SiteGround Black Friday Deal: SiteGround Cyber Monday Deal: SiteGround Deals & Offers [Expired]

Disclaimer: SiteGround black Friday and cyber Monday deal for 2021 is not live yet. This page shows the deal for the year 2020. This page will be updated as and when we get more updates about the 2021 deal.

Siteground Web Hosting Overview

SiteGround was started in 2004 in a small city ( Sufia) in Bulgaria. Over the years they have served millions of clients. Due to their customer-centric web hosting plans and the ” Never Say No” attitude of their brilliant customer support, they became one of the great leaders in the managed web hosting domain.

Their portfolio consists of Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Enterprise Hosting. They also have domain services apart from other third-party services that they offer.

All plans are a bit costly for beginners. However, their shared hosting is very popular. The reason is that the pricing is reasonable.

Siteground is currently powering over 2 million websites. They have a data center in Bulgaria, Spain, the USA, the UK, and Singapore. One of the best things about Siteground is their ” Customer Support”. Trust me, Their customer support is the best. No matter whatever problem you have, they have a solution.

Siteground Shared Hosting Plans

Siteground has three plans under shared hosting. However, if you visit their website, you may see some other offering called WordPress Hosting or Woocommerce hosting.

All three plans are the same. The name is different just from the marketing point of view.

  • Siteground Start-Up Plan
  • Siteground Grow Big Plan
  • Siteground Go Geek Plan

Siteground Start-Up Plan

Steground startup plan allows you to have one WordPress install. It is good for 10K monthly traffic. This plan is only good for a beginner as most of the key features of siteground web hosting are missing in the starter plan.

Although this plan offers you 10 GB of SSD space and if you don’t like their hosting, you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

Siteground Grow Big Plan

This plan allows unlimited WordPress installation. You will be offered 25 GB of SSD space. This plan is good for 25K monthly visitors. Y

ou will have access to their in-house cache software called SG Optimizer also under this plan. This plan offers almost everything that siteground has in its bucket. This is the most value-for-money plan.

Siteground Go Geek Plan

GoGeek plan is the best if you want to host multiple websites. This plan is like a VPS. You will get more server resources, white-label hosting, GIT Integration, etc.

You will be offered 40GB of SSD space and this plan is good for 100K monthly visitors.

Want to know more about SiteGround? Then please read this Siteground review where we wrote about various technical advantages of using Siteground hosting.

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SiteGround Black Friday Deal: SiteGround Cyber Monday Deal [Up To 76% Off]

SiteGround offers a heavy discount on shared hosting plans during the black Friday sale. This year they are offering a discount of up to 75%.

The basic plan starts at $3.49/ Month. Please make a note that if you buy any plan for a maximum of three years then you will get the maximum saving.

The reason is that their renewal pricing is way too high. There are no black Friday deals on cloud hosting or enterprise hosting

How To Get Siteground Black Friday Deal

To activate the SiteGround Black Friday Deal, you simply need to click on the below link. That will take you to the SiteGround website. On the Siteground website, you need to choose a plan as per your choice and go to the checkout page.

On the checkout page, the discount will be auto-applied. No discount code or coupon code is required.

Here are the steps that you need to follow. An in-details process about how to buy siteground hosting plans is detailed here.

  • Click on this special link
  • Choose your preferred hosting plan
  • Proceed to check out ( Discount will be auto-applied)
  • Choose the duration and other basic details
  • Proceed to the payment page
  • Make Payment. Enjoy!

Key Features Of SiteGround Web Hosting Plans

Here are a couple of features of SiteGround shared hosting plan that make it one of the best WordPress hosting for bloggers

  • Unlimited WordPress Install ( Except Start-Up Plan)
  • All plans come with SSD space that enables faster execution of processes
  • Latest PHP version
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free SSL
  • Free daily backup
  • Unlimited Database
  • Free unlimited emails
  • Staging environment ( Except start-up plan)
  • White label hosting ( Only Go Geek Plan)
  • On-demand back up
  • In house cache software
  • Dynamic Caching
  • World Class support
  • 30 days money-back warranty.

Why You Should Grab the SiteGround Black Friday Deal.

Here are a couple of features that make Siteground exceptional from others. That is why it is the right time to grab the SiteGround Black Friday Deal as this is the only time they offer up to 76% discount on all shared hosting plans

Siteground is recommended by WordPress

Do you know that Siteground is one of the web hosts that is recommended by WordPress? So you can imagine that if WordPress itself is recommending Siteground, then their hosting will be top-notch.

Recommended By Experts

SiteGround is recommended by industry experts. They tested SiteGround thoroughly and then they felt that SiteGround is the best and started recommending it. Here are some of the snapshots of their recommendation.

siteground review 16 1
siteground review 17
siteground review 18
siteground review 19

In House Cache Software: SG Optimizer

All shared hosting plans come with SitrGround’s In house Cache software called SG Optimizer. You don’t need to buy any other expensive cache plugins like WP Rocket and this way you will save some money

SG optimizer has all features that reputed cache plugins such as WP Rocket has. Starting from the script optimization, browser cache, and GZIP compressor, it also has the image optimization option.

It can even serve the WebP image format which is simply great. Frankly speaking, many of the bloggers choose to go with SiteGround just because of SG Optimizer.

SiteGround Web Hosting Positives

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited Database
  • In-Built Staging environment
  • In-Built Staging environment
  • White Label Hosting
  • GIT Integration
  • Ultra-Fast PHP
  • Advanced Spam Protection
  • Daily backup
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee

SiteGround Web Hosting Negatives

  • Too high renewal cost
  • Limited SSD Space
  • Cap on traffic
  • No free website migration
  • No free domain name
  • Very basic start-up plan

Conclusion: SiteGround Black Friday Deal

Frankly speaking, black Friday is the only time when you should buy SiteGround web hosting plans. With up to 75% off, it’s an awesome deal.

You may feel that SiteGround plans are a bit costly. But remember, SiteGround has the best hosting environment too. Websites hosted on Siteground load very fast.

On top of that, the technical support of Siteground is just awesome. So I would say ” Don’t miss the deal“.

Frequently Asked Question( FAQ) On SiteGround Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal

Which SiteGround Plan is the best?

Out of all three plans, I feel like the Grow-Big plan is the most value for money if you are a newbie or just grown up in the blogging arena.

If the budget permits then GoGeek is the best. But for newbies, the Go-Geek plan is a bit costly

Is SiteGround Really Fast? Or It is Just hype?

No, It’s not hype. Website hosted on SiteGround really loads fast. You can test it by yourself by running a speed test on this blog.

This blog is hosted on SiteGround and loads in under 2 seconds. However, you need to do speed optimization of your blog.

Why do I buy Siteground hosting this Black Friday?

Siteground is offering a 76% discount on all their shared hosting plan. Black Friday is the only time when they offer such discounts.
That is why Black Friday is the best time to buy siteground web hosting plans.

Does Siteground offer any free domain?

No, None of the plans of Siteground offers any free domain. However, you can buy a domain from Siteground or transfer your domain to Siteground. Personally, I would suggest you buy domains from Namecheap or Godaddy only

Bluehost or Siteground. Which one to choose?

With your eyes closed, you can go with Siteground. Bluehost comes under EIG. EIG is known for its sub-par hosting experience.

Just go to google and you will find horror stories about EIG. However, Bluehost’s plans are not as bad as you may think. The only thing is that SiteGround performs better



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