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6 Best WordPress Social Auto Post Plugins In 2021

Do you know, social media can get you tons of traffic? Even pro bloggers depend on social media to drive more traffic to their blogs. If you have multiple blogs, it may not be able to publish post updates on social media in time due to time constraints. So how about an automated mechanism that will post on social media on your behalf? Let’s learn in this article about 6 WordPress Social Auto Post Plugins to get more traffic.

You have published a well-written blog post. Is that enough? Can you drive traffic just because your post is SEO optimized? No, not at all. Like you, there are tons of people who published the same kind of posts. You have to do something different to get ranked in the vast crowd.

Now, what makes you stand tall in the crowd? What makes Google rank your posts high in search engine result pages? You guessed it right. It’s your social media presence that makes the difference.

In 2021 I thought I should not explain to you the importance of social media. Sharing your blog post on social media is an excellent way of driving more traffic. Unfortunately, WordPress does not offer much out of the box to share blog posts on social media. So in this article, we will discuss the 6 Best WordPress Social Auto Post Plugins In 2021

Please make a note, none of the plugins offers an entirely free solution. They have the free plugin in the WordPress repository, but you will have to buy the pro plan to explore the full list of features.

Alright, let’s get into it and figure out the 6 Best WordPress Social Auto Post Plugins In 2021

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5 Best WordPress Social Auto Post Plugins

1. Blog2Social

This is one of the widely used and most popular automatic social share plugins for WordPress. It offers almost all network connections out of the box. You need to connect to those networks using your user I’d and password, and that’s it—no hassle of API.

I am also using this plugin in couple of blogs and very happy with it. However, the free plan only offers the basic stuffs that may bother many bloggers.

In the free plan, you can only connect to one account per network. For example, you can connect to only one Facebook account, and the same is applicable for other networks. Also, make a note that in the free plan, Blog2Social does not auto-share your blog post. You have to click on the share bottom to do the job. But thankfully, you can share with all networks with a single click.

If you leave that issue, I feel this is a great free plugin to share your WordPress post to multiple social media platforms automatically.

Blog2Social Pro Features

best wordpress social auto post plugins
  • You can add multiple accounts on social media platforms ( up to 15 accounts). For example, you can share your post to multiple Facebook pages.
  • Automatic posts share on Facebook groups
  • Auto-posting on social media channels. No need to click on the “Share” button
  • Schedule your post when to publish
  • Customize the post for each social media channels
  • Select post formats
  • Social media reporting


  • Covers almost all major networks.
  • Post can be shared with a single click.
  • Adds a canonical tag to all shared posts which are great for SEO


  • Changes default open graph meta tags
  • Posts are not shared automatically but instead, you have to click on the share button.
  • Few networks treat posts shared by Blog2Social as spam

16% Off

Blog2Social Social Auto Post

Do you want to experience an automated tool that will share your blog post updates on social media automatically? Try the Blog2Social WordPress plugin that will automate the job for you. If you want to enjoy the full list of features, then you can also buy the pro version that comes at a relatively cheaper price than competitors.

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2. Social Auto Poster (SAP)

The social auto poster is one of the best plugins to share your WordPress post updates on social media channels automatically. It does not have a free version and exclusively available on Codecanyon.

SAP supports automatic posting on eleven social media channels, including Google My Business. This is great because most of the automatic social sharing plugin does not support Google My Business.

The sharing process is very much streamlined. Just installed the plugin, connect to a social media channel, and set your plugin automatically to post content automatically whenever there is a new post published. In fact, you can repost your old articles on social media using SAP.

wordpress social auto post plugins

You can also schedule your post when to publish, customize each post individually. SAP also allows you to filter posts based on categories before posting, and you will get the complete statistics of how the published post is performing.

Few other salient features of this plugin include URL shortener, hashtag support, emoji support, quick share, logs tracking, etc. Overall it’s a feature-packed plugin, and you won’t find anything to complain about.

Like other plugins, you don’t need to pay every year to renew the license. You can buy the plugin from Codecanyon and use it on one blog for a lifetime. There is no constraint on the updates also. What that means is that you will get lifetime updates free of cost.

Social Auto Poster Features

  • 11 Social media network supported
  • Repost old posts on social media
  • Scheduling of posts is possible
  • Supports hashtags in the posts
  • Supports emoji
  • Share posts on Google My Business
  • Configure each social media posts
  • URL Shortener
  • Posting statistics
  • Logs tracking

Social Auto Poster Positives

  • Post scheduling
  • Automatic post share on Google My Business
  • Customize each social media posts
  • Excellent pricing
  • Lifetime updates
  • One time fee

Social Auto Poster negatives

  • Very few social media networks supported

$39 Only

Social Auto Poster

Tired of manually posting blog updates on social media? Struggling to get social media presence? Not getting enough traffic through social media? let's change the gear and put your social media sharing on automatic gear by installing the Social Auto Poster plugin that will automatically post your blog updates on social media. Now available exclusively on Codecanyon. Grab the deal

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3. Social Network Auto Post (SNAP)

When I was shopping around for a plugin that automatically shares WordPress posts on social media, many bloggers suggested this plugin. This is an excellent plugin will all the required features, but the free version does not offer much.

Like Blog2Social, it offers almost all network connections. Connecting to those networks is not an easy task, though. You will have to create API keys for all networks, so if you are a newbie and do not know how to create API, I would not suggest this plugin. But if you know how to create API keys, then this is an awesome plugin.

SNAP needs a premium plan to connect to some networks like Pinterest, Instagram, etc. So buying a premium plan makes more sense. The pricing of premium plans are really good.

best wordpress social auto post plugins

SNAP Pro Features

  • 100% while label share ( For example, if you share a post on Facebook, it won’t show that the post is shared by “SNAP). Excellent for brand-conscious bloggers.
  • Unlimited social media account
  • Post scheduling
  • Custom post formats
  • Hashtag support
  • Emoji Support
  • URL shortener
  • Repost existing posts


  • Easy to use interface
  • Offers a connection to major networks.
  • Shares post automatically.


  • The free plan doesn’t offer a connection to some major networks.
  • API key needed for all networks.
  • Only one account per social media channels in the free version

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SNAP Social Auto Post

Social Network Auto Post is a great plugin to share blog posts on social media automatically. You just need to publish articles on your WordPress blog and this plugin will share the article on social media channels so that you get more traffic. Now you can enjoy up to 50% off on all their annual subscription plans.

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4. Publicize

Most of us might be aware of this plugin offered as a feature set in Jetpack. Earlier it was available as a separate plugin, but now it comes with Jetpack itself. It is one of the easiest methods to connect different social media networks and post WordPress articles automatically.

Currently, publicize supports only five networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and MailChimp. You need to have a account to connect to those networks.

It’s a great free plugin to share your blog post automatically on social media. However, Sometimes you may have a hard time connecting to social media accounts. On top of that, you will hardly have any customization option while sharing posts.

best wordpress social auto post plugins


  • Stable plugin as it is offered by WordPress.
  • Supports major socials networks
  • You can connect more than one account per social networks


  • Only supports five social networks.
  • Initial setup is tricky sometimes.
  • You won’t have many customization options.

5. FS social poster

This plugin is not available in the WordPress repository and can only be purchased from Codecanyon. It supports 14 major networks, although the setup process is not that easy. You may need to create API keys for certain networks, which are a problem for new bloggers.

FS Social Poster is full of premium features and it has every features that you need from a Automated social sharing plugin. On top of that, the plugin is available at one time fee. No need to renew the licence every year like other plugins.

One of the salient features of this paid plugin is that you can have multiple accounts for each social network. So cross-posting is a breeze.

best wordpress social auto post plugins

FS Social Poster Features

  • Support multiple accounts
  • You can schedule when to publish posts on social media
  • You can get detail insights about each posts that you shared, like how many click, conversions etc.
  • Customize each post before share
  • Custom URL option is available
  • You can add hashtag in your posts
  • You can add emojis in your posts
  • It supports proxy.


  • Supports multiple accounts of 14 major networks.
  • You can customize everything before share.
  • The dedicated support option is available.


  • Pricey if you own multiple blogs as one license can be used only on one blog
  • Cost does not justify the number of social networks it supports.
  • You will have to generate API keys for certain networks.


FS Poster – WordPress Auto Poster & Scheduler

FS poster allows you to share WordPress blog posts automatically to social media so that your blog gets more traffics and boosts your social media presence. Now you can enjoy this plugin by paying a one-time fee and is exclusively available on Codecanyon

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6. Social Media Auto Publish

Social Media Auto Publish is a completely free plugin to share WordPress posts automatically on various social media networks. Currently, it supports only three networks, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can filter posts based on the category before you share. You can also choose whether to share pages or not. Each post can be customized before share.

best wordpress social auto post plugins


  • Completely free to use
  • Various filter options are available.
  • Messages can be customized.


  • Only supports three social media networks.
  • The initial setup is a bit tricky.
  • Sometimes it fails to share messages.

Conclusion: Social Media Auto Poster

Well, WordPress Social Auto Post Plugins can be a significant relief for many if they don’t have time to share posts. These automated plugins can boost the social presence and can get more traffic. I prefer to post manually on social media so that I am sure what is getting published.

Unfortunately, the free versions of all plugins have limited features. To unlock the full list of features, we need to buy a pro version.

I am personally using Blog2Social and FS posters for a couple of my blogs, and both seem to be meeting my requirement. If you have questions or queries, please write in the comment section, and I will be happy to solve your queries.

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