Updraftplus Black Friday Deal 2024 [ Up To 20% Off ]

Are you struggling to find a premium backup plugin for your WordPress blog? I think, during this Black Friday, you will have a solution to this problem as Updraftplus is offering a flat 20% off on all premium plans as a part of the Updraftplus Black Friday Deal.

Nowadays, most web host offers free backup facility. But often that does not work when you have a problem. We can not simply depend on web host backups. That is why manual backup is really important.

Updraftplus is one of the best backup plugins for WordPress, in fact, it is the number one backup plugin for WordPress for a long time.

Updraftplus is in this business for a long time and they could able to establish their name. Updraftplus has a bunch of other useful plugins like WP Optimize, and WP All In One Security.

Updraftplus has a free version too, available in the WordPress repository. The free version should be sufficient for many. But if you want that extra control on your backup, then you should go for the premium version.

The premium version starts at $70 per year for two websites. But, during this Black Friday, you can get that at 20% off for $56.

There is also a 40% discount on renewal in case you are an existing customer.

Updraftplus Black Friday Deal Up to 20% off

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Please note that Updraftplus does not have a lifetime plan. So you need to renew the license every year if you want updates and support.

Please note that the Black Friday Deals 2022 will start on 24th November 2022 and will continue till 29th November. Currently, these deals are not live. This page shows the deals for 2021. As and when we get more updates on those deals, the page will be updated accordingly. So bookmark this page or subscribe to our exclusive newsletter so you don’t miss any deals.

UpdraftPlus Black Friday Deal

Updraftplus Plans And Pricing

Below are the different plans and pricing that Updraftplus offers during this Black Friday. If you are running an agency, you may choose the enterprise plan as this allows you to install the plugin on unlimited websites.

Original price
offer price
2 Websites
1 GB Storage On Updraftvault
Original price
offer price
10 Websites
1 GB Storage On Updraftvault
Original price
offer price
35 Websites
1 GB Storage On Updraftvault
Original price
offer price
Unlimited Websites
1 GB Storage On Updraftvault
Original price
offer price

Updraftplus has a special plan called ” Gold Plan ” that basically allows you to store up to 10 GB of data on Updraftvault. Rest everything is the same as the enterprise plan.

Updraftplus Coupon Code

You can use the coupon code BFUDP20 to claim this Black Friday deal. All you need to do is to go to the updraft plus home page and during checkout use this coupon code to get the discount.

Please note that this is the old coupon code for 2021. The new coupon code for 2022 will be updated as and when we receive that.
Updraftplus Black Friday Deal
Updraftplus Black Friday Deal: 20% Off
Coupon Code: Coming Soon!
Start Date: 24th November 2022
End Date: 29th November 2022

Updraftplus Pro Key Features

Updraftplus pro has a bunch of key features that make it one of the best buys during this Black Friday sale. Updraft plus has both a free version and a premium version.

The free version is already feature-packed. So if you are a new blogger or have low-traffic blogs, then I will recommend the free plan.

But if you have an established blog and are concerned about the backup of data, then definitely you should give it a try with Updraftplus premium plans.

Updraftplus premium plans definitely offer a wide list of advanced features at a relatively cheaper price tag compared to other backup plugins available in the market.

I would suggest you go through some of the key features listed below so that you can decide if Updraftplus pro is the perfect backup plugin for you or not.


Updrafvault is a cloud storage platform offered by Updraftplus where you can store your backup data. The vault is powered by AWS, so speed and reliability are always great.

With Updraftvault, you don’t need to buy any subscription plans from other cloud storage vendors. Since Updraftvault is designed and maintained by Updraftplus, you will never run into compatibility issues.

Except for the gold plan, all other premium plans come with 1 GB of cloud storage facility with an option to buy more storage if required. The gold plan comes with 10 GB of storage.

Scheduled Backup

Scheduled Backup is really a great feature in Updraftplus. This feature is also available in the free version. You can set a recurring day and time for backup and Updraftplus will take a backup automatically.

Updraftplus uses the server-side cron feature instead of WordPress cron for this scheduled backup. So your website won’t be slow during backup.

But it is always better to schedule the backup during off-hours so that even in the worst case it should not affect the audience.

One of the issues with schedule backup is that it stores a large amount of data in your WordPress directory. You will have to clear that backup data regularly or use a Cron to do that job for you.

Cloud Backup

The free version supports some of the best cloud storage options like Google Drive and Dropbox, whereas the premium version supports a wide range of other cloud storage providers.

While scheduling a backup, you can set if the backup needs to be uploaded to the remote storage or not. So even if your WordPress directory fails, you have remote storage to restore your data.

Updraftplus Migrator

This feature is only available in the pro version. With this feature, you can easily clone or migrate a website from one hosting to another.

While migrating, Updraftplus will search and replace the old URL with the new URL automatically. Is it not that great?

The migration process is very seamless, the interface is intuitive, and there are hardly any chances of failure unless your web host put some restrictions on the PHP script execution time.

Support WP-CLI Function

If you are using a VPS, then probably you can use this Command Line Interface (CLI) feature to do a bunch of operations without getting into the WordPress dashboard.

You can follow this documentation if you want to know about various commands that Updraftplus supports and what that command does.

Updraftplus Free Vs Pro

Trust me, the free version is more than enough for low-traffic sites. But if you want advanced features like migration, Updraftvault, and incremental backups, then probably the pro version is the way to go.

Therefore, I will always suggest you to try the free version first and decide if you need the pro version or not. However, the below list gives you a head-on comparison between the free plan and the pro plan so that you can decide accordingly.

updraftplus free vs premium version
Updraftplus Free Vs Premium Version

How To Grab Updraftplus Black Friday Deal

You can follow below step-by-step process to claim the Updraftplus Black Friday deal.


Go To Updraftplus Home Page

You can click on this special link which will take you to the Updraftplus home page.


Choose A Premium Plan

There, you need to click on ” Buy Premium ” which will take you to the plan details page. Choose a plan and click on ” Buy Now

How to claim updraftplus black friday deal
Updraftplus Premium Plans

Checkout And Place The Order

Create an account and add the payment information. And then place the order. That’s it.

Updraftplus Checkout Page
Updraftplus Checkout Page

Updraftplus Positives And Negatives

  • Feature-packed free version
  • Relatively cheaper premium plans
  • Updraftvault support
  • Incremental backup option
  • Premium support
  • Almost no failure during backup or migration
  • Support for Google Drive and Dropbox in the free version
  • Frequent updates
  • No lifetime plans
  • No direct migration option
  • No security features in the plugin

Conclusion: Updraftplus Black Friday Deal

As I said before that the free version of Updraftplus should do the job for everyone, but in case you want more advanced features, then Updraftplus premium is the best option. It is far better than other so-called premium backup plugins.

As you are getting a 20% discount on the premium plans, you should grab this deal if you feel that you have the requirement. Remember, you will also get a 40% renewal discount next time when you renew. So it’s a compound benefit for you.

This deal is available for a limited period of time. So grab it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will have to wait for another year to get similar deals.

In case, if you feel that you have some queries on this deal, I am just a comment away!

Updraftplus Black Friday Deal [ Flat 20% Off ]
Updraftplus Black friday Deal

Updraftplus is offering a flat 20% off on premium plans as a part of Updraftplus Black Friday Deal. Go and grab the deal before its too late.

Price: $56

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: WordPress Plugin

Editor's Rating:

FAQ On Updraftplus Black Friday Deal

What Is Updraftplus?

Updraftplus is a backup plugin for WordPress-powered sites. It has a free version with limited features and pro versions with many advanced features.

It can back up your WordPress core files, themes, plugins, upload directory, databases, and any other files related to your site.

Can I Migrate My Website Using Updraftplus?

With the free version, you can not ( Although there is some workaround). With the pro version, you can easily migrate a website from one web host to another.

What Is Updraftplus Black Friday Deal?

Updraftplus is offering a flat 20% off on all premium plans during this Black Friday Sale.

On top of that, if you are an existing customer, you can get up to 40% off on renewals.

When Is the Updraftplus Black Friday Deal Going Live?

Updraftplus Black Friday Deal will start on 24th November 2022 and it will end on 29th November 2022

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