What Is Domain Privacy Protection? 5 reasons to choose WHOISGuard

When you buy a domain name, you might have encountered this add-on service called ” Domain Privacy Protection“. Do I need domain privacy protection?

Most domain registrars offer it for free. But for many, it is still a paid add-on. So do you really need to invest in Domain Privacy Protection? Let’s find the answer to this in this article.

What Is Domain Privacy Protection Or Whois Privacy Or Whoisguard?

When you buy a domain from any domain registrar ( For example Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.) you are supposed to give a few personal information as well as some business information. Those are entered into the ICANN database

By default, those pieces of information are available in the public domain and anyone can see that by doing a Whois search. 

For big corporates that may not be an issue. But for small businesses, this information can be an issue if it is landed on the wrong hand.

They can send you unwanted spam emails, can call you over the phone, or in fact, they can come to your address. These things are not desirable. Right?

That is why all domain registrars offer an add-on called domain privacy protection that protects your personal information from going public. 

Instead in Whois search, the server shows some dummy data which is of no use for bad guys. Often domain privacy protection is offered for free but many domain registrars may charge for this service.

Here is an example of how it looks like without and with domain privacy protection.

domain privacy protection
With Domain Privacy Protection
domain privacy protection
Without Domain Privacy Protection

What is a Whois Lookup / Whois Directory?

Whois is a public domain name directory. It holds the database of all domain names, contact information, business information, etc.

Anyone can search a Whois directory find out the information about a domain, its owners, and all related information.

Although the Whois search is used for knowing about various domains bad guys can use the information to send you unwanted emails, spam, hacking, etc.

You can do a Whois lookup by clicking on the below link.

Whois Lookup

How do domain privacy protection works?

What the domain privacy protection add-on does is that it hides your personal information from the common public and instead shares some dummy information.

Although ICANN has all your correct information that is not available to the public. Since your personal information is available in the public domain, you are safe from undesired activities against your domain.

How much does Whois Privacy Protection cost?

Most domain registrar like Namecheap, IONOS offers domain privacy protection add on for free, but many registrars charge a fee for that. The fee varies from $1-$20.

I have seen many registrars offer domain privacy protection for free only for the first year. But whatever it is, you need to have domain privacy protection to safeguard your domain.

5 Reasons to choose domain privacy protection

Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose domain privacy protection for your domain.

#1. Your personal informaton is not public anymore

Whether anyone does something bad with your personal information or not, it is not really desirable to post your personal information in the public domain.

You may wonder how hackers can exploit you by knowing your domain personal information. Hackers can easily hack your email addresses, can easily hack your phones, and through this they can easily control your domain.

They can even access your website, delete posts, dump viruses in your website directory, and so on. If your domain information is not public, you are blocking that door for hackers.

#2. Your personal data can be sold

Data is the costliest asset in today’s world. If your data is in the public domain, anyone can sell those data and earn from it. You might have heard about ” Facebook and WhatsApp” selling our personal data.

So you would like to get sold off in the market. Right? That is why you should add a layer of protection to your domain so that your data is not available in the market.

#3. Stops spam calls, spam emails

Yes, that is the most annoying this that can happen to anyone if their data is available in the public. You may get tons of spam emails, spam calls and they can even come to your physical address.

They can even send you phishing emails to hack your site, financial information, or anything that is not desirable. Domain privacy protection saves you from being spammed.

#4. Less chances of your website getting hacked

When your data is not accessible by hackers, so there are fewer chances that your website will be hacked.

Although there could be numerous other reasons why my website can be hacked you are at least reducing the chance for hackers.

#5. Your competitor won’t get your information

Your competitor may gain some advantage if they get your personal information. You are blocking the door by domain privacy protection.

Many people feel that they can domain with fake data. But that is wrong. Often domain registrars verify the data that you submit while buying a domain.

So domain privacy protection is the only way to safeguard your data from your competitors.

Conclusion : Domain Privacy Protection

So here is the deal. If you domain registrars offer domain privacy protection for free, go for it. If not buy this add on. Trust me, this will save you from a lot of hassles and problem later on.

As I said before that domain privacy protection does not cost much. So it wont be a big deal for you considering how important is the business for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Can I buy domain privacy protection for all domain extensions?

No, you can’t. Few country specific domain extensions like .us, .uk are restricted from domain privacy protection.

What is domain privacy protection

Domain privacy protection is a security layer offered by many domain registrars to safeguard your personal information from going public.

How much does Whois Privacy Protection cost?

Often it is offered for free if you buy a domain. Otherwise it costs between $1 to up to $20

Whats is Whois Search?

Whois is an open public directory where anyone can search a domain name and get information about that domain.

If domain privacy protection is enabled, then Whois search only shows the demo data. Otherwise it discloses all your personal informations.



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