Cloud Database : 4 Benefits Of A Cloud Database

Due to technological advancement, you can eliminate your paperwork and choose a cloud platform to store all your data. That is what we call a cloud database.

One such platform is the SAP HANA cloud platform, which provides a single access point to your information or data.

This platform-as-a-service offers several business applications and a database management system that connects both on-premises and cloud-based systems. Additionally, having a database in the cloud computing platform has many advantages.

So let’s learn about the benefits of a cloud database in this article and figure out why a cloud database is the future of storage.

You have made the right decision if you have selected the cloud database. But in case you are still hesitant about choosing this platform, you can read further and learn the benefits. 

What Is A Cloud Database?

A cloud database is like a traditional database but it is built and accessed through a cloud platform.

The features and functioning are almost the same as a traditional database with the added benefits of cloud computing

Benefits Of A Cloud Database
Benefits Of A Cloud Database

Features Of Cloud Database

  • The database is built and accessed through the cloud platform
  • No need to buy expensive dedicated hardware for hosting the database
  • Can be accessed through a web interface
  • Can be managed by the user or any third-party vendor
  • Can support rational databases

Benefits Of A Cloud Database

Here are some of the benefits of a cloud database

1. Reduced Cost

Cost is the most significant advantage when it comes to choosing a cloud-based system or a cloud computing platform. Research states that 20 percent of organizations are concerned about the initial costs of implementing the cloud-based system.

So, are you concerned about the price tag? Well, you can ensure that you will gain a better Return on Investment (ROI) after using the cloud platform.

That’s not all, you don’t need to pay for all the features. Instead, you pay only for the services required.

In addition to this, the cloud computing platform uses a pay-as-you-go model, which means you will be charged only for your subscription and consumption. But what if you require additional services? You will have to pay extra to attain them. 

2. Single Storage Space

Paperwork can cause chaos in the workplace. You might tend to lose a file or two. Additionally, without the cloud computing platform, storing data on the system can baffle employees and organizations.

That’s because there can be too many files and different storage spaces for just a file. But thanks to the cloud-based system or database like the SAP HANA cloud services, you can attain all files from just one server.

You don’t need to go searching for all your files. As a result, it becomes easier to manage the database, providing flexible solutions. 

3. Improved Security

Digital threats are a part of every organization’s database. So, it is vital to think about the security of the database. Security is the prime concern whether you run an in-house server or database.

You must make sure that your database contains critical software and is up-to-date. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep up with new threats that can be harmful to your system. It is evident that you don’t want to lose any data.

But many companies don’t take security seriously and have a poorly improved security system. When you choose cloud-based systems like the SAP HANA cloud platform, you can ensure to gain all the security your database needs.

In a nutshell, your database will be completely safe, and you can attain peace of mind. 

4. Increased Collaboration

Collaboration in a team is essential for a smooth workflow. Hence, it must be your top priority as an organization or employee. Sometimes, collaborating at work can be challenging, but it has become an effortless task thanks to the cloud-computing platform.

For instance, you can share information securely with your team members with the help of the cloud database. Additionally, you can provide them with access to the files so that they can view and share them too.

It also becomes easy for the team members to make any changes to the files. You can get such details as when the changes were made and by whom. Hence, collaboration with a cloud-computing platform is effective and efficient. 

Installing a cloud-based system is beneficial in many ways. You can ensure to prevent of loss of data and attain automatic updates for your system. You can talk to your cloud-based service provider and gain information before choosing the platform. 

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