSense alternative. It is an end-to-end platform that helps users to earn money from their blogs or websites using display ads.

Ezoic uses its proprietary Artificial Intelligence(AI) algorithm to tailor the types and display of ads based on user locations, preferences, interests, and other parameters. In other words, Ezoic shows what users want to see. Ultimately the conversion rate improves.

Ezoic is a Certified Google Publishing Partner. You need an approved AdSense account to apply for Ezoic monetization.

Being a certified partner, Ezoic has access to Google’s Adx category advertising partners. Basically, they are high-paying premium advertisers who are ready to pay high CPC for their targeted keywords. High-paying publishers mean you will earn more from your ads.

Ezoic also has a nice bidding mechanism where publishers have to be in a bidding war and only the one who wins the highest bid can show ads on your site. All these things happen automatically at the backend.

Ezoic helps in the proper placement of ads so that you get good conversions. Ezoic will decide the location of ads based on the data and conversion rate for a period of time.

Ezoic can also show ads on the AMP version of your blog which is something other ad network does not offer.

When you switch to Ezoic, you don’t need to worry about your website speed as Ezoic has its own CDN, its own cache mechanism, and its own FREE hosting.

Yes, if you are approved for Ezoic, you can host your website on Ezoic for free. So ultimately, you just need a domain name and website to earn from Ezoic. No other expenses.




Similar to Ezoic, Mediavine is also a Google Certified publishing partner. This means you need to have an approved AdSense account to apply for Mediavine.

Your website should have high-quality content and should get a minimum of 30K traffic to get approved by Mediavine.

Mediavine provides an end-to-end solution for ad management. With the help of its AI-based algorithm, it will decide which types of ads will give conversion and what is a perfect placement for ads.




Media. net is owned by Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the direct competitors to AdSense. Similar to AdSense, Media.net allows contextual ads, mobile ads, display ads, etc.

If you get a rejection from AdSense for some reason, you may consider media. net. But make sure that your blog is worth monetizing and that you are getting a good amount of traffic.

If you don’t get traffic, then no ad network could able to earn for you. That’s the basic concept. Also, make a note that, blogs should be in the English language to be eligible to apply for media.net

Overall it’s a perfect alternative to Google AdSense if your blog gets good traffic. Make sure that you have your blog listed in Bing Webmaster tools which is essential before you apply, however, it is not mandatory.




Infolinks offers text-based contextual ads. Ads can be fully customized and the unique placement of their ads offers a good click-through rate.

It does not hamper the blog’s overall appearance which is a plus. Their smart algorithm detects your blog content and offers relevant ads.




BuySellAds is a unique ad platform where content creators can sell their website space to advertisers.

But again, you should have enough traffic to get benefit from this platform. Once you have enough traffic, you can dedicate some space on your blog and sell it to advertisers through BuySellAds

They also offer Twitter monetization, app monetization, email monetization, etc. You need to pay a 25% commission to the ad platform if you get a deal.


Propeller Ads

google adsense alternatives

Propeller ads are one of the top-rated advertising platforms. It allows advertisements in the form of banners, push notifications, sponsored links, etc.

With a lot of targeted ad options and real-time performance management, advertisers feel confident that their money is not going to waste. When you have more advertisers, as a publisher you earn more money.

Propeller ads also have an automated AI-based ad system that delivers ads based on your content to maximize the click-through rate.




Skimlinks automates the affiliate link insertion process so that you can concentrate more on creating content rather than inserting links.

It automatically converts keywords in your content with affiliate links so that you don’t need to add those links manually. Also, they automatically add affiliate links based on high-end AI-based algorithms.

By joining Skimlinks, you will get access to about 50000 merchants. So you will have a high chance of getting a good conversion.




RevContent is a native ads platform. If you are not sure what are native ads, then these are the ads that show up at the end of an article, similar to how the “Related Article” section shows up.

The beauty of native ads is that it perfectly blends with the website content. A visitor may not even feel that those are ads, and not “Related Articles”.

The click-through rate is very high in native ads. So you are likely to earn more if you show native ads.

RevContent is a leading platform that deals only in Native Ads. They have a healthy database of advertisers.


Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads

Amazon is the most popular shopping platform in the world. We all know that. For many years, website owners are earning through Amazon affiliate’s platform.

With Amazon native shopping ads, they can increase the income from the same amount of traffic.

Amazon native shopping ads are basically contextual ads. Amazon will show product recommendation ads in your content. If any user clicks on those recommendation ads and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission

Since Amazon is one of the most visited eCommerce platforms, your conversion rate will be very high. Thus, more income for you.




With Sovrn, you can earn revenue from two different models. One is affiliate marketing, where Sovrn can automatically insert affiliate links in your content. When a visitor clicks on those links and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission.

The other model is CPM ads, where you will be paid for the ads served. No matter, whether the ad got clicked or not, you will earn a commission.

Conclusion: Best Adsense Alternatives

All Google AdSense alternative listed in this article is equally good. Depending on your monetization strategy and types of content, you can decide which one yields you more profit.

Personally, I am using Ezoic for the last couple of years and earning at least 50% more than what I used to earn from AdSense.

Unlike AdSense, your website won’t be slow when you move to Ezoic. Thanks to the Ezoic ad servers, ad optimization, Ezoic caching, and Ezoic CDN. Your website remains as fast as without ads.

So my suggestion would be to pick Ezoic if you are planning to earn from display ads, contextual ads, and native ads.

FAQ | Google AdSense Alternatives

What Is The Best Alternative To AdSense?

Ezoic is the by far the best alternative to AdSense. However, the following ad networks are equally good. It all depends on your type of content and monetization strategy.

Propeller Ads
Amazon Ads


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