Social Champ Review [ Social Media Automation Tool ]

Social media managers responsible for managing social accounts often get burned out before they even reach their goals. 

Do you know why that is? 

It is mainly because their jobs are super-high demanding and require them to be spot-on at all times. 

With multiple tabs open in their minds, it gets impossible to think straight, let alone drive results. Luckily for them, there are so many options to automate their jobs. 

Suppose you are a social media manager (or someone who handles social media management as part of their JD).

In that case, you can easily use social media marketing tools to take some workload off and focus on creating new content for social media channels. Tools like Social Champ have multiple automation features, which can be pretty beneficial for you! 

Here is a complete in-depth review of Social Champ. 

What Is Social Champ?

Social Champ, a feature-rich social media management tool, allows you to create, edit, design, schedule, and track the performance of your social media posts.

It supports six platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business. 

It is basically an automation tool for social media management that reduces the manual labor associated with it. The tool offers a fuss-free user interface with a primary, and a secondary menu neatly tucked to the left side.

social champ review

Besides the UI, the user experience is also pretty spot-on and easy on the eyes. The flow is pretty simple, with the first-time users going through an onboarding session when they log in for the first time. 

Social Champ also has a fantastic customer support team, who always responds on time and patiently resolves all problems.

Besides live chat, you can also take help from their comprehensive help center with guides and FAQs. 

Why Should You Start Using Social Champ?

Social Champ has many distinct features that set it apart from competitors. It is super budget-friendly, with plans starting from as low as $10 per month.

This is a great bargain considering that most of the other similar social media tools are priced much higher, with features that are not on par with Social Champ. 

If you run into an issue, their customer support is prompt with replies and follows up until your issue is resolved. 

Their online Champ community (a Facebook group) has regular updates about the features, and you can always post your question there to get the opinions of the members. 

Since they are a customer-driven tool, they actually listen to suggestions and work to integrate the features suggested by the users.

A good example is the platform’s support for Google My Business, which is not supported by many social media management tools.

If you hit your plan’s limit for social media profiles, you can either upgrade or opt for multiple add-ons that can help you make the most of the current plan without having to upgrade. 

Key Features of Social Champ

Social Champ has multiple automation, management, and scheduling features to help you make the most out of your social media. Here are the star features that stand out! 

Social Media Scheduling

Social Champ’s content dashboard is one of the most powerful in the industry, with multiple sub-features such as sentiment analysis, hashtag manager, mentions, and design integrations. 

The scheduling allows you to create new content and curate old content to keep it fresh for other social media networks and publish it at different times.

You can either create a queue with your preferred time slots or set up a publication by selecting the time and date yourself. 

With sentiment analysis, you can keep your brand voice uniform, and the hashtag manager saves you tons of time by saving frequently used hashtags together in the form of a group.  

You can also schedule time-sensitive content by setting frequency and time intervals. 

social champ review
Social Media Scheduling

Tracking and Analytics

Social Champ’s monitoring analytics feature allows you to track all the actions taken on your social media channels.

You can compare weekly and monthly analytics through this feature. Create graphs based on months of data with gorgeous charts for detailed analysis. 

Furthermore, the analytics are calculated based on platform-centric metrics, which allows you to keep an eye on all individual performance metrics that matter for a social media platform. 

Using this feature, you can quickly identify the best-performing content so that you can base your future posts around the ideas that capture the interest of your followers.

You can also directly share the trending posts from within the Social Champ platform. 

The generated reports are all in the form of presentation-ready downloadable PDFs. You could further personalize using white-labeling options like adding your logo and title.

Social Champ Tracking And Analysis
Social Champ Tracking And Analysis

Repeat & Recycle

The repeat feature allows you to repost your content by setting a frequency and number of repetitions. This gives you the option to either retain and repost published posts or remove them. 

This allows you to test what time your posts perform the best and track the analytics that supports your assumptions. 

The Recycle feature is another powerful feature as it saves your evergreen content from going to waste. You can create a collection of posts and use them in upcoming campaigns.

While recycling or repurposing content, you can attach a UTM tracker to monitor traffic and other metrics in third-party analytics platforms such as Google Analytics! 

Social Champ Repeat & Recycle Feature
Social Champ Repeat & Recycle Feature


The Auto-RSS is an automation feature that keeps your social profiles active without having to create an excessive volume of fresh content all the time.

Just connect your preferred blogs to social media channels, and their content will be posted to your social profiles automatically. 

Social Champ will directly post it on your profile with images and a link. You have the option to either let Social Champ directly post content in a time frame of 30 minutes after publishing on the website or set up a custom queue with your preferred time slots!

Social Champ also allows you to add custom titles, hashtags, mentions, and descriptions to give Auto-RSS feeds a personalized touch. 

social champ auto rss feature
Social Champ Auto RSS Feature

Bulk Upload 

Bulk upload enables you to schedule tons of content for up to 3 years!

Of course, no one is going to do that, but it is good to know that you have that option. So using a CSV file, you can easily upload links, text, pictures, hashtags, and even mentions. You can then view all the posts in the Social Media Calendar! 

Social Champ Bulk Upload Feature
Social Champ Bulk Upload Feature

Workspaces & Team Collaboration 

Team collaboration features allow you to collaborate with the team without sharing credentials. And the all-new workspace features enable you to group all the social media profiles of a client and assign team members. 

You can enable post-approval for both of these features so that you can vet everything that goes live. 

If you have multiple clients, just share the workspace with the concerned person and let them approve posts. 

Social Champ WordSpace Feature
Social Champ WordSpace Feature

Tool Integrations 

Social Champ has three amazing integrations, including;

  1. Canva 
  2. Crello
Social Champ Tool Integration
Social Champ Tool Integration

Furthermore, a library of free images can be found in the content dashboard as well. 

WordPress Plugin 

The WordPress Plugin is a power-packed feature, which allows you to add your WordPress posts to Social Champ’s queue or post right away on your preferred social media network.

It offers multiple tags, such as featured images, titles, and custom content, which can be used to customize posts. 

You can use the WordPress plugin with Facebook pages and groups, Instagram business, LinkedIn pages and groups, Pinterest boards, Twitter profiles, and Google My Business listings. 

Social Champ WordPress Plugin
Social Champ WordPress Plugin

Social Champ Pricing And Plans

Social Champ has four excellent pricing plans

  • Champ – $26 per month with 12 social accounts for yearly subscriptions.
  • Business – $89 per month with 40 social accounts for yearly subscriptions.  
  • Agency – 100 social accounts for yearly subscriptions. Pricing is based on the discussion.
social champ pricing
Social Champ Review [ Social Media Automation Tool ]
Social Champ Review [ Social Media Automation Tool ]

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