Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

There are more and more Digital Marketing Institutes in India. Why not? The most sought-after skill in digital marketing cannot be denied for its value and relevance. This article will help you identify a Digital Marketing Institute in India that offers this in-demand skill. 

Digital marketing courses in India have significantly benefited from the paradigm shift in the market from conventional to online marketing.

Digital advertising grew from a market size of $47 billion to $199 billion from 2015-2020, and this growth is expected to reach $539 billion by 2024, according to Statistics. Wow! Those are some impressive numbers.

In light of the above statistics, enrolling in a digital marketing course is not an option but an ardent choice you must make! I am here to help you make the right decision. Let’s take a brief look at digital marketing before discussing the Best digital marketing courses in India and their distinguishing features.

How does digital marketing work? 

best digital marketing course in india

The use of digital platforms and social media to reach out to potential customers is called digital marketing. To name a few, digital marketing courses in India include brand promotion, brand authority, advertising, and connecting with customers.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Social media marketing, email marketing, web-based advertising, text, and multimedia marketing, digital marketing includes any other form of digital communication.

This being said, you have several options for choosing a field to pursue. As long as one is eager to learn new things, the digital marketing industry is ever-evolving, so there is no chance of career stagnation.

With all the exciting things this digital marketing industry has to offer, I know you can’t wait to enrol in one of the best digital marketing courses in India, so let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

Here are the top 10 digital marketing course institute in India based on the overall offerings against the course fee and other parameters.

1. Henry Harvin – Digital Marketing Institute in India

Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing Course ranks among the Top 5 influencing digital marketing courses in India. The following are the salient features that put Henry Harvin among the best digital marketing courses in India

best digital marketing course in india

Why Should I Choose Them?

  • Extremely Achievable
  • Excellent technology and infrastructure
  • Seven certifications from one course
  • Exceptional work support
  • Freelance Classifieds

There is no wonder why Henry Harvin is one of India’s top digital marketing institutes in india. Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing Course in India is designed to help aspirants reach their career goals in the digital world. Additionally, it makes your skills strong enough to make you stand out as a competitor.

Thanks to his efforts, Henry Harvin has made it possible for you to learn how to use social media marketing to grow your business. Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing Course in India certainly ranks as the top digital marketing course in India.

The digital marketing courses in India include SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Content Writing, Content Strategy, Google AdWords, and Mobile Marketing. Both online and offline training sessions are available. More than 11000 experts have been trained into a network of 1,500 professional trainers. 

You can flaunt your marketing strategies with online training, free brush-up sessions and access to Learning Management Systems. It is the best option for those who want to work from home and utilise their precious free time. 

Henry Harvin® Marketing Academy offers the Certified Agile Digital Marketer (CADM) training program to help you improve your skills. In addition, Henry Harvin, the top digital marketing institute in India, offers you internships and job opportunities with leading companies.

The Henry Harvin Institute is one of India’s best digital marketing courses in India  that offer courses in several disciplines, including Business Analytics, Finance, and Accounting, Six Sigma, Data Visualization, Power BI, and much more. As pioneers in this field, they have already established themselves.

2. Digital Academy India – Digital Marketing Courses in India

Digital Academy India provides training and consulting services in digital marketing courses in India to empower the nation with digital marketing expertise. The institute quickly recognized the tangible effect of the digital element in the marketing sector and created various bespoke digital marketing institutes in India for potential graduates.

best digital marketing course in india

Among their Digital Marketing courses are:

  • Certification in Digital Marketing
  • Become a Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  • A study on social media and mobile marketing
  • Search Marketing Certification
  • Training program for corporate digital marketing

These courses take a holistic approach, integrating quantitative and data-driven elements of online marketing. You will know how to manage, implement, and evaluate digital marketing strategies by the end. In just 2 years, they have trained 5,000 students across India. 

Google Certified Professional (GCP) certification is awarded if you pass two of the three exams. 

Why should I choose them?

  •  Recordings are accessible for life as a lifetime member
  • Become a lifetime member to participate in industry discussions
  • Demonstrations and live projects

 3. Digital Vidya – Digital Marketing Institute in India

 Digital Vidya is a global leader in Digital Marketing and Data Science training. Digital Vidya is proud to be an official training partner with Google and Microsoft India. Additionally, it has partnerships with big sharks such as LinkedIn, NASCOM, and VSkills.

best digital marketing course in india

 Whether it’s an individual or an organisation, the institute’s objective is to impart new-age skills to all. The institute offers courses such as Digital Marketing, Data Science, Behavioral Training, Financial Management, and Visualization and Reporting.

The institute’s Digital marketing courses in India is a unique option among India’s best digital marketing institutes because of its reputation. 

Certificates: 13 digital marketing certifications from Google, Facebook, Digital Vidya, etc. Two internship opportunities are available as well.

  • Research-based blogging internship at Digital Vidya (3 months)
  • Internship in Social Media by NASSCOM (3-months)

Why should I choose them?

  • Industry’s best trainers
  • Practicing anytime, anywhere
  • The course recording has been updated
  • Updates for a lifetime

4. NIIT – Digital Marketing Courses in India

The institute has a remarkable reputation in India and worldwide as it has established a footprint in over 30 countries. It began as an initiative to balance human resources in the IT sector but has since diversified into Digital World to bridge the gap for skilled professionals in the field.

best digital marketing course in india

The Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing courses in India is designed for graduates to prepare them for rewarding careers in the Digital Marketing industry. In addition to SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Planning, and a host of other functions, this industry-specific program imparts knowledge.

By gaining expertise in these specialised marketing areas, you not only gain an edge over others but become a leader in the digital domain. As a result, it is a viable option for India’s best Digital Marketing institutes. Moreover,

Faculty at NIIT’s digital platforms present the program through experiential activities to enhance comprehension and provide hands-on learning opportunities. Course content is divided into five modules covering a wide range of topics:

  • Media and Marketing Fundamentals
  • Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques
  • Digital Marketing Advanced
  • Preparation for Google and Facebook certifications
  • Training in soft skills and interview tips for professionals

As a result of completing the program, you will be awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing and Branding.

Why should I choose them?

  • Self-paced E-learning
  • Faculty with expert knowledge
  • Learning through apps
  • A combination of instructor-led and practical training.
  • Development of soft skills
  • Linked to Google and Facebook certifications

5. Simplilearn – Digital Marketing Institute in India

Simplilearn is one of India’s top Bootcamps due to its partnership with leading universities and companies. Simplilearn caters to the unique career needs of individuals and working professionals by providing extensive training and coaching.

best digital marketing course in india

Over 2,000,000 students across the globe have been empowered by their 2000+ qualified trainers and 400+ courses. In addition, there are various programs under the banner of Digital Marketing courses in India, including a Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Specialist Program, Digital Marketing 101, and Digital Marketing for CXOs.

Covered skills:

  • Marketing digital
  • Management of the customer lifecycle
  • Analytics for marketing
  • Marketing via mobile devices
  • Marketing IoT

Obtaining certification requires completing over 85% of the course and scoring at least 80% on the Simulation test.

Why should I choose them?

  • Access to courses 365 days a year
  • Support available 24×7
  • Experts curate content

Simplilearn offers more advanced courses and bespoke courses tailored to specific industries on their website.

6. UpGrad – Digital Marketing Courses in India

UpGrad offers a range of industry-relevant programs meticulously designed by top-class industry experts. In addition, UpGrad provides its users with an immersive learning experience through a blend of technology, pedagogy, and services.

best digital marketing course in india

The institute was founded in 2015 to enable people to upskill themselves with relevant industry knowledge in this rapidly changing society. Since then, they have adhered to rigorous learning programs mixed with online experiences. This facilitates self-paced learning.

 This program is primarily intended for:

  • Freshmen
  • Manager of Brand and Communication
  • Marketers using traditional methods
  • Executives in digital marketing
  • Professionals in sales and marketing
  • Executives in business

Course Curriculum: You can choose from three categories for the course curriculum.

  • Track Executive
  • Track: Management
  • Leaders Track

For each of the three categories, the first month of the program consists of learning about:

  • Marketing Principles
  • Customer-oriented
  • Channels for digital marketing

The course includes dual certifications from MICA and UpGrad.

Why should I choose them?

  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Choose your specialisation
  • Faculty with expert knowledge
  • Assignments and case studies for practical learning
  • More than 70 tools

7. DSIM – Digital Marketing Institute in India

Students, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs can learn Internet marketing online at the DSIM School of Internet Marketing. In addition, live classes are available at the school. 

Candidates will learn techniques, skills, and tools to enhance brand awareness, communicate with potential customers and mount business to global platforms throughout a 45-hour training and 2-day workshop program.

There is a well-known name for India’s best Digital Marketing institutes in india- DSIM has centres in all major Indian cities. Find out more before heading there. 

The 4 in 1 program also teaches advanced concepts, affiliate marketing, and specialisations. Knowledge of software and tools will give you an edge.

8. EduPristine – Digital Marketing Courses in India

One of the prominent names in the top Digital marketing institutes in India is EduPristine. This institute has a good reputation for its online training services. In addition, the institute is a stalwart in the industry for its unique training methods and user-friendly approach.

A blend of practical instruction and experiential learning experiences is the hallmark of EduPristine’s Digital Marketing courses in India has a Master Program. The course caters to the growing needs of the aspirants through a wide array of case studies, tools, and a hallmark learning methodology.

9. AIMA – Digital Marketing Institute in India

AIMA, founded over 60 years ago, is a non-profit organization that works closely with the government, academia, students, and industry to validate management education in India. In pursuit of their mission to help individuals and organizations realize their apex potential, AIMA offers distance education, testing, skill development, training, R&D, conferences, events, publications, and more of that kind.

One of tIndia’sbest Digital Marketing institutes in India is their educational endeavours and skill development initiatives. The course collaborates with Digital Vidya and is designed to impart the nitty-gritty of marketing and advertising, online marketing, and analytical tool concepts.

Why should I choose them?

  • Mentors who are professionals and subject-matter experts
  • Training time is spent on experiential learning to the tune of 40%
  • Pedagogy of case studies
  • You will acquire certificates from Google, Facebook, and Google Analytics.

10. Talentedge – Digital Marketing Courses in India

Providing people with executive education to validate their careers, Talentedge is an ed-tech company. Fast-track courses are designed for working professionals to meet their advanced needs.

Why should I choose them?

  • Holder of a PG certificate and MICA alumni status
  • Practice end-of-term project
  • The art of using digital marketing tools

Scope of Digital Marketing Courses in India:

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The rise of the usage of digital technology has paved the way to multiple endless possibility.With the rise of online markets throughout the world, the field of digital marketing has gone from fastly growing field to becoming the major marketing setting in the field of market.

Studies have shown that the reach through the digital market is far more than through the traditional methods of marketing. It is also predicted that by 2025, the value of digital marketing in India is going to be three times more than the current value.

 It’s fast paced growth has led many leading companies to invest more in digital marketing. By this method, one can get the update to the world quickly and reach out to far more audience to the palm of their hands. Digital marketing actually expands the rate of the consumer and becomes aware of newer audiences by day.

The customer pays attention and gets curious about the digital ads and they check them out. The rise of online shopping is the evident example for this. As a result of this, every company shifts their priority of promoting their products towards digital and it has become their prime focus. 

This is the best time for one to study Digital Marketing Courses in India. The scope of the digital marketers is at an all time high at the moment and one can shine in this field in India right now and it would be easier for those if one holds the digital marketing certificate in their possession.

Unlike traditional marketing jobs, digital marketing does not require one to go outside and one can easily work from their home. The number of people who want to pursue a career in digital marketing has also increased in India recently and the Digital Marketing Courses in India is one of the most sought out courses currently. 

The digital marketing course comprises a wide range of subjects, and the person can make their career out in various fields including digital marketing analytics, web analyst, email marketing specialist, SEO executive, Paid advertising manager, social media specialist, social media influencers, content marketing, digital marketing head, digital branding head are to name a few.

One can also become a freelance digital marketer as it also holds the same scope as working under a huge company. One can be a successful freelance digital marketer if played the cards correctly. A good digital marketer can earn a decent sum in India.      

Skills Required For Digital Marketing

In simple words, Digital Marketing is marketing in the digital world. It takes mastering in a lot of areas to be a perfect digital marketer. Along with the basic marketing techniques, one has to learn the online tactics and techniques in order to achieve their skills in the field. There are many similarities and differences related to the existing marketing but with more tweaks.

One needs to be working constantly and keep track of all the platforms in the internet as well as be familiar with the technical elements required.sales of the product and more people would check out the company and its products. This would spike the  The following are some of the key skills to be acquired to achieve the perfect marketing skills,

Market knowledge

A digital marketer must be aware of the marketing field. From the methods of approaching a product to connecting with the client. One must understand the grounds to which they are about to present.

The marketer must be a good researcher as it forms the foundation for every step further. Planning is vital. The awareness must also be extended to the competing company and products as well. The marketing knowledge also includes the basic yet important skill of connecting with people.


This is the heart of the online marketing industry. Search Engine optimization is one of the major tools to be mastered for website optimization. One should perceive the concept of how to increase the traffic in the search engine and promote the website content to be one of the frontrunners in the results while searching.  

Social media communication skills

The best way to advertise a product is to increase its awareness and reach many people. By achieving this, one can popularize the new product easily. In order to do that, the mar must understand the demographic that they are reaching and design the marketing strategies according to that.

This is a key element to digital marketing as it would produce enormous effects with minimal efforts. By figuring the way to reach out to people via social media, one has acquired the jackpot in today’s marketing world.

Keeping up with the ever changing trend

This is a crucial element to achieve while dealing with social media. One must understand the current trends and lingos in use and try to harness them in the marketing posts to connect with the audience. But it is not as easy as it seems.

While using the current trends as a strategy one must use it effortlessly and not forcefully impose as it might backfire. To achieve this, one must be closely following the current trends and keenly look out for a catchy trend and use it to market it.

Exemplary language skills

The main way to achieve perfect marketing in a digital environment is through communication. Having the ability to be precise and to juggle between brief and long descriptions regarding the product , company or any other topic they are about to publish in their feeds. This is the major way for connecting with the audience. The language used in the post must be appealing for the audience to check it out and read it through.

Online marketing

This includes messaging and/or communicating through emails, messaging, understanding and delivering the marketing ideas customized to the geographic location to have a better connection with the receivers.

The marketer must know how all the apps work, how to do promotional ads, which editing software to use, how to increase traffic for the website are some of the major things to be sorted out.


The best place to learn digital marketing courses in India is Henry Harvin. Expert mentors deliver the student-centric Digital Marketing courses in India as Master Course in a realistic environment with a student-centric approach. Furthermore, 13 other certification preparation and internship programs make India’s best course.

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