What Is PM 2.5 Filter ( Particulate Matter 2.5) : How Does PM 2.5 Filter Work?

With Covid 19 in 2020, we all might be used to the mask culture and when we talk about a mask, PM 2.5 Filter can not be ignored. So what is a PM 2.5 Filter? In simple words, PM 2.5 filter restricts harmful particles having up to 2.5 microns in size from entering our lungs. So in this article let’s learn more about PM 2.5 filter in detail.

Air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate in India. Forget about people with underlying conditions but even a healthy person gets sick with this level of air pollution. So instead of blaming others to take action or to our government to take some steps, it’s wise to protect ourselves from this pollution. PM 2.5 filter is the main weapon to protect ourselves from this pollution.

What Is PM 2.5? Sources Of PM 2.5.

The full form of PM 2.5 is Particulate Matter 2.5. So any particle below 2.5 microns in size can be termed as PM 2.5. Now you might be wondering how small is PM 2.5. Our human hair size is about 70 microns, so you can imagine how small PM 2.5 will be. Anything below 10 microns can not be seen by human eyes. You need to have a microscope to visualize those.

The main source of PM 2.5 is vehicular emission, burning of wood, and fuels. Even if you burn crops, it can create PM 2.5. Wastes from power plants also form PM 2.5 particles. Power plants emit SO2 ( Sulfur Di Oxide) that when reacts with water and air form sulphuric acid ( H2SO4) which is harmful to the human being.

pm 2.5 filter

Not to forget that excessive pollution due to motor vehicle emission is one of the prime reasons for PM 2.5 formation coupled with different kinds of industrial waste. Do you know, a few years back, a cricket match In New Delhi, India was canceled as there was too much pollution?

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How Dangerous Is PM 2.5?

Since PM 2.5 particles are very small and lightweight so they can float in the air for a longer period of time. So there are high chances that we can easily inhale those that can disturb our regular lung operation.

Although irritation of the eyes, cold, and cough are very common due to this kind of PM 2.5 particles, if you have asthma, heart disease, or dust allergy, then things get worse. And sometimes it gets fatal also.

Sometimes PM 2.5 may not cause any immediate disease. But in the long term, it may weaken your immune system, may cause heart attacks and deadly strokes.

PM 2.5 particles do not only contain dust and other small particles but they can also contain deadly viruses and bacteria’s that can cause some serious life-threatening diseases. Covid 19 is a great example of that. People used to wear masks with PM 2.5 to get away from Covid 19.

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What Is PM 2.5 Filter

In simple words, PM 2.5 filter is a filter that stops PM 2.5 particles from getting into our body. It uses both mechanical and electrostatic barriers to filter out PM 2.5 particles. Made of special spun-bond fabric, melt-blown fabric with activated carbon to capture all the PM 2.5 particles electrostatically. It is also made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that has about 2.0-micron pore size which can easily block PM 2.5 particles.

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Although PM 2.5 filter mask can block most of the PM 2.5 particles, it can cause breathing discomfort compared to any fabric mask. Sometimes it becomes a trade-off to choose between a PM 2.5 filter mask and a fabric mask.

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The Importance Of PM 2.5 Filter

Controlling outdoor pollution is not in our control. We can do our part but we can not control if other peoples are causing pollution. What we can control is indoor air pollution. Most of the time we stay in our home, so it is a must that we inhale clean air.

An air purifier is a great option to stop PM 2.5 particles coming indoors or filter out all PM 2.5 particles from indoor. But buying a good and effective air purifier is a costly affair and needs regular maintenance.

So the cheapest alternative is to use PM 2.5 filter. Now it is not at all logical to wear a PM 2.5 filter mask indoors all the time. That is why Air Conditioners are coming with PM 2.5 filters nowadays. In fact, it comes with most AC’s.

LG has gone one step further and offers sensors to sense, monitor, and clean PM 2.5 particles from the indoor air. So it offers clean air which is good for our overall health.

  • Filters out PM 2.5 particles
  • Removes harmful viruses and bacteria’s
  • Inexpensive compared to HEPA filter based air purifiers
  • Easily available in the market as a standalone mask or in Air Conditioners
  • Can cause breathing discomfort
  • Not as effective as HEPA filters
  • Inefficient to filter out particles less than 2.5 microns in size.
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Conclusion: PM 2.5 Filter

Air pollution is alarming. We need to reduce air pollution at any cost. We can try our level best to do that. But in the meantime, we should start using PM 2.5 filters. Because these filters can save you from bigger problems that you may face.

PM 2.5 filters are cheap, easily available and most importantly they can block almost all the particles having up to 2.5 microns in size that includes harmful virus and bacteria also.

So next time when you buy an AC, buy one that comes with a PM 2.5 filter.

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