How To Optimize WooCommerce Store Using Rank Math

If you have a WooCommerce store you might know the importance of SEO. If you want your products to rank high in SERP, you need to do proper search engine optimization for your products.

Gone are the days when you can drive traffic without SEO. With the sheer amount of competition, ranking high without proper SEO is impossible.

With the growing number of SEO plugins, choosing the best that can optimize your WooCommerce store is difficult.

Fortunately, we have Rank Math, one of the best plugins for SEO, and can effectively optimize your Woocommerce store with its impressive list of features tailored for WooCommerce.

Let’s learn in this article, How To Optimize WooCommerce Store Using Rank Math which will help you to effectively optimize the product and rank high in SERP.

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A Brief About Rank Math And WooCommerce

Rank Math is one of the finest SEO plugins ever developed for WordPress and WooCommerce. People tired of the monopoly of Yoast switched to Rank Math as soon as it was available.

The free version of Rank Math offers more features than other leading SEO plugins. So there is no reason why a site owner should not switch to Rank Math.

Rank Math features
Image Credit: Rank Math

The intuitive interface and easy-to-use commands complement the limitless features that this plugin brings. With the introduction of Content AI, it became a complete package for an effective SEO solution for your site.

Rank Math also has a list of dedicated features for WooCommerce including on-page SEO, product schema, etc. which are essential for a WooCommerce store to rank. We will talk about these features more later in this article.

Rank Math has a free version and a premium version. Trust me, the free version is more than enough for basic SEO. In case you want to switch to the pro plan, the rates are very reasonable and the lowest in the market.

WooCommerce is an extension to WordPress dedicated to setting up an e-commerce store in the WordPress platform. WooCommerce holds a 17.4% market share as of 2024 right behind Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix.


Since WooCommerce is just a plugin for your WordPress platform, there are thousands of plugins available in the market that you can use to set up your online store and optimize it for SEO. Rank Math is one such plugin for WooCoomerce that does the SEO optimization for you.

The complete set of features and how to implement Rank Math on your site is already discussed in another article. You can navigate to that by clicking on the below link. This article will be more focused on the setting and features of Rank Math tailored for WooCommerce.

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How To Set Up Rank Math?

Setting up Rank Math for WooCommerce is very easy. If you already have a WooCommerce store and setting up Rank Math, the initial setup wizard will do almost 50% job for you including title and meta description, and Google Search Console integration.

How To Optimize WooCommerce Store Using Rank Math

The rest of the features can be enabled by navigating to the individual setting under the Rank Math SEO option on the sidebar.

Once you install Rank Math, all you need to do is navigate to Rank Math SEO -> Dashboard and activate the WooCommerce option. The moment you do that, the Woocommerce-specific option will be available under different settings.

Optimize WooCommerce Store Using Rank Math

Rank Math brings a plethora of features tailored for WooCommerce including Product Schema that also supports product review and ratings.

Here are the some of key features of Rank Math for WooCommerce and how to set them up efficiently.

1. Schema Markup For Product

Schema Markup helps search engines to understand the content in a better way. It is the language that search engines can easily decode. Rank Math has a schema markup option for products which is a plus.

How To Enable Schema Markup For Product

Rank Math will automatically select the product schema if it is a product. If it does not select automatically, you can always edit the schema markup option and select product schema as shown in the below picture.

optimize woocommerce using rank math

Rank Math automatically decodes the “Product Review” and ” Product Rating” data and includes that in the product schema.

In case, your product does not have the product review and product rating data, Google will show a warning which is perfectly fine. The warning will disappear when you get some real-world review or rating data.


If your product has this information, you can add that into the product and the product schema will capture those. In case, you don’t have this info, Google will give a warning which you can safely ignore as your product does not have this information.

Please note that not having these data does not affect SEO. As long as you are capturing all the available data in the schema, you are good.

Brand Schema

You will see a warning in the Google search console if you don’t have the brand mentioned for the product. To fix this issue, you can set the brand schema in Rank Math. You can choose between different options like the tag, categories, color, material, type, etc. to map it as a brand.

optimize WooCommerce using rank math

If you are selling your own branded product, you can add the below code snippet in your function.php file which will override the Rank Math default brand option.

// Add Brand for Products.
add_filter( 'rank_math/snippet/rich_snippet_product_entity', function( $entity ) {
    $entity['brand'] = 'RiansTech';
    return $entity;

2. Remove Base

By default, Woocommerce product URLs carry the prefixes like “Shop” or “Product“. You can get rid of those prefixes and make your product URLs short, simple, and easy to remember.

For example, if the current product URL is, enabling this feature will convert the URL to

Removing the product base does not have any negative impact on SEO. However short URLs can greatly enhance the customer shopping experience.

3. Remove Category Base

This feature will remove the “Product-Category” prefix from the product URL. For example, if the current URL is shoes/ sample-product, enabling this feature will convert the URL to shoes/ sample-product.

4. Remove Parent Slug

This option will remove the category slug from the product URL. For example, if the product URL is, this option will convert the URL to

5. Remove WooCommerce Generator Tag

By default, WooCommerce will generate a meta tag for products that reveals the Woocommerce version. Selecting this option will remove that tag which is good for security reasons.

6. Remove Schema Markup From The Shop Page And Categories

Both the shop page and category page do not carry enough information for a complete product schema or page schema setup. That is why it is best to disable schema for both by selecting the below option as shown in the picture.

7. Product Focus Keyword

You can add multiple focus keywords for products and optimize the content around them. You can use the Content AI keyword search feature to find your product keywords.

optimize woocommerce using rank math

8. Product Meta Title

Rank Math allows you to write and optimize Product Meta Titles. You can make use of the Content AI tool to find an effective title for your product. Please make sure to add the focus keyword in the meta title for better SEO optimization.

9. Product Meta Description

Similar to the product meta title, you can also add a product meta description and optimize it using Content AI. You can make use of your keywords in the description but avoid keyword stuffing as it will impact your SEO negatively.

You can refer to this article to learn about the best practices while writing a meta title or meta description.

10. On-Page SEO

Similar to what we have for blogs, Rank Math offers the same features for WooCommerce products too. Here are some of the checkpoints that Rank Math evaluates to improve the on-page SEO of products.

  • Focus keywords in the title and meta description
  • Focus keyword in the URL and URL length is less than 160 characters
  • The focus keyword is at the beginning of the content
  • Product description of a minimum of 600 words
  • Use of product schema
  • Focus keyword in the Image ALT attribute
  • Good keyword density
  • Use of content AI
  • Use of product review and rating
  • Power words in the title
  • Use of short paragraphs in the product description
  • Use of photos and videos

Conclusion: Optimize WooCommerce Using Rank Math

Rank Math is a great tool for optimizing a WooCoomerce store. The set of features that it brings is more than any of the premium tools available in the market.

Although the free version is more than enough if you want to extract all the benefits that Rank Math offers you need to switch to a premium plan.

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