Nestify Review: Is It The Best Alternative To Cloudways?

If there is one host that is most underrated then Nestify Hosting would be that name. Nestify is one of the most amazing hosts I came across, but unfortunately, it is completely spoiled by the incompetent technical support team.

Let’s explore more about Nestify in this Nestify Review article and find out what is good and bad about this hosting and whether you should go for it or not.

Shared hosting sucks, especially when your site gets a decent amount of traffic. Cloud hosting has the same story but is relatively better. 

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VPS hosting is the best choice when you are low on budget but want to get the best possible speed. It is more secure too.

VPS is also a form of shared hosting but you get virtual dedicated resources. You get decent speed and are cheaper too. 

Nestify deals in VPS hosting only. They don’t have an array of hosting plans and that helps them to offer better service.

Nestify Hosting

Dedicated CPU Cores
Full Page Caching
AWS/ Vultr Servers

What Is Nestify Hosting

Nestify is a VPS hosting provider that offers managed VPS hosting services with AWS and Vultr servers. Though they are not a big name in the web hosting arena, they offer one of the fastest web hosting plans. 

Starting back in 2016, they quickly expanded their portfolio and now serve customers all across the globe. Their customer includes some of the leading names like Walmart, Berkeley, etc.

The best thing about Nestify is that they only offer VPS hosting. Since they have a limited portfolio, they can concentrate on offering better service.

10 Key Features of Nestify Hosting

These are the key features of Nestify Hosting that make it one of the best choices to host small and medium-sized websites or online stores.

Dedicated CPU cores 

You can’t think of dedicated CPU cores when you are spending close to $10 a month for hosting. But, It’s true that Nestify offers dedicated CPU cores with all its plans. 

You will get around 15% better speed than similarly configured shared CPU cores. I tested their Vultr dedicated CPU cores with the Vultr shared CPU cores and there was a difference of 15ms in TTFB.

Dedicated CPU cores TTFB was 45 MS whereas share CPU cores TTFB was 60 MS. That’s a decent improvement I would say.

AWS Powered Server [AWS EC2]

You have the option to choose AWS as your IAAS partner if you choose Nestify. AWS is known for speed and that reflects when you try their 7 days free trial. 

AWS has more data centers and you may find one easily that is next to your targeted audiences. Usually, I have never seen AWS-powered hosting for so cheap. But Nestify could make it work. So if you are someone who wants to experience AWS servers for cheap, Nestify is the only option. 

Vultr Bare Metal Server

Vultr bare metal servers are one of the fastest servers available in the market today. It is almost 49% faster than AWS. 

Do you know that Cloudways offers Vultr High Frequency shared server plans for $16 per month whereas you are getting bare metal servers for around $12 per month?

I personally recommend going for the Vultr server as Vultr servers are really fast. I am hosting a couple of blogs on the Vultr server and never had any issues.

One of the problems with Nestify Hosting with the Vultr server is that you will get the option to choose a data center only from USA or India.

nestify review

Cloudways Business Plan

All plans of Nestify Hosting are proxied through Cloudflare CDN. Nestify offers Cloudflare business plans for all users. That improves the speed and security of your websites. 

The advanced firewall of Cloudflare ensures that your data is safe from hackers. You need to point Nestify IPs to your domain in order to use the Cloudflare business plan offered by Nestify .

Cloudflare is activated by default. The problem is that you can not customize the setting as per your requirement. Nestify also offers DNS management that is basically powered by Cloudflare.

Full Page Caching 

The best thing about Nestify is that they offer full-page caching off the shelves with all plans. Full-page caching drastically improves the TTFB ( Time To First Byte). TTFB in turn improves the loading time of your website. 

Generally Cloudflare only caches static contents like images, JavaScript, CSS, etc. But how about the HTML files that get generated when users visit your page? 

By default, Cloudflare does not cache those HTML files. You either need Cloudflare APO ($5 per month) or a Cloudflare business plan to enable full-page caching that caches the dynamic HTML files. 

Since Nestify offers the Cloudflare Business plan, you get the full-page caching feature by default.

We tested the Nestify platform and found that the TTFB is around 40-50ms which is simply excellent. Thanks to the Cloudflare business plan. 

Image Optimization 

Nestify offers free image optimization and WebP delivery with all plans. So you don’t have to spend a single penny for image optimization tools. 

All images are optimized and delivered by Bunny CDN which is also a great CDN for image delivery. 

The only concern is that you can not control the way images should be optimized. You need to accept the default optimization setting that Nestify has set at the backend. The lazy loading function is not that great too.

Free Optimization Tool

Nestify offers a speed optimization tool for free that claims that it can boost up your web core vitals. It can be activated from the Nestify dashboard and works out of the box.

Each and everything is preset by Nestify at the backend and you only get the option to exclude any JavaScript from delaying. You don’t get the option to remove unused CSS though. 

Since I am a big fan of Perfmatters, I don’t use the Nestify tool and instead use Perfmatters. But if you are someone who does not want to spend money on Perfmatters, this free tool is more than enough.

Free Backup [AWS S3]

Usually, VPS hosts charge extra for backups.  But Nestify offers backups for free. Nestify takes a backup of all your websites daily. Backups are retained for 15 days. 

I tried to restore a couple of my websites using the Nestify backup tool and it never failed. It was fast too. A 400 MB Woovommeece store was restored in merely 5 minutes. 

I could never trust web host backups. But with Nestify , it’s a different experience. Nestify is the only host I tested that offers this kind of smooth restoration. 


If you are with Nestify, You can upgrade your server as quickly as 60 seconds. Difficult to believe but it’s true.

Your site won’t be down during the transition and you will be charged on a pro-rata basis. Upscalling is the beauty of VPS hosting and Nestify offers a seamless Upscalling experience.


Nestify offers great pricing. No other host can beat Nestify’s price. The basic plan starts at $12 per month that offers AWS /Vults bare metal server, Cloudflare business plan, image optimization, free backup, and dedicated CPU cores. What else you can expect? 

I was a user of Cloudways for over two years. But when I explored Nestify, I found out that I was actually paying double the price against the service that Cloudways was offering. 

Please make a note that Nestify doesn’t charge for backups, and offers Cloudflare premium plans for free whereas similar hosts like Cloudways charge extra for all these services.

Things That Could Have Been Better

No host is perfect. Nestify also has its own share of issues and those are outlined below.

Technical Support

Nestify is a great host but they have the worst technical support team. They don’t reply in time and often ignore the actual problems and offer a solution that does not make sense to you. 

Whenever you ask solution for any issue, they will either escalate to their seniors or will ask you to raise a ticket. Although Nestify claims that they offer 24X7 support but in actuality that is not the case. 

A great host is spoiled by the worst technical support team. I wish they could improve their technical support, they would have got great businesses.

Nestify Hosting Plans And Pricing

The following features are common across all plans. The only difference is the number of CPU cores, RAM, and storage.

  • Dedicated CPU Cores
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Image Optimization
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • CPU Autoscaling
  • Sample Item
  • Free Migrations
  • Free Staging Site
  • Sample Item
  • Multisite Support
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Here are the details of the plans. They also offer some premium plans based on your business need. You can see the details here.

nestify hosting plans

Nestify Hosting Review [ Performance And Test Results ]

We hosted a production site on Nestify and tested their server at the extreme level. Please make a note that the production site is a Multi Vendor Woocommerce store with more than 30 heavy plugins. We did not use any cache plugin for the test.

#1. Speed Test

We tested the speed on GTMetrix, Speed Vitals, And Google Page Speed, and here are the results.


The store performed really well in the GTMetrix test and the fully loaded time is only 0.3 seconds. The TTFB recorded was 77ms

Nestify Review- GTMetrix Speed Test

Speed Vitals

The speed vitals tools show a similar result to GT Metrix as you can see in the below picture.

Nestify Review- Speed Vitals Speed Test

Google Page Speed Insights

The site performed really well on both mobile and desktop devices. It scored a perfect 100 in the desktop which is rare for WooCommerce stores.

nestify review
nestify review

#2. Time To First Byte ( TTFB) Test

Our test website was hosted in the Mumbai server but look at the TTFB data. Almost everywhere we are getting a similar TTFB. That means the website loading speed will be almost the same anywhere in the world. That is the beauty of Full Page caching

Nestify TTFB

How To Host On Nestify Hosting

Hosting a site on Nestify is very easy. Below I have explained the process step by step although it is not necessary.


Create An Account

To register, click on the following link that will take you to Nestify home page. There you can click on “Login” and register yourself.

nestify review

Launch A Server

Once you register yourself and verify your email address, you will be asked to launch a server. Nestify offers 7-day free trial without any credit card. You are open to selecting any server configuration to test the speed.

nestify review

Launch A Site

Once you launch a server, you can launch a site. Just click on the ” New Site” option on the left side which will show the below window. Just fill in the required details and you are done.

nestify review

Explore The Site Dashboard

Once you create a site, you will get access to the site dashboard that looks like what is shown below. All options are on the left side and everything is self-explanatory.

nestify review

Nestify Hosting Positives And Negatives

  • Dedicated CPU cores
  • AWS/ Vultr Servers
  • Decent amount of RAM and storage
  • Cloudflare Business plan for free
  • Free image optimization
  • Free WebP delivery
  • Free backup
  • Free stating area
  • Free malware removal
  • Free unlimited migration
  • Full page caching
  • Free speed optimization tool
  • Excellent pricing
  • Worst technical support

Conclusion: Nestify Review

If you can manage the technical aspects of your server then Nestify is the best host in the price range where it deals. You will not get any host that offers similar features in that price. 

Nestify is not that popular due to its poor marketing campaign but when you experience their service, you will notice how fast it is. 

They offer a 7-day free trial without any credit card. I believe this is the perfect opportunity to test their service. I can bet that you will love the speed. 

Do I recommend Nestify?

Yes off course. This is one of the best and cheapest web hosts out there that offers an excellent feature list in a decent price range. 

Nestify Review
Nestify hosting review

Nestify is one of the fastest managed VPS host that offers VPS hosting services using AWS and Vultr server. All their plan include dedicated CPU cores, Cloudflare business plan and image optimization for free

Price: $12

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Linux

Application Category: Web Hosting

Editor's Rating:

Nestify Hosting Alternatives

We never review any web host without discussing the alternatives. As per my experience and reviews, I believe Cloudways, and services are very good and can be a good alternative to Nestify.

Rocket.Net is fairly a new company established in 2020. But they have some excellent plans that can even beat Kinsta. Like Kinsta, also uses the NGNIX web server, but the real Trump card is the Cloudflare Enterprise Plan.

All customer gets the Cloudflare Enterprise plan for free. On top of that, you will get Sectigo Premium SSL for free which will save almost $700 per year.

Apart from that, uses an edge cloud that is much faster than the traditional cloud.

I recently reviewed and I am simply blown away by the speed. The support of the team is also awesome.

The pricing is almost similar to WPX and Kinsta. Even the topmost plan for $200 is a great deal for high-traffic blogs. You can try any of the plans by paying just $1 for the first month.

Rocket.Net Hosting 99% off

One Of The Fastest Web Hosting
Cloudflare Enterprise
Bullet Proof Security


Cloudways is a cloud hosting platform where you can choose from different cloud service providers to host your blog. It is different from shared hosting in the sense that, you will be allotted dedicated resources.

In Cloudways, you can choose from Digital Ocean, AWS, and Google Cloud as your cloud service provider. All these providers are equally good and very popular.

You can start your journey with Cloudways for as low as $11 per month. You can host multiple blogs, you will get ample SSD space and bandwidth.

You will also get Cloudway’s in-house developed cache plugin called Breeze. Redis cache is available on all servers and for security, they have Malware security.

When you host your blog with Cloudways, you will definitely get a speed boost. I am using Cloudways for a long time, and I must say that Cloudways is one of the best and most cost-effective web hosting solutions out there.

Cloudways Hosting

Multiple Cloud Server To Choose From
Full Page Caching
Excellent Pricing

FAQs | Nestify Hosting Review

What Is Nestify Hosting?

Nestify Hosting is a Managed VPS hosting company that offers VPS plans powered by AWS and Vultr servers.

Does Nestify Offer A Free Domain?

No, Nestify does not offer a free domain

Does Nesting Hosting Offer A Free CDN?

Yes, Nestify hosting offers a Cloudflare Business plan for free. For images, they offer Bunny CDN.

Does Nestify Hosting Offer Free Email Hosting?

No, Nestify does not offer free email hosting

How Good Is Nestify Hosting?

Nestify offers great speed. This is all due to the Cloudflare business plan and full-page caching. Not to forget that, they use AWS and Vultr servers which are one of the fastest servers available in the market today.

Nestify Review: Is It The Best Alternative To Cloudways?
Nestify Review: Is It The Best Alternative To Cloudways?

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