5 Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword plays a vital role to rank any article. Without proper keyword selection, it is next to impossible to be on the first page of Google Search.

You might have written a wonderful article on a keyword for which there is no search made by people. Then this is of no use as that article won’t get any traffic.

Unfortunately, many bloggers do not know how to do keyword research and there are hardly any free tools available in the market to do keyword research.

Most of the popular keyword research tools are paid and damn costly. But in this article, we will find out the 5 best free keyword research tools which may do the job that many popular paid tool does.

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a single word or a group of words people search for over the internet. For example, if we search for the word ” Cricket” then cricket is a single-word keyword.

But if we search ” How To Play Cricket” then it’s a multi-word keyword. We can search keywords and see how much the search volume and other parameters of that keyword are in keyword research tools.

Short tail Vs Long Tail keyword

A single or two-word keyword is considered a short-tail keyword. But if you use a multi-word search then it’s a long-tail keyword.

In the above example the word “Cricket” is a short-tail keyword but if you search for ” How to play cricket” then it’s a long-tail keyword.

Which Is Good: Short Tail Vs Long Tail keyword

Choosing between a short tail or a long tail depends on how your website stands on various parameters like domain authority and page authority etc.

If the blog is popular then even with a short tail keyword articles can be ranked. For beginners, it’s next to impossible to rank with a short-tail keyword because of huge competition.

In that scenario, beginners should start with long-tail keywords and once their blogs are popular they can try short-tail keywords.

5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools

We all know that powerful keyword research tools like Aherfs, Moz, and Semrush are all paid tools and the cost is extremely high.

For beginners spending $100 per month on a keyword research tool is a big pain.

Fortunately, we have a few free keyword research tool which is not as fancy as paid tools but does the job pretty well.

Google Keyword Planner

When we choose a keyword, we usually target google search to rank articles based on that keyword. Now that Google itself has a keyword research tool, nothing can be better than it. Right?

Yes, Google keyword planner is one of the best and very popular keyword research tools.

Free Keyword Research Tool
Google Keyword Planner

For new bloggers, this tool is like a blessing as they do all sorts of required keyword planning work in it. Nothing fancy or nothing special like other paid tools but it does what is needed.

One of the best things about Google keyword planners is that it is easy to use. The user interface is very simple.

You just need to type and enter the desired keyword and Google will pop up with many keyword suggestions with the following findings.

  • Average Monthly Searches
  • Competition
  • Suggested Bid

From the list, you can choose your favorite keyword and use it in articles. If you want to run ads for your blog, you can see the suggested bid amount so that you can be sure how much you might need to pay to run your ad campaign

Google keyword planner was an independent tool before but now it comes integrated with Google Adwords.

In a nutshell, I would say it is the best tool for keyword research for beginners. But for Pro/Bloggers, paid tools yield more benefits.

Google Trend

Google trend is another powerful tool to search and check keyword search queries over a period of time.

It’s a comparative analysis tool to show how a particular search query performs over a period of time.

Free Keyword Research Tool
Google Trend

For example, a search query might have a huge volume right now, but may not hold well over a period of time. Google trend helps to figure out that.

We can also compare search items and see how both search queries stand against each other. It provides graphical data based on a geographic region or for a time period. It also shows data for related queries and related topics.

Keyword Tool

Keywordtool.io is a great tool if you want to search for long-tail keywords. It uses the Google search auto-complete feature to suggest keywords.

If you don’t know what is google search autocomplete feature is, you might notice that when you type any keyword in Google search, it shows a couple of suggestions to search.

How Google shows that suggestion is based on how frequently other people have searched for the same keyword.

Free Keyword Research Tool

So for a single keyword, you might see 5-6 suggestions from Google. The keyword tool uses the same algorithm as Google.

The keyword tool can give up to 750 long-tail keyword suggestions for free.

You can choose the geographic region/language to filter keyword searches. It shows the search volume and trend of any particular keyword like google keyword planner.


If you love the google auto-complete feature then Soovle is the keyword research tool you should go for, Unlike keywordtool.io which provides data only based on Google autocomplete, Soovle gives keywords based on other search engines auto-complete features like yahoo, bing, etc.

Free Keyword Research Tool

So you will see a wide range of keyword lists from many search engines and from there you can choose which one to go for based on search volume and competition.

To search in Soolve you just need to type the keyword and search. By default it considers Google to show up results.

But you can choose other search engines by selecting respective icons to show up keyword suggestions.


You can do some basic keyword research in Ubersuggest. Although the tool was completely free earlier, now in the free plan it has some basic features only

It uses the same Google algorithm to show up results but provides a bit more insights about all keywords.

Free Keyword Research Tool

The interface is very intuitive and results are shown based on search volume, and competition. It also shows keyword suggestions for images, shopping, and Youtube.

Conclusion: Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Although the number of free keyword research tools is limited and all provide limited features, for beginners, these are the best tools.

Once a blog gets popular and you get enough earnings then probably you might have to look for paid tools that offer many more features than free tools.

That’s all I have in this article. Hopefully, you got some useful information from this article. If you have any questions, then do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer you.


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