Learndash Cloud: The Best Cloud Learning Platform Got More Powerful

Learndash is one of the Best Cloud Learning Platforms available for WordPress. With Learndash Cloud, it got more powerful as you no longer need to self-host Learndash.

Learndash Cloud will help you to concentrate more on creating courses for your audiences rather than spending time on day-to-day hosting activities.

Before we go for Learndash Cloud, let’s learn in brief about Learndash first.

Learndash Cloud Best LMS Plugin

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Premium Templates for free
Learndash plugin for free

What Is Learndash?

Whether you want to create a single course, a single instructor course, a multi-instructor course, or a course marketplace, Learndash has all the features for you.

LearnDash Features
LearnDash Features

Launched in 2013, for a long time, Learndash was used by many big companies to create online courses, study materials, knowledge bases, etc.

Learndash is a WordPress plugin that can help you create online courses, videos, quizzes, FAQs, challenging exams, etc. Practically, Learndash can create any type of contents you like to teach your audiences.

Learndash has a free version with limited features but you should go with the pro version which has three different plans as shown below.

  • 1 Site: $199 Per Year
  • 10 Sites: $399 Per Year
  • Unlimited Sites: $799 Per Year
Learndash Pricing
Learndash Pricing

What Is Learndash Cloud?

Learndash Cloud is a hosting platform offered by Learndash where you can create an online course platform without worrying about the technicalities of web hosting.

Learndash Cloud is optimized for Learndash, which means the platform will come auto-installed and pre-configured with Learndash. No need to worry about setting up and optimizing Learndash.

Learndash Cloud eliminates the hassle of installing and managing Learndash on a self-hosted platform. With Learndash Cloud, the Learndash support team is responsible for managing the plugin and the overall learning platform.

If there is any issue with Learndash or any other plugins that come bundled with it, The Learndash Cloud team will fix that for you rather than you find a solution for it.

Learndash Cloud Pricing

Learndash Cloud is priced at $29 per month or $299 per year. You will get a 15-day money-back guarantee. In case, if you are not happy, you can ask for a refund within `15 days.

Please note that Learndash Cloud comes with 15 premium templates for free. For instant, you may feel that Learndash Cloud Pricing is high, but if you calculate correctly, you will notice that you are in fact paying less ( A sample calculation is shown later in this article)

Learndash Cloud Pricing
Learndash Cloud Pricing

Learndash Cloud Benefits

Learddash Cloud offers all the benefits of the Learndash plugin along with other benefits as shown below.

No Need To Buy Hosting Or Domain Name

Learndash Cloud offers the hosting platform for your online courses and a temporary domain name. If you wish, you can buy a domain name and replace the temporary domain name with the new domain name.

Hosting with Learndash is always good as it will be optimized for Learndash. You don’t need to set up or configure Learndash.

Premium Templates

With Learndash Cloud, you will get 15 premium templates and add-ons that you can use to customize your learning platform.

The Learndash WordPress plugin does not offer any premium add-ons for free.

Maintenance Is On Learndash

Yes, With Learndash, the website maintenance headache is with Learndash. Be it a server down, speed, or regular software updates, Learndash will do it all for free.

That will help you to concentrate more on your course building.

Pro Panel For Free ( Worth $50)

Learndash Cloud comes with the Pro Panel for free ( Worth $50). The pro panel is a useful tool to monitor student enrollment and learning progress with advanced reporting.

Learndash Pro Panel
Learndash Pro Panel

Difference Between Learndash Cloud Vs Learndash WordPress Plugin

The below table shows the head-on comparison between Learndash cloud and the Learndash WordPress plugin so that it is easy for you to take a decision.

Learndash CloudLearndash Plugin
It’s a Cloud Hosting PlatformIt’s a WordPress Plugin
Learndas comes auto-configuredYou need to configure it manually
No need to buy hosting or a domain nameYou need hosting and a domain name
Maintenance is on LearndashMaintenance is on you
Automatic website updateManual website update
15 premium templates for FREENo free premium template
Pro Panel for freeYou need to pay for the Pro panel
Less control on the platformMore control on the platform
Fast and secureDepends on your hosting platform
Price starts at $299 per yearPrice starts at $199 per year

Which Is Better? Learndash Cloud Or Learndash Plugin

Before you decide on which one is better, you need to figure out your goal and expertise in setting up a website and Learndash.

Please note that both Learndash and the Learndash Cloud have the same feature except the Learndash cloud which comes with some additional cloud hosting benefits. In terms of overall features and functions, you won’t see any differences.

If you are comfortable with setting up web hosting, setting up Learndash, and knowing how to get the best out of Learndash, you should choose the Learndash plugin. You will always have more control over the Learndash plugin as you are hosting it on a self-hosted platform.

However, if you are not good at web hosting technicalities, and you feel Learndash is too tough to set up then Learndash Cloud is for you.

Please note that, with Learndash cloud, the website maintenance and security is with the Learndash support team whereas, in the self-hosting platform, everything has to be done by you.

Do you have that much time and expertise?

If not, try Learndash Cloud. You will get more time for creating content rather than spending time managing your website.

Now let us find out if Learndash Cloud is financially beneficial for you or not so that you can decide on that.

Let us consider that you have only one website for setting up the course platform.

Learndash WordPress Plugin

  • Cost of the plugin: $199 Per year
  • Cost of domain name: $10 Per Year
  • Cost Of hosting: $240 Per Year ( Definitely we can not launch a learning platform on a $1 hosting. Right?)
  • Total Cost: $449 per year [ Minimum] (Excluding maintenance costs)

Learndash Cloud

  • Cost of the plugin: $0 Per year
  • Cost of domain name: $10 Per Year
  • Cost of Learndash Cloud: $299 Per Year
  • Total Cost: $309 per year ( Including maintenance costs)

So, from the above calculation, it is clear that Learndash Cloud makes more sense as you will be saving a minimum of $140 per year. The additional security, speed, maintenance, and peace of mind come for free with the Learndash cloud.

How To Try Learndash Cloud Demo?

The good thing about Learndash Cloud is that they offer a demo for the Learndash cloud so that you can check the features before buying it.

To access the demo, you can click on the below link that will show options for the front end as well as for the blackened. You can access the demo for both.

Once you select the front end or the backend demo, you will be redirected to a sandbox environment where you can experience Learndash features.

learndash cloud demo

Conclusion: Learndash Cloud

Learndash is here in the market for a long time and it is one of the best LMS plugins for WordPress. Learndash cloud is just an additional way of using Learndash using their own server. The features and functions remain the same.

We have already shown you in this article that Learndash Cloud will give you more benefits in terms of finances which is on top of the managed security, maintenance, and peace of mind that it brings through managed cloud hosting.

So what are you waiting for? Try Learndash Cloud and see how it performs for your business. If it does not work out, you have 15 days time to opt-out. So you will always be in a win-win situation.

FAQ | Learndash Cloud

What Is Learndash Cloud?

Learndash Cloud is a managed cloud-hosting platform offered by Learndash. You can use the platform to host your website without paying anything for the Learndash plugin.

You will also get managed security, automatic software updates, and website maintenance for free with Learndash Cloud.

What Is The Difference Between Learndash Cloud And Learndash Plugin?

The Learndash plugin is for using it on a self-hosted platform. For example, if you have a website hosted on Cloudways and you want to use Learndash, then you need to buy the Learndash plugin.

Learndash Cloud is an all-in-one cloud hosting platform where you can host your website and the Learndash cloud plugin will be available for you free of cost. The security, maintenance, software updates, and everything is free with Learndash Cloud.

Is Learndash Cloud Worth It?

Yes, Definitely. In fact, you can save up to $100-$150 per year easily if you switch to the Learndash cloud. If you consider the security, maintenance, and updates, you will be saving at least $400-$500 per year.

Learndash Cloud: The Best Cloud Learning Platform Got More Powerful
Learndash Cloud: The Best Cloud Learning Platform Got More Powerful

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