Templ Hosting Review

Trying new hosting is always hard when we have so many options. But when that hosting is based on the Google Cloud Platform, it’s hard to resist.

I had the perfect opportunity to tryTempl hosting and here is a comprehensive Templ hosting review.

I am a big fan of the Google cloud platform. Most of my blogs are hosted on Siteground which uses Google cloud servers.

Due to the strategic presence of google cloud servers all across the globe, it makes more sense to host websites on Google servers that loads your website much faster.

Templ Hosting Overview

Templ is fairly a new web-hosting company based out in Stockholm, Sweden. They have the mission to serve ultra-fast web hosting services using their state of the art technologies.

Though I am not sure how the name “Templ” got conceived, my hard guess is that it might be from the word ” Temple”

Templ hosting purely relies on the Google Cloud Hosting Platform which is great considering Google cloud is one of the best cloud platforms to choose for web hosting.

Their offering varied from managed WordPress hosting to Managed WooCommerce hosting and hosting for big agencies.

Templ Hosting Review

I am so glad they offered a free trial to try their hosting. I opted for a 10 days trial and this review is all about my personal experience with Templ hosting.

Features Of Templ Hosting

First of all let me tell you that, the feature sets of templ hosting are different than what you see traditionally with other shared hosts or cloud hosts.

You won’t see features like “Unlimited Bandwidth”, and ” Unlimited sites” as those terms are mainly suited to typical shared hosting.

1. Google Cloud Platform

No doubt, Google Cloud is the only reason I tried their service. This is fast, reliable, and offers wide options for data centers. Google uses its in-house CDN which makes your website load very fast.

Google offers data centers in almost all locations across the globe. So even if you don’t use a CDN, you are expected to get a reliable speed. On top of that, since it’s a cloud platform, so you will get uninterrupted speed with almost no downtime.

2. Managed Hosting

No matter how good we are in technical terms, it’s hard to compete with professionals who manage the hosting environment.

Templ hosting is a pure managed hosting. They are expected to manage your hosting and solve all your hosting problems. This is something very good as you don’t need to worry about managing your hosting.

3. QUIC Technology Support

When most web hosts are struggling to offer HTTP/2, Templ hosting offers HTTP/3 or QUIC support which is simply outstanding.

Trust me, QUIC will simply make your website load much faster than HTTP/2 and it’s more secure too. So if your call is to experience QUIC technology, you can try Templ hosting.

4. Free Staging Environment

Staging is something that we need when we want to implement some changes to our website and are not sure if it’s fine to do on the production site.

Staging offers the freedom to verify the change and once it’s ready, it can be pushed back to the live site. Templ hosting offers a staging environment so that you don’t need to worry about unexpected issues due to any change to your website.

This feature is also very special as most of the reputed web host does not offer this service.

5. SSH Access

SSH (Secure Shell) is a more secure way of accessing and transferring files to and from your remote server. It is a more secure way of transferring files compare to traditional FTP ( File Transfer Protocol). Fortunately, Templ hosting offers SSH access in all their plans.

6. Custom Control Panel

Templ hosting offers a completely custom-coded control panel. No more boring C Panel or CentOS web panel. You will be surprised to see the custom control panel which is really intuitive.

All options and settings are well in place and all navigations are well laid out. A big thumbs up to Templ hosting for this extraordinary control panel.

Templ Hosting Review

7. Wide Choice Of Data Center Location

Since templ hosting is based on the Google Cloud platform, you have the option to choose a data center from a wide range of choices.

In fact, I got a data center location in Mumbai which is usually not the case with many web hosts. Having a data center located near your audience is always good.

8. Free Migration

Templ Hosting offers free migration of all your sites by their expert professionals. So no more hassle of migrating your website from the old host to a new host.

9. Free Backup

Templ hosting offers free backup for all your sites. They do daily backups of your websites and you can access those backups for up to 30 days.

Templ Hosting Plans And Pricing

Templ hosting offers plans suited for beginners to an enterprise level. Resources are shared for all those plans except for the topmost plan.

Below are the details of their hosting plans. Frankly speaking, I did not like the way they named their plans.

In all their plans you can only install 1 website. If you want to install more websites, you need to add $10 per month. All plan comes with a free SSL certificate.

Original price
MONTHLY PLAN offer price
1 Core CPU
5 GB Space
10 GB Bandwidth
0.5 GB RAM
Original price
MONTHLY PLAN offer price
2 Core CPU
10 GB Space
20 GB Bandwidth
Original price
MONTHLY PLAN offer price
Small Plus
2 Core CPU
18 GB Space
40 GB Bandwidth
Original price
MONTHLY PLAN offer price
2 Core CPU
25 GB Space
80 GB Bandwidth
Original price
MONTHLY PLAN offer price
4 Core CPU
50 GB Space
160 GB Bandwidth
Original price
MONTHLY PLAN offer price

Templ Hosting Performance & Test Result

We tested the platform with one of our demo sites and below are the result. Though, not impressive, but not bad at all.

Templ Hosting Review
Templ Hosting Review
Templ Hosting Review
Templ Hosting Review
Templ Hosting Review

Templ Hosting Positives And Negatives

  • Google cloud platform
  • NGNIX and Maria DB
  • QUIC Technology
  • Staging environment
  • Intuitive customized control panel
  • SSD storage
  • Fully managed hosting
  • Excellent support
  • Poor resource allocation
  • The pricing is very high

Conclusion: Templ Hosting Review

This is not a web host that I would recommend. Pricing does not seem to have its head or toe, and the poor resource allocation made things worst for them

The only good thing is Google Cloud. But, our test result did not show anything that will make you feel “WOW”.

Templ Hosting
templ hosting review

Templ Hosting is one of few hosts that offers hosting on the Google Cloud Platform. With Google platform and NGNIX server, it is one of the best-managed WordPress Hosting

Price: 15

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: Web Hosting

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Templ Hosting Review
Templ Hosting Review

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