How To Install WordPress- The Beginner Guide

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and CMS software. More than 60% of blogs run on WordPress. Although it’s very easy to install WordPress, newbies may find it tough.

This article is for all those people who do not know How To Install WordPress.

Most reputed web hosts have their own automated mechanism to install WordPress. We may not be able to cover all such web hosts. However, this article will be more of a generic way through which you can install WordPress on any web host.

Things You Need Before Installing WordPress

You need a domain name and web hosting plan before installing WordPress. For domain name, you go can ahead with Namecheap and for web hosting, you can try Cloudways.

Once you have both, you need to update the nameserver and DNS records so that your domain name is pointing to the correct IP address.

How To Install WordPress

We can install WordPress using the below two methods. If you are using shared hosting you will have the opportunity to install WordPress using an auto-installer but for VPS and dedicated servers, the manual method is the only option.

  • Using auto-installer
  • Using Manual method

How To Install WordPress Using Auto Installer ( Softaculous)

Auto Installer is a script that automates the process of installing any web software. Usually, if you want to install any web software like WordPress, you need to create a database, connect the database to your WordPress installation, set backup options, and do many other tasks.

Auto Installer does everything for you with a single click. Thus fewer chances of making any errors and that is why any newbie also can install WordPress using auto-installer.

C Panel is the most popular and widely used web control panel. It comes with an auto-installer called Softaculous that automates the process of installing WordPress.

Here are the detailed guidelines about how to install WordPress using the C panel


Login To C Panel

When you buy shared hosting, the hosting provider will share with you the C panel login details and the C panel URL. You need to log in first with those credentials.


Search For Softaculous / WordPress Option

Most web hosts provide Softaculous. If your web host offers this, go to the C panel home page and search for Softaculous. Click on it to go to the Softaculous dashboard. You can also directly access the WordPress option to go to the installation page.

How To Install WordPress

Install WordPress

Click on ” Install Now” to go to the WordPress installation page.

How To Install WordPress

On the installation page, most options are self-explanatory. However, you need to pay attention to the protocol, domain, directory, and version.

You will need to fill in the following details.

  • Protocol: Here you choose if you want HTTPS or HTTP. If you want to install it in the www subdirectory, choose https://www or HTTP://www.
  • Domain Name: You need to add the domain name before in the C panel, then only you can select it here.
  • Directory: If you want to install WordPress in a directory rather than the root, then enter the directory name. The directory name should not exist. Softaculous will create that for you.
  • Site Settings: Here you need to choose your site name, description, admin ID, password, etc. This can be changed later.
  • Other Settings: Based on your web hosting, you may get options to choose a few plugins, themes, etc.

Once you fill in all the details, click on the “Install” button which you will get at the end of the installation page.

It may take a couple of minutes to install WordPress.

How To Install WordPress

How To Install WordPress Using FTP [Install WordPress Manually]

Installing WordPress using FTP is a universal method and should work with any host. Here are the steps that you need to follow.


Download WordPress

First, download the WordPress package to your computer and unzip it. You can download the package here.

How To Install WordPress

Upload The Package To The Installation Folder

Now you need to upload the unzipped contents to the WordPress installation folder. It can be the root directory or any subdirectory where you want to install WordPress. You can use FTP software like FileZilla to upload the content.

How To Install WordPress

Create MySQL Database

WordPress stores its information in a database. Therefore, a database will need to be created.

Navigate to SQL Service -> MySQL Databases which will take you to the database creation page

How To Install WordPress

Enter the database name below and click on “Next Step

How To Install WordPress

Enter the database username and password and click on “Create User

How To Install WordPress

Give all privileges to the user for that database and click on “Make Changes

How To Install WordPress

Install WordPress

Now you need to type in the URL where you have uploaded the WordPress package content. For example, if I have uploaded the content in the “testing” folder of, then we need to access the URL to start the installation process.

You will be presented with the welcome screen. Select the language and click on “Continue

How To Install WordPress

It’s time to connect the database that we have created in step 3. Click on “Lets Go

How To Install WordPress

Enter the database name, username, and password. No need to change the database host and table prefix. Click “Submit

How To Install WordPress

If you get the following message, that means that your database connection is successful. Click “Run The Installation” to start the installation process.

How To Install WordPress

Enter the site title, username, password, and email address. You can change it later if you want. Once done, click on “Install WordPress

How To Install WordPress

After some time, you will get the message that the installation is successful. Click on “Log In” to log in to the WordPress admin dashboard.

How To Install WordPress

That’s it. You have successfully installed WordPress.

How To Install WordPress On Cloudways

You might have heard that Hosting a website on Cloudways is tough, especially if you are moving from the C panel.

Yeah, the Cloudways interface may be confusing for many, but once you get around it, you will find every option well laid out.

We are here to help you host your first website on Cloudways. If you follow all the below steps mentioned, you will be done in flat 10 minutes.

Sounds interesting? Let’s go!


Sign Up For Cloudways

First thing first. And the first thing is that you need to buy a hosting plan. For that, you can consider clicking this link which will take you to the Cloudways home page.

There, click on the “Pricing” option on the menu bar. That will show you the Cloudways plans and pricing.

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways
How To Host A Blog On Cloudways- Pricing

Choose a plan based on your requirements. I personally recommend choosing the Vultr High-Frequency server plans.

Once done, click on ” START FREE” which will take you to the signup page.

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways- Plans
How To Host A Blog On Cloudways- Plans

There you can enter the promo code ” RIAN20” to get 20% off for the first 3 months.

Cloudways Sign Up Page
Cloudways Sign-Up Page

If you choose to get a $25 Hosting credit for free, please click on this link and sign up.


Deploy Your Server

The next this is to do is choose a server. I would suggest you the Vultr High-Frequency server 1GB plan for small websites and the 2 GB for websites with moderate traffic.

Enter the application information, server name, project name, etc. And then choose the server and the RAM size.

Choose the data center close to your targeted audience. That will affect your server TTFB. The data center location varies based on the server you choose.

Deploy Server In Cloudways
Deploy Server

At the end click “Launch Now

It may take a couple of minutes (5-10 minutes) to deploy a server. Please don’t refresh or close the page during the server deployment.


Launch Application

To add Applications, go to ” Applications“, and click on “Add Applications“. Select the server for your application.

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways
Launch Application

Select the server and click on ” Add Application

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways 6

Then, select the type of application ( For example, WordPress), the name of your application, and finally click on “Add Application

How To Host A Blog On Cloudways 7

It may take some time (2-3 minutes) for the application to get installed.


Install SSL Certificate

Once you have installed the application and clicked on the installed application, you will get the following window.

Cloudways Application Settings
Cloudways Application Settings

Here you can see the temporary URL, temporary admin URL, Admin user name/ password, and the database details.

If you want to access the hosting files, you need to create application credentials (4) as shown on the right side.

To install the SSL certificate, please click on the “SSL Certificate” option on the left side.

Install SSL Certificate
Install SSL Certificate

Enter your email ID and domain name on which you want to install the SSL certificate. Please check the ” Apply Wildcard ” option as it will install the SSL certificate for all subdomains ( If added to Cloudways) too.

In the end, please add the CNAME records to your DNS registrar. After some time click on ” Varify DNS” to make sure that the CNAME records are added.

Record Type: CNAME
Host Name:_acme-challenge
Value/Alias: [ This will vary based on your application]

After that, please click on “ Install Certificate

Cloudways has a nice video to explain the whole process. The below video shows the process of installing an SSL certificate on a single domain [No Wildcard]

The below video shows the process of installing an SSL certificate on multiple domains ( Subdomains). You need to use the ” Apply Wildcard ” option.


Connect Your Domain

The final thing that you have to do is to connect your domain. When you installed the application, you got a temporary URL. Once you connect your domain, the temporary domain will be replaced by the actual domain.

To connect your domain, click on the ” Domain Management ” option.

Connet Domain
Connect Domain

Enter your domain name and save the changes. If you want, you can add additional domains too as shown on the right side.

Finally, you need to add the A Record and the CNAME record (4) to your domain registrar.

First Record

Record Type: A
Host Name:@ [ If you use Cloudflare enter @, otherwise follow your domain registrar]
Value/Alias: Your Cloudways IP [ You will get that IP on your application details page]

Second Record

Record Type: CNAME
Host Name: WWW
Value/Alias: Your Cloudways IP [ You will get that IP on your application details page]

Once these DNS entries are live, you can access your website with the actual domain address.

That’s it. You are now hosted on Cloudways.

Here is a video to explain the whole process of domain management.

Conclusion: How To Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is very easy. I hope after reading this article, it will be easier for you.

Most web hosts have their own set of mechanisms to install WordPress. However, the listed two methods in this article are generic and can be used with any host.

The first method is applicable to those web hosts that use the C panel. But the second method is applicable to all web hosts irrespective of what control panel they use.

That’s all I have in this article. Hopefully, you got some useful information from this article. If you have any questions, then do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer you.


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