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A Gift To All Our Loyal Subscribers

How To Claim The Free Gift [ Worth $249]

How to claim THE GIFT
Here is the step-by-step process for claiming the gift.
Go To The Web Hosting Section
Head over to the Web Hosting section by clicking THIS LINK
Choose A Web Host
Browse through different web hosting providers and see what web host makes sense to you.
Purchase Any Web Hosting Plan
Purchase any web hosting plan at least for one year of tenure. Monthly plans are not eligible for complimentary gifts.
Get The Purchase Receipt
Get the purchase proof receipt from the vendor. We need the purchase proof to issue the gift.
Join Our Premium Club
Join RiansTech Members Club by clicking this link. It’s FREE to join.
Sent A Copy Of The Receipt To Us
Send a copy of the purchase proof to [email protected] with the subject line” RiansTech Free Gift
Enjoy Your Free Gift!
We will email you the gift within 3-4 weeks once the vendor confirms your purchase.

What Is That Free Gift?

astra pro
Astra Pro Lifetime Licence
[ Worth $299]


You will be eligible for a complimentary gift only if you purchase any web hosting plans through our blog.
We need valid purchase proof to issue the free gift
Purchases made through other blogs are not eligible for the gift.
We can not issue the gift if the purchase is not confirmed by the vendor.
If the order is canceled within 3 months, the free gift license will be revoked.
RiansTech reserves the right to reject any claim for a free gift if we find any fraudulent activities.

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