100+ Web 2.0 Sites List 2021 [Get High DA Backlinks]

Creating backlinks is very essential for a blog to increase its domain authority and to grow in that niche. Although there are many ways to get backlinks, getting backlinks from Web 2.0 sites is one of the easiest and productive methods.

Many of us don’t have such a web 2.0 site list and don’t know how to safely create backlinks. So let us discuss in this article more about web 2.0 sites and how to get backlinks from those web 2.0 sites.

What is Web 2.0?

I know, we are running behind getting backlinks from web 2.0 sites. But are we really sure what is web 2.0 sites? Let’s have an introduction of what really Web 2.0 means.

A couple of years back, I can say about 10 years back or before the introduction of social networking sites like Orkut or Facebook, websites were all about static pages. There used to be an admin who used to create or update the websites and that’s it. There was no way for visitors to interact, or share their views on those websites. That is called web 1.0 sites

web 2.0 sites list

But soon after the discovery of social networking sites and the introduction of WordPress, things become more interactive. Now people can interact with each other on social networking sites.

People can share their views and knowledge through blogging, run YouTube channels, etc. This is called web 2.0 In fact, nowadays, you will hardly see any web 1.0 website and we have completely moved to web 2.0

So in a nutshell, what is the key difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0 sites? In web 1.0, the admin creates the content, and users consume that. In web 2.0 users create content and users only consume that. Does not it sound interesting?

Talking about examples of web 2.0 sites, these include social networking sites, blogs, video-sharing platforms, Social bookmarking sites, community websites, forums, etc. The list is not exclusive. Some of the multi-billion dollar websites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Medium, Tumblr are built of web 2.0 platforms.

Why Web 2.0 sites are important?

First of all, let me tell you frankly that web 2.0 sites look like any regular website. The only difference is that you can create your own page under a subdomain in web 2.0 sites. So you will have your own identity on that website under a subdomain.

Typically web 2.0 sites are high authoritative. What that means is that the Domain Authority ( DA) and Page Authority ( PA) are high. We all know that DA and PA play a big role in the search engine result page ranking and it also helps in growing your blog. Google also loves those websites which have high DA and PA.

Typically most of the web 2.0 sites are free for users. What that means is that you can create pages for free and write blog posts on them.

If you have a self-hosted site, you need to pay for hosting and domain. In the case of web 2.0 sites, everything is free. But they have premium plans which you can opt for to unlock some premium features.

Getting backlinks also very easy from web 2.0 sites as you have full control over those sites. Unlike other methods of getting backlinks where you need to depend on someone else favor, backlinks from web 2.0 are very easy.

Backlinks from Web 2.0 websites come under gray hat SEO technique?

Yes, it does. The reason being, Google does not always think that these backlinks are natural. I would say, Google is not wrong. For example, you can create thousands of web 2.0 backlinks overnight.

Because you create those pages and you can insert links wherever you want. So ultimately the link juice is not genuine. But does that mean backlinks from web 2.0 sites are not worth it? If it is not worth then what’s the point of this article?

Fortunately, backlinks from web 2.0 sites are still worth in 2020. The only thing is that you should know how to get backlinks from those web 2.0 sites properly. You will have to treat all your web 2.0 pages as if they are your main blogs.

You need to be active, write regular content so that Google feels that your web 2.0 pages are natural. If you follow this then there is no issue with getting backlinks from web 2.0 sites.

Best Practice to build web 2.0 backlinks in 2021?

As I already said that if you know how to legally build web 2.0 links, then these are worth the effort. In fact, these web 2.0 links can enhance your domain authority in no time.

On the flip side, if you try to adopt any black hat or gray hat techniques, then for sure your site will be penalized by Google. Remember, one good backlink is better than 100 bad backlinks. It’s not the number of backlinks that increase your domain authority, but the quality of backlinks.

Here are a few best practices that personally I follow to build backlinks from web 2.0 sites. Hopefully, these best practices are good enough for you guys also.

  • Always choose reputed web 2.0 sites. Don’t jump into every site
  • Create realistic blogs on a particular niche
  • Consider web 2.0 sites are your main site and start building it.
  • Don’t create a web 2.0 page just for the sake of backlinks
  • Write regular quality contents and be active on all those web 2.0 sites
  • Don’t force a link into pages or posts. The context should allow a specified link
  • Create all required pages like about us, contact us, terms, disclaimer, etc which usually you create in your main blog.
  • Put enough post in web 2.0 sites before you dare to put your main site link for getting backlinks
  • Try to get a good amount of traffic for quick backlink indexing
  • Use different email id for different web 2.0 sites
  • Do optimum on-page optimization
  • Embed multimedia contents.
  • Share your web 2.0 blog link on social media

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Top 10 Web 2.0 Sites List For Link Building

These are the top 10 webs 2.0 sites that you can consider for creating a blog and ultimately get backlinks. Remember this top 10 list may vary from person to person. This is the list that I followed to create backlinks. The below table shows the DA & PA of the top 10 webs 2.0 sites list as of July 2020.

1. Blogger.com

Blogger.com is the most widely used and very popular web 2.0 blogging platform. Most of the blogger start their journey with blogger.com only. The platform is free and you create backlinks very easily. But make sure those backlinks look very natural. Else you may get penalized by Google as this platform is owned by Google. Blogger.com has a domain authority of 100

2. WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a very popular free blogging platform. Don’t get confused between self-hosted WordPress software and wordpress.com. as both are different. WordPress.com allows you to create a subdomain where you can host your blog. Though the basic plan is free you can opt for a premium plan if you want a few premium features. The DA of WordPress.com is 94 as of July 2020

3. Wix.Com

If you want to create a blog in a few minutes then Wix can do that for you. Wix is quite new in this web 2.0 category. But the platform is very promising and you can create a blog in just a few steps. There are a number of themes you can choose and the interface is very intuitive. With a domain rating of 94, you can expect good link juice to your main website.

4. Weebly.com

Weebly is in this crowd for about a decade. In fact, I had my first blog with Weebly. One of the best things that will attract you is the interface. Weebly has a very nice user interface. You can create a free blog on Weebly but if you want to add eCommerce features then you have to buy their premium plan. Personally, I use their free plan and it is more than sufficient for a blog

5. Medium.com

You can create a free blog in Medium and earn from it. Medium has its own ad network through which you can earn. Basically, Medium has huge premium readers who pay for articles and you earn a commission from that earnings. So make sure you write some high-quality posts to get noticed. Currently, you can earn from Medium, only if you are a resident of the United States.

6. Reddit.com

Off late Reddit became very popular in the blogging arena. Although it’s not a pure blogging platform you can get an enormous amount of traffic to your post which you can redirect to your main blog. Just to make a note that, I made my first blogging earning through Reddit only. It was an affiliate sale and I still earn through it.

7. Quora.com

Quora is the number one platform for a question-answer forum. You can create a subdomain-based blog in quora where you can post articles. Many pro-blogger use Quora to drive traffic to their main blog. The more you answer readers’ questions, the more chance you will have to get noticed and more chance to get traffic.

8. Tumblr.com

Tumblr is also more or less like Reddit where you can write articles or post links from your main blog. Don’t forget to add keywords as hashtags so that your articles can be found in the search result. Tumblr has a huge traffic base and you will get enormous visitors through Tumblr.

9. Google Sites

As the name suggests, google sites are owned by Google. You can create a basic blog on Google site. Unfortunately, there are very limited options to create an intuitive blog. But since it is owned by Google, so you can expect a good amount of traffic, if you write useful blog posts.

10. Webs.com

Webs.com is similar to Weebly and Wix. Webs.com allows you to create a free blog under a subdomain. A free blog is enough to get started but if you want more features, the Webs has a premium plan, which you can choose for. Out of Wix, Webs, and Weebly, Weebly.com has the best features and intuitive interface.

100 Web 2.0 sites list 2020: Web 2.0 Submission List

Sl NoWeb 2.0 Sites

Conclusion: Web 2.0 Sites List

I hope this comprehensive list of web 2.0 sites list is helpful for you. Although I tried my label best, you should check the DA, PA, and spam score before backlinking from any of the web 2.0 sites. It is one of the easiest ways to get quality backlinks if you know how to do so.

As I said again and again in this article that you should take extra precautions while creating backlinks from web 2.0 sites. If you follow the black hat and gray hat SEO techniques, then your site may run the risk of getting blacklisted. So you should be extra careful. Please don’t jump into creating backlinks from all these websites in a single day. Stay focused and productive and act natural.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ) Web 2.0 Sites List

What Is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is the new type of website framework where users can interact with others while contributing to the website. In simple words, users create content and users only consume content.

Is creating backlinks from web 2.0 worth it in 2021?

Yes, It does. If you follow good practice while creating backlinks, then it is really worth

How many backlinks can I make from web 2.0 sites?

There is no limit but backlinking should be natural and should complement the content.

Are web 2.0 sites are good for getting backlinks?

Yes, Of Course. In fact, one backlink from a good web 2.0 site can be as good as 20 other backlinks. But make sure you follow the ethical practice.


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