Top 10 Best Domain Registrars[December 2022]

Buying a domain does seem like an easy job but it’s not. You will need to consider different factors while choosing a domain name. And while you buy a domain name, you will be flooded with so many options. Choosing the best among those is not an easy task. So let’s discuss about the Top 10 Best Domain Registrar in this article.

Many of us only look for the low-cost factor while buying a domain. Well, the cost is an important factor but you can not overlook other factors. For example, domain privacy protection.

You may get a domain for a dollar but won’t get the domain privacy protection. Your data will be available in the public domain and that is something you don’t want. Right? So make sure you buy a domain name with domain privacy protection.

Some domain name provider offers free business emails with the domain name. So although the domain name would be a bit costly you will save money on email hosting.

When we say that we are buying the domain name, we are not actually buying the domain but actually renting/leasing it. You need to pay the renewal fee every year. So when you buy a domain, watch out for the renewal fee as well.

For example, if you buy a domain from GoDaddy, for the first year you may get the domain for a dollar, but the renewal fee is more than $12. So you need to consider that as well.

Some companies offer domain names for free with hosting. I believe that is the best bet as you will be saving domain renewal costs also as long as you have business with them.

That is why I recommend Hostarmada or Hostinger as they offer free domain names in all their shared hosting plans. But still, the web hosting plans are way cheaper than other vendors.

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is your online address. For example, consider the domain name as your online home address. When you build a website using any web hosting service, then it becomes your online home.

There are about 350 Million domain names registered and thousands are getting registered every day.

What Is A Domain Name Registrar?

Domain name registrars are those companies that basically register your domain in ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) database. ICANN is a nonprofit organization that is responsible for managing your domain names.

You can consider domain name registers as a broker to ICANN. Domain name registrars handle your domain name on your behalf of you and in return charge a nominal fee.

How to choose a good domain name registrar?

Following key things, you should watch before deciding on a vendor for your domain name.

  • The initial cost of the domain
  • Renewal cost of domain
  • Free Add ons
  • Expiry Policy
  • Customer support

Initial Cost of domain

Mostly all vendors offer a great deal when you buy the domain for the first year. It can be anywhere between $1 to $15 depending upon the extension you choose. Watch out for the best deal before you buy.

Renewal Cost of domain

As I said you may get a very good deal when you buy a domain. But when you renew that, the cost may be way too much. That is why it is always better to check the renewal price also while buying a domain

Free Add Ons

Watch for free add-ons like free domain privacy, free DDoS protection, Free SSL, and Free email hosting when you buy a domain. These free add-ons will save a lot of money that you can invest in other blogging tools

Expiry Policy

Your domain will expire after one year if you don’t renew it. Some companies will give you one or two months of buffer time after domain expiry. So you should a domain registrar that offers some buffer time.

Customer Support

Good customer support is a very important factor when deciding the best domain registrar. You. need to see if the domain registrar has phone or chat support and how quickly they respond.

Top 10 Best Domain Registrar

Here is the list of the Top 10 Best Domain Registrars based on the initial cost, renewal cost, safety features, and customer service.

Domain Registrar1st Year PriceRenewal PriceFree WHOIS Privacy?Buy Now
NameCheap$5.98$19.98YesBuy Now
Godaddy$2.00$18.99YesBuy Now
IONOS$5$11YesBuy Now$9.99$13.99NoBuy Now
Google Domain$12$12YesBuy Now
Cloudflare Domains$8.99$8.99YesBuy Now
HostarmadaFree With HostingFree With HostingYesBuy Now
HostingerFree With Hosting$12.99YesBuy Now
BluehostFree With Hosting$12.99YesBuy Now
GreenGeeksFree With Hosting$12.99YesBuy Now
The pricing is based on a .com domain

1. Namecheap

If you want to get a domain name for dirt cheap, then NameCheap is the way to go. The .com domain name usually costs less than a dollar. The renewal cost is also very reasonable between $12-$14 a year.

Domain privacy protection ( WHOIS privacy) is offered forever without any extra cost. Other vendors usually charge about $15 per year for this service. However, for DDoS protection, you need to pay a very reasonable amount.

best domain registrer

Namecheap domains also come with a free domain management tool that helps in managing nameservers and other activities. Many vendors charge for this service.

With all these offerings with a very low price tag, you might be wondering the customer service would be poor. But you are wrong. The customer service is really very good. You will get instant chat support for all your domain-related queries. However, there is no phone support.

Tips: Namecheap web hosting plans are very cheap and good. Better to buy the domain and hosting from Namecheap to get the maximum savings


  • Low registration cost
  • Competitive renewal cost
  • Free domain privacy
  • Live chat support


  • Paid DDoS protection
  • No phone support

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is in the domain name business for many years and they are one of the best domain registrars in the world. Although the business portfolio of GoDaddy is very wide, most bloggers choose Godaddy as their domain name partner.

Domain names from GoDaddy are relatively costly but most of the time they give offers. You can buy a domain name for as low as $2 for the first year. However, the renewal cost is way too more.


Like NameCheap, GoDaddy also offers WHOIS privacy protection for free including the domain management tool. If you want to sell your domain name then GoDaddy is the best option as the GoDaddy domain auction platform is one of the best.


  • Low registration cost
  • Free domain privacy
  • Live chat and phone support


  • Paid DDoS protection
  • High renewal cost


Many people do not know about IONOS and their service, but let me tell you, if you want to buy a domain for cheap then IONOS is the best option. You may get a .com domain for as low as a dollar, which also with domain privacy protection.

If you bundle the domain name with their hosting service, then you can save more. The best part about IONOS is that their renewal fees are very low compared to other vendors.


If you buy a domain from IONOS, you will have a free business email account with 2 GB of storage. Not only that, but you will also get a free wildcard SSL certificate for your domain. What else can you expect from a domain name provider?

The customer service is not that great but still way better than other known players. Overall I would say that, if you are tight on budget, give a try to IONOS for your domain name purchase.


  • Cheapest domain name provider
  • Reasonable renewal cost
  • Free email hosting
  • Free SSL


  • Paid DDoS protection
  • Mediocre customer support


Well, the pricing for a domain at is not the lowest but you can save a lot if you buy the domain for 5 years term. The introductory price is around $9-$10 and the renewal price goes all the way up to $15.

There is no free domain privacy protection, neither DDoS protection but for the first year you will get it for free. You can try for short-term projects.

Customer service is really great at You can have chat support as well as phone support.


  • Best for 5 years term
  • Reasonable introductory price
  • Good customer support


  • Paid DDoS protection
  • No free domain privacy protection

5. Google Domains

You might not have heard about Google Domains, but yes, Google also has its own domain business. Google domain is not as popular as other domain name providers.

The best part about the google domain is the flat pricing. Whatever extensions ( Except a few ) you want to buy, all are priced at $12. Their initial pricing and renewal pricing are the same. So no unnecessary surprise.

best domain registrar

Since it’s Google, so no issues with the security of your domain. But Google domain does not offer as many features as other domain name providers. The interface is also very boring.


  • Flat pricing
  • Same renewal cost
  • Domain security from google


  • No free addons
  • Boring interface

6. Cloudflare Domains

Yes, Cloudflare also has a domain name service business. Like Google Domains, Cloudflare also has flat pricing. What that means is that the initial price and renewal price are the same.

best domain registrar

A top-level .com domain costs about $9 which is really great considering the renewal price is also the same. On top of that, all security features come free of cost with Cloudflare.

Since most of us use free Cloudflare CDN, integration of your domain names with Cloudflare will also be very smooth.


  • Flat pricing
  • Same renewal cost
  • Free security features
  • Smooth Cloudflare integration


  • No such negatives

7. Hostarmada

How about getting a domain name for free? Sounds exciting? Hostgator offers a free domain name in all their shared hosting plans. As long as you are renewing the hosting service with them, the domain will also get renewed free of cost.

The basic plan starts at only $2.99 where you can host one website, one free domain, 15 GB of storage, 2 GB RAM, and 2 CPU cores. That’s enough for running a successful blog.

Hostarmada servers are powered by NGNIX and Litespeed servers based on the plans you are choosing. Both web servers are really fast in terms of overall speed.

8. Hostinger

Hostinger needs no introduction. Hostinger is one of the best and cheapest web hosting service providers in the world. Except for the base plan, all other shared hosting plans come with a free domain name.

The plan with a free domain name starts at $2.59 that allows you to host 100 websites in 100 GB of space. The bandwidth is unlimited so limitations on the traffic.

9. Bluehost

Bluehost of one of the best domain registrars that offer a free domain for one year with all their shared hosting plans. Bluehost is known for its excellent web hosting service. A free domain name adds a lot of value propositions to their service.

A free domain is available even in their basic plan which costs $2.95 / Month. In that plan, you will get 50 GB of storage that allows you to host one website. Free CDN, Free SSL is included in the package for free.

10. GreenGeeks

I personally used GreenGeeks for a long time and they are one of the best web hosting service companies. Like other hosts, they also offer a free domain name for a year with all their shared hosting plans.

The basic plan itself comes with a free domain name with 50 GB of storage where you can host one website. 50 email accounts you can host in the same account for free. Free SSL and Free CDN is standard across all plans.

Conclusion: Best Domain Registrars

So, by now we got a fair idea about the top 10 best domain registrars. Personally, I have used Namecheap and Hostarmada extensively for my domain name and I would recommend the same.

But that does not mean that other domain registrars are bad. If you get a good deal then you can go to any registrar but make sure they offer basic domain privacy protection which is very important.

Have I missed anything? If yes, please share that in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ) On Best Domain Registrars

What are the best domain registrars?

If you consider the registration cost, renewal cost, and other free add-ons, then Namecheap and IONOS are two of the best and cheapest domain registrars.


The full form of ICANN is Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is a nonprofit organization that controls and manages all domain names. All domain name registrars are kind of brokers to ICANN

Can I buy a free domain name with my web hosting plan?

Yes, of course. But make sure that the company offers a good web hosting service. Otherwise, all benefits will go in vain.

What Is WHOIS privacy protection?

When you buy a domain name, you need to give many of your personal details and business information. If you don’t opt for WHOIS privacy protection, then there is a chance that that information could be leaked into the public domain which is not good.

WHOIS privacy protection protects your personal information from being available in the public domain.



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