ExpiredPerfmatters Black Friday Deal 2023 [ Flat 30% Off ]

$17.46 $24.95 GET THIS DEAL

There is NO better time than this Black Friday to optimize your blog and improve the loading speed of your blog as you will be getting a flat 30% off on the Perfmatters plugin.

You need to use the coupon code ” BLACKFRIDAY” to get this offer.

The yearly license cost of the Perfmatters plugin is already very low. On top of that, when you are getting 30% off as a part of Perfmatters Black Friday Deal, I think it’s hard to resist.

Website loading speed is important for any online business. After the web core vital update, speed became a ranking factor too. If your website is taking more time to load, you might be missing a ton of traffic.

A cache plugin or a CDN is not sufficient to improve the website’s loading speed. You need to optimize your website too to improve the speed. That’s the gap Perfmatters plugin is trying to fill.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal 30% off

Remove Unused CSS
Defer and delay JavaScript’s
Host Google Analytics code locally
$17.46$24.95 GET THIS DEAL

What Is Perfmatters Plugin?

For many, the name may be new. Yes, Perfmatters is a new kid in the market which is already saturated. But this kid is making a big impact on the blogger’s community and is already considered the best WordPress Optimization plugin.

Full credit goes to Brian Jackson, who along with his brother Brett Jackson developed this plugin.

Brian was working for Kinsta as a CMO, so he knows how to optimize WordPress and how speed is important for any website to rank. He knows what are the pain areas and that is why developed this plugin.

Perfmatters is not a cache plugin. It’s an optimization plugin. It can not be a replacement for WP Rocket, but it can improve the speed of a website when used along with a cache plugin.

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Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

$17.46 $24.95

Perfmatters Plans And Pricing

Perfmatters has three different plans. All plans are the same in terms of features, except for the number of websites where you can install the plugin.

Original price
offer price
1 Website
Original price
offer price
3 Websites
Original price
offer price
Unlimited Websites
Multisite supported
Original price
offer price

The 30-Days money-back guarantee is available on all plans. In case you are not happy with the product, you can ask for a refund within 30 days. But, trust me, you will love the product.

Perfmatters Coupon Code

You can use the code ” BLACKFRIDAY” to get 30% off on Perfmatters during this Black Friday sale. All you need to do is to use this coupon code during checkout.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal
Perfmatters Black Friday Deal: 30% Off
Start Date: 16th November 2023
End Date: 1st December 2023
Perfmatters Black Friday Deal
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Perfmatters Key Features

Please note that Perfmatters is not a cache plugin. Instead, it’s an optimization plugin. For caching, you can use Flyingpress ( The Best) or you can use WPRocket ( May improve your web core vital score but may not improve the actual loading time).

If you are on a Lite speed server, you can use the Lite Speed Cache along with CDN.

Here are some of the key features of Perfmatters. But before that, please have a look into the web core vitals of RiansTech which is powered by the Perfmatters plugin. The below screenshot will give you an idea of what Perfmatters can do.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal_ Test Result_1
Perfmatters Test Result

Did you notice the LCP value? It’s 114 ms only. Thanks to the Perfmatters plugin for helping me in achieving this. But it would be unfair if I don’t mention that I use CloudWays Vultr HF server which also helped me to get this score.

Do you know, I don’t use any cache plugin on RiansTech but still could able to achieve a perfect 100 score? That’s the power of Perfmatters and Cloudways

Try Cloudways For Free
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Fast And Lightweight

The first thing that will notice is that the plugin is very lightweight and does not bloat your database. I could see hardly three options are added to the database when I activated the plugin. The plugin size is only 431 KB. This is simply great!

Perfmatters Database Options
Perfmatters Database Options

No unnecessary options, and no funky features. The plugin has only those features that you need to improve the speed. That’s it.

Script Manager

The deal breaker! You can disable any resource or script using this feature. For example, you may have a bunch of JavaScript files or CSS files that are loading on every page but that do not have any purpose.

You can disable those unnecessary scripts from loading which will improve the website loading speed.

Here is a live example. Please look at the following image. The Mailpoet plugin is loading a Javascript file and a CSS file everywhere even though the Mailpoet widgets are used only on a certain page.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal Script Manager 1

With Script manager, you can choose if you want to disable both scripts from everywhere or only disable them for certain posts or pages (As highlighted in Blue). If you disable both scripts, you will be saving 125 KB of data and your blog will load much faster than before.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal Script Manager 2

Defer And Delay Javascript

Defer JavaScript will push all Javascripts ( You can choose any Javascript for exclusion) to the footer. That means these scripts will load only after everything else is loaded. That will solve the “render block script” issues in Web Core Vitals.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal_Delay Javascripts
Perfmatters Delay And Defer Javascript

Delay JavaScript will lazy load Javascript similar to how the image lazy load function works. Scripts will only load when user interaction happens or after a certain period of time ( You can set the time though)

Remove Unused CSS

Remove Unused CSS is the best feature of Perfmatters I would say. It is better than what we have in WP Rocket. Perfmatters uses the file method ( faster) as well as the inline ( slower) method whereas WP Rocket uses only the inline method.

The only other plugin that uses the file method is FlyingPress.

Remove Unused CSS will instantly improve your web core vitals and will also improve the loading time.

Asset Preloading

You can preload above-the-fold images, scripts, CSS, etc which will help you to solve CLS ( Cummulative Layout Shift) issues.

Perfmatters can also prefetch external DNS, in case you have some external scripts loading on your websites like Google Analytics or Google fonts.

Personally, I use this Asset Preloading to load my custom fonts and logos.

Perfmatters asset preloading
Perfmatters Asset Preloading

Host Google Analytics Code Locally

Yes, With Perfmatters, you can host Google Analytics code locally so that your cache plugin can cache the script. That will improve the website loading time.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal_ Google Analytics
Host Google Analytics Code Locally

This will reduce one external HTTP call and will also solve the ” Reduce the impact of third party code” error that you may see in the Googe Page Speed datasheet.

Google Font Optimization

You can host Google fonts locally or you can completely disable it. You can also set font display options like ” Swap ” which has a big impact on CLS. If you are using CDN for fonts, also you can use it here.

Host Google Fonts Locally
Host Google Fonts Locally

Database Optimization

Perfmatters has basic database optimization features that do basic tasks as shown in the picture. You can also run a cron job, in case you want Perfmatters to optimize your database periodically. I disabled this feature as I hate running an extra Cron job which has an impact on speed as well.

Perfmatters database optimization
Database Optimization

Image Lazy Loading

In case, if you are not using any image optimization plugin, you can use the lazy loading feature that also lazy loads YouTube thumbnails. You can also set any image to be excluded from lazy loading.

There is a bunch of other image optimization feature available as shown in the picture. Unfortunately, the plugin can not convert or deliver WebP images.

perfmatters lazy loading
Lazy Loading

Change WordPress Login URL

This is more of a safety feature than an optimization feature. But this feature is very much required. What it does is that it basically changes the admin URL from /wp-admin to something else ( For example /admin1234).

Perfmatters change wordpress login URL
Perfsmatters Change WordPress Login URL

This feature helps in protecting your admin URL from Brute Force attacks. However, you need security plugins like WordFence to completely safeguard your website

Other Handful Optimization Features

Apart from whatever features are mentioned above, here are some of the general optimization features that Perfmatters ships in.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal_ General Options
Perfmatters General Options
Perfmatters Black Friday Deal
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How To Grab Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

You can follow the below step-by-step process to grab the Perfmatters Black Friday Deal.


Go To Perfmatters Home Page

You can click on this link to go to the Perfmatters home page. Click on the Pricing tab to go to the Pricing page.

How to grab Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

Choose A Plan

Depending on the number of websites where you want to install the plugin, you can choose the plan. In case, if you have a multisite, there is no other option except to choose the ” Unlimited ” plan.

Once you decide on the plan, click on ” Buy Now

How to grab Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

Checkout And Place The Order

Once you decide on a plan and click on ” Buy Now“, the system will take you to the “Checkout” page.

Please don’t forget to enter the coupon code ” BLACKFRIDAY” here as shown.

How to grab Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

Enter your payment information, personal information, and billing address. The system will create an account on the fly in case you don’t have one.

How to grab Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

Once everything is done, click on “Purchase

After a couple of minutes, you will get an email with the license code and a link to download the plugin. You can also access the “My Account” section to get the same information.

Perfmatters Positives And Negatives

  • Fast and lightweight
  • No bloat on the database
  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Does what it is supposed to do. No unnecessary features.
  • Compatible with all themes and plugins
  • CDN re-write option
  • Defer and Delay JavaScript’s
  • Remove unused CSS
  • Preload resources
  • Locally host Google font and Google Analytics code.
  • Lazy loading
  • Script manager
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Direct support from developers
  • No lifetime plan
  • No free trials
  • No option to minify CSS, JavaScript, or HTML
  • No lazy load HTML option
Perfmatters Black Friday Deal
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Conclusion: Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

Slow websites are a pain for bloggers as it affects the overall experience, reduce conversion, and affect ranking too. No matter how good you are at creating content unless your blog loads fast, all are in vain.

Unfortunately, cache plugins like WP Rocket can help you up to some extent. You need plugins like Perfmatters to improve the loading speed. Since Perfmatters is not a cache plugin, you need a cache plugin along with Perfmatters in order to get the best speed.

Perfmatters is loaded with features but at the same time, there are no unnecessary features. I could able to solve all the Google Search Console warnings after I started using the plugin. That is why I highly recommend this plugin.

Core Web Vitals
RiansTech Google Search Console Core Web Vitals

One other thing that goes in favor of Perfmatters is the “Price“. Just look at the price, it’s just $17 after a 30% discount. Trust me, investing in Perfmatters will be worth every penny.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the deal before it’s gone!

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal [ Flat 30% Off ]
Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

Perfmatters is offering a flat 30% off during this Black Friday Sale as a part of Perfmatters Black Friday Deal. Go and Grab it before its gone!

Price: $17.46

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: WordPress Plugin

Editor's Rating:

FAQ On Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

What Is Perfmatters?

Perfmatters is a WordPress optimization/ performance plugin that disables/optimizes unnecessary bloats on your website to help the site to load faster.

Please note that Perfmatters is not a cache plugin.

Can I Use Perfmatters With WP Rocket?

Yes, Of Course. Perfmatters is not a cache plugin. So you need cache plugins like WP Rocket or Flyingpress to enhance the speed further. Personally, I would recommend FlyingPress over WP Rocket

Is There Any Free Plan Available?

Unfortunately, NO. But they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you are not happy, you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

What Is Perfmatters Black Friday Deal?

Perfmatters is offering a flat 30% off on all plans during this Black Friday sale if you use the coupon code ” BLACKFRIDAY

Can I Use Perfmatters On Multisite?

Yes, you can. But you need to buy the ” Unlimited ” plan. The other two plans do not support this feature.

When Perfmatters Black Friday Deal Will Be Live?

The Perfmatters Black Friday Deal will be live from 16th November 2022 to 1st December 2022.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal 2023 [ Flat 30% Off ]
Perfmatters Black Friday Deal 2023 [ Flat 30% Off ]
$17.46 $24.95

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