Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting Review (June 2024)

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Managed WordPress hosting is the demand of the market, especially when the web hosting arena is flooded with shared hosting providers.

To be a differentiator, you need to do something different and Strmonic has done the same. Instead of jumping into the pool with a lot of different services, they have come up with only Managed WordPress hosting.

We got a chance to experience their hosting and this article will be all about Stromonic Managed WordPress hosting review.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

Many of us, including me, do not have much idea about how Web hosting works and how to get the best out of hosting.

If we don’t get the desired speed, we usually blame the hosting provider without understanding the fact that we did not optimize our server to get the best out of it.

Managed WordPress hosting is basically a premium service where the web hosting company manages all your server-related tasks, updates, patches, and sometimes speed optimization.

Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting Review
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They will configure your server and application for the best possible performance. They will decide the variables and other settings to get the best out of that server.

Since it’s a premium service, managed WordPress Hosting is a bit costlier than normal shared hosting.

Stromonic Web Hosting Overview

Stromonic was started back in 2017 by two industry veterans with a mission to help small to medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive web hosting solution.

Aligned with their mission they launched a managed web hosting solution so that businesses should focus more on their businesses and Stromonic will take care of their web hosting needs.

Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Stromonic is based out in West Bengal where they have their principal server set up.

Currently, they are offering managed WordPress hosting solutions apart from WooCommerce hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Stromonic Hosting Key Features

Here are some of the key features of Stromonic WordPress hosting.

#1. Lite Speed Web Server [ Lite Speed Enterprise]

Personally, I am a fan of Lite Speed Web Server. This is one of the fastest servers available right now in the market.

Lite Speed Server with Lite Speed Cache makes an excellent combination to boost your website speed.

Many web hosts still use Apache which is basically a free web server. But Stromonic uses a Lite speed web server which is a paid web server.

Stromonic is offering the lite speed server enterprise plan that offers you many more premium features than other hosts.

Do You Know?

Do you know that the Lite Speed Enterprize plan is almost 5X faster than NGNIX and about 28X faster than Apache?

#2. Stromonic Cloud

The Stromonic web hosting platform is built on the Stromonic cloud. Your data will be shared across different cloud servers.

This cloud infrastructure enhances the speed and helps in data recovery in case of any breakdown.

Stromonic claims that its cloud servers are about 3.5 times faster than any other cloud servers. Although we have noticed a speed improvement, the 3.5 times faster claim is yet to be verified.

#3. Stromonic CDN

Stromonic has its inbuilt CDN based on the Bunny CDN. Currently, the CDN service has 93+ POP and more to be added shotly

CDN helps to increase the speed of your website and plays a big role in your website security management.

#4. HTTP/3 Support

HTTP/3 greatly improves your website speed. Currently, the Lite Speed server supports HTTP/3 protocol if you use their CDN service.

Since Stromonic also uses the lite speed server so it supports HTTP/3 or QUIC.

HTTP/3 offers 0-RTT support, which means that subsequent connections can start up much faster by eliminating the TLS acknowledgment from the server when setting up the connection.

#5. Server-Side Caching

Stromonic handles the caching at the server level. They offer Redis free of charge which increases the page speed by activating the object cache.

Redis stores the database queries so that when a visitor visits the pages the next time, it loads much faster than the first time.

#6. Managed Security

Security is a key concern for many websites nowadays. The beauty of managed hosting is that it offers a secure environment for hosting.

Stromonic offers a Web application firewall and DDoS protection free of cost. They also have a mechanism to stop brute-force attacks. Their security system can block an IP after a number of unsuccessful login attempts.

WAF will also protect your site from SQL injection, XSS, Spam, and Malicious Scripts.

Stromonic also has a security feature called ” CloudScan” that scans your website content for any malware and file changes. In case it founds anything wrong it can automatically quarantine that file also.

#7. Free Speed Optimization

If you are migrating to Stromonic, they offer one-time free speed optimization for your website. Generally other web hosts charges for this kind of service.

Stromonic will migrate all your websites for free. But I wish they have something like SG Migrator that can smoothen the process of migration

#8. Auto Scaling

If your website has a sudden peak in traffic due to any reason and it violates the fair use policy, then Stromonic will auto-scale your plan instead of terminating the service.

There are many instances when your CPU usage can go high all of a sudden for many reasons. At Stromonic, it is assured that your site will never be down for traffic peaks.

#9. Daily Backup

Backups are important. Is not it? Many web hosts charge for backup also. But it is not the case with Stromonic.

They offer daily backups free of cost for all your website so that you can continue focusing on your business rather than on website backups.

#10. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Although they don’t offer a free trial they offer a 45-day money-back guarantee. In case, if you are not happy with their service, you can always ask for your money back within 45 days.

Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Under managed WordPress hosting, they offer three different plans.

Stromonic Hosting

$7.45 $14.95

The feature sets in all plans are almost the same except the storage, bandwidth, and the number of sites that you can host varies.

Original price
MONTHLY PLAN offer price
5 Website
10 GB Space
50 GB Bandwidth
Original price
MONTHLY PLAN offer price
StromBolt Plus
15 Websites
20 GB Space
100 GB Bandwidth
Original price
MONTHLY PLAN offer price
StromBolt Pro
35 Websites
40 GB Space
200 GB Bandwidth
Original price
MONTHLY PLAN offer price

Stromonic Hosting User Interface

User interface plays a big role in this competitive market. If you look at SiteGround or hosting interface then you will notice that the customized interface plays a big role in the hosting business.

Unfortunately, Stromonic still uses the bare bone C panel interface with some elements added to that.

Though it does not look as bad as a typical C panel does, at this price point, a customer wants a customized panel.

Here is how the user interface and C Panel interface look like in Stromonic

stromonic interface
Stromonic User Interface
stromonic C panel
Stromonic C Panel Interface

Stromonic Hosting Review [ Performance And Test Result]

We got a chance to host a test website on Stromonic cloud to test the speed and other features and the results are very promising.

For our comparison, we have hosted the main website on another host which is also powered by Lite Speed Server, and the staging version on Stromonic. Here is the comparison result.

Speed Test Result

Here is the speed test result comparison that we did on GT Metrix. You can clearly see that there is an improvement.


Time To First Byte Test ( TTFB)

The TTFB test shows that the server response time is just amazing especially from the European region as the testing site is hosted in the European region.

ttfb map stromonic
ttfb test result strmonic
TTFB Test Result

Stromonic WordPress Hosting Positives And Negatives

  • Lite speed server
  • Server-side cache
  • Object cache
  • Free speed optimization
  • Managed security for free
  • Stromonic CDN with 93+ POP
  • HTTP/3 support
  • Server-side image optimization
  • NVMe SSD storage
  • Free migration
  • Excellent customer support
  • The pricing should have been more competitive
  • Limited storage and bandwidth
  • Should have gone for a better CDN
  • No customized control panel
  • No trial plan

Conclusion: Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting Review

No doubt, Stromonic has a great infrastructure with a world-class support team. I would always recommend this hosting service if you care for speed and security.

One area where things could have been better is the pricing. They should have offered better competitive pricing. At a starting price of $7.95, there are many options available in the market.

So if you are someone who has an established blog or business website then Stromonic is definitely worth a try. Their service won’t disappoint you for sure.

Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting Review (June  2024)
Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting Review (June 2024)
$7.45 $14.95

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