How To Create Stunning Videos [ 10 Useful Tips]

If you are a content creator and want to create stunning videos, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to explore How to create stunning videos with 10 useful tips which will ensure that your videos are professional and feature-rich.

How To Create Stunning Videos

Here are some of the tips that you can implement in your videos to make your videos stunning and professional.

how to create stunning videos
How To Create Stunning Videos

Camera And Camera Angles

The two foremost things that make a video look professional and stunning are its picture quality and the appropriate camera angles.

For videos to be engaging and captivating, you need to have a good quality camera and know how to use different angles.

By shooting from different angles, you allow your audience to have a different perspective, making them feel more connected with your video. 

There are 12 camera angles that professionals typically use in their videos. These include wide shots, long shots, medium shots, cowboy shots, tight or close-up shots, detailed or extreme close-up shots, low angles, high angles, Dutch angles, over-the-shoulder angles, POV shots, and cutaway shots. 

Maintain Plenty Of Light

This is another characteristic of stunning videos. Stunning videos look professional and not amateurish because of the lighting you put in your video, which illuminates the surroundings and the subject.

More clarity leads to more engagement. If you are shooting your video indoors, then make sure to avoid overhead lighting because it can cast shadows on your subject’s face.

If you want your subject’s face entirely lit up, then consider using flat or soft light, and if you want shadows, then you can use hard light. 

However, if you are filming outdoors, then do your best to take the shots during the morning and evening when the light is softer, which will give a clearer picture to your audience.

Avoid filming under midday light as it makes it hard to see and can create shadows on your face. 

Keep It Crisp And Clear

Avoid stretching or exaggerating the content. Stick to the point and be transparent. Clarity is the key when it comes to stunning and professional videos. Less clarity is more obscurity.

This happens due to changing and editing the content at the last moment. Maintain a professional tone, and try to make it an explainer video. Explainer videos are not only more engaging, but they also look more professional.

Maintain Your Background

Before you begin filming your video, make sure that your background is in good condition. Nothing looks less professional and less stunning than a messy background. A cluttered background ends up distracting your audience and can be a turn-off. 

Avoid having windows open behind the subject, as it can cast shadows and make it appear dark. Check background noise.

Make sure there are no inappropriate noises in the background, like the chirping of birds, the honking of vehicles, or noises in the wind. Make sure the audio used in the video is not fuzzy and indistinct.

Maintain Quality Editing

Having great software with all the best features can make even a dull video look stunning. Quality video editing software such as Skylum can turn your raw footage into something extraordinary.

Make sure that the tool you use provides you with the following.

Features enabling the addition of text to the video, the ability to crop and trim video (they are critical as every social media app has a specific duration of videos that generate more traffic so for that purpose we need to possess them), enabling the addition of filters and overlays, a library of stock videos and images, scene transition, a feature to change the screen ratio, etc. 

Maintain Engaging Content

Stunning videos do not only depend upon picture quality, editing, or camera quality. It also relies on the content of the video you are producing. Have you ever wondered what makes a stunning video engaging? It is the content. Isn’t it so obvious?

Yet we see videos that lack content quality despite being apt in other departments like picture quality, music quality, etc.

One fundamental way to maintain engaging content is to write relevant scripts for your video. The more relevant your content is, the more the audience will be able to relate to it. 

Maintain A Good Camera Presence

A good camera presence not only makes your video look stunning but can make you look professional. You should ideally know how to handle the camera in a way that creates an impact. Here are some tips to make an effective camera presence.

  • Instead of appearing nervous, timid, or uneasy, be calm, stand straight up, maintain an open body language, keep your muscles relaxed, and introduce yourself with a smile.
  • Maintain a medium voice pitch and easy pace while speaking – it shouldn’t be too low or slow, nor should it be too loud and fast.

Work On Effects

Make sure all the visual effects are appropriate and in tune with the other components of your video, such as the music, slides, etc.

The key is to be creative with the video effects. You can combine two or more effects to make them look fascinating.

Use effects like two-tone, film grain, and light leak. Use quality after-effects apps that provide you with many visual effects to experiment with. 

Use Animations

Use animations to make your video look beautiful and exciting. Software these days comes with various animation tools, so try experimenting to see which ones can give you more fascinating results.

Try using multiple animations for the introduction and the logo. You can also use it for text and images. Use dynamic, eye-catching animations. 

Use A Tripod

Use a quality tripod even if you believe your hands are steady. If not, your video will be messy and shaky.

People these days can easily discern whether the video has been created using a handheld camera or one that’s positioned on a stable surface. Shaky footage is a huge no for making a stunning and professional video.

Therefore, consider investing in a tripod, as it can instantly improve the quality of your video. 

Final words: How To Create Stunning Videos

These are the top 10 ways to create stunning videos easily, so your business can gain more engagement on digital platforms.   


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