12+ Top WordPress Form Builder Plugins

Through the use of your new WordPress website, you have created a work of art. The logo, about Us page, little eCommerce store, menu, blog, all have been done and are ready to be used by the client.

Just a moment, please. Have you forgotten about one of the most critical aspects of your website’s design? To be more specific, the contact form.

The need of employing it straight away is recognized by some developers because it is remarkable how quickly this means of communication can be overlooked.

Many customers are apprehensive about phoning your customer service number, thus it would be a shame if you did not have a contact form on your website.

Others, on the other hand, have no intention of utilizing a live chat module in order to divert their focus away from their current tasks.

Customers can send a quick email without committing a lot of time to it, and the website’s form can process it in a short amount of time.

Apart from this, contact forms can be used to assist you to avoid spam and expanding the number of methods in which you can engage with your consumers (like-with conditional logic, which updates the form based on how the user responds).

A WordPress form builder plugin that can assist you, in this case, is available on the market.

Compare the various sizes and shapes of these WordPress contact form plugins to choose which one is the most appropriate for your needs.

When it comes to certain websites, a robust and expensive contact form is not required, yet when it comes to other websites, a simple contact form would suffice.

Features Of Contact Form Plugins

  • A WordPress contact form plugin provides a few fields and minimum design features at its most basic level.
  • The most advanced contact form plugins offer conditional logic, design tools, and file submission options.
  • Custom forms come with a variety of fields, options, and branding options.
  • Drag-and-drop editors are beneficial, but they aren’t required.
  • Show or hide various components based on what the user picks on the form using conditional logic (such as buttons, fields, or form sections).
  • An email communication system tells the proper person when a new message arrives.
  • Allow clients to contribute ideas via the front end in the form of screenshots. When a customer sends a screenshot of their problem, it becomes easier to solve it.
  • The form should be responsive to work on any device, no matter how big or little.
  • Spam protection should be inbuilt so that you don’t get a lot of spam queries.

Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

If you’re in a hurry, look through the list of WordPress contact forms below. Continue reading past the shortlist for in-depth reviews and a summary of each plugin’s main features.

  1. ARForms
  2. WPForms
  3. Gravity Forms
  4. Formidable forms
  5. Everest Forms
  6. Ninja Forms
  7. Jetpack Forms
  8. Contact Form 7
  9. Typeform
  10. weForms
  11. HappyForms
  12. HubSpot
  13. Form Maker by 10Web

#1. ARforms

ARForms is a unique form builder plugin featuring drag-and-drop, real-time editing, and multi-column support. The plugin includes several ready-to-use templates.

Choose from the material, rounded, or standard forms. Use conditional or mathematical logic in multi-step forms. You don’t need a separate plugin to show popup forms when users click on a menu item.

You may also set email notifications, provide dynamic content using shortcodes or conditional triggers, and integrate with popular email marketing services like MailChimp, GetResponse, and AWeber.

The plugin also includes simple graphs and charts, as well as a globe map depicting submission sources.

Widen your reach with WPML compatibility and built-in 12 language support. Users gain adequate anti-spam protection without completing the CAPTCHA. You may do more with free and paid add-ons. Finally, the plugin has been optimized for speed.

wordpress form builder plugins-arforms

ARForms’ Features

  • Forms that are completely responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • User interface and user experience (UI-UX) are among the best in the industry.
  • Forms that have multiple columns and fields that can be customised.
  • Additionally, there are over 25 different form elements to pick from, in addition to a live editor.
  • When it comes to loading times, the site is lightning fast.
  • Conditional logic is used to hide and expose form fields depending on the situation.
  • You can calculate totals, averages, and a variety of other things using the built-in mathematical principles.
  • Templates for pre-filled forms are available to save you time.
  • There are already popup forms available for use.
  • There are forms and questionnaires that require multiple steps to complete.
  • Menus with pop-up options are available from the navigation menu.
  • The progress of altering forms in ARForms is automatically saved as the form is being worked on.

ARForms form builder plugin is also available for free on WordPress Repository

#2. WPForms

WPForms is also one of the best WordPress form builders on our list, according to our research. The user interface for this form builder is simple and easy to navigate. As needed, drag and drop the fields into your form design to customize it.

You can create a gorgeous form in a matter of minutes without having to write any code. The process is straightforward to follow.

Create the shape first, and then connect it to the block to complete the creation of a completely functional form. Use the WPForms Lite plugin to quickly create a template for your website.

WordPress form builder plugins-wpforms

WPForms features

  • Notifications are provided as soon as they are available.
  • The ability to use Gutenberg with your website is referred to as Gutenberg compatibility.
  • Buttons can easily be changed.
  • Aside from hooks and filters, WPForms has a slew of other customizable options.
  • Anti-spam honeypots are a great way to catch spammers in the act.
  • Integrate your WordPress forms with an email marketing solution to collect booking and purchase payments. With WPForms, it’s simple.
  • There are three different form templates to pick from.
  • The technology has been connected with Constant Contact.
  • There are ten standard fields on a form.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality is included in the builder.

#3. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a form builder with a user-friendly interface and features that aid in the improvement of customer service websites.

Gravity Forms can be used to construct forms, entries, and conditional logic. You can also use it to upload files and create multi-page forms.

Gravity Forms’ standard support package includes a ticketing system, a FAQ, documentation, and language translations. Priority service is available if you choose the most expensive plan, which costs $259 for a year.

It doesn’t offer live chat or phone assistance, but most contact form plugins don’t require it.

wordpress form builder plugins-gravity form

Gravity Forms Features

  • A getting started guide, add-on descriptions, popular features, and developer documents are all included in the documentation.
  • Gravity Forms comes with a large number of integrations and add-ons. AWeber, Dropbox, MailChimp, PayPal Pro, Stripe, and Freshbooks are among them.
  • When you consider all of the features, the pricing is really affordable.
  • There are over 30 different form fields to pick from.
  • Pre-installed conditional logic.
  • You may use Gravity Forms to get email notifications, upload files.
  • Using user input it can perform complicated calculations. For example, you may use it for a banking or real estate website.

#4. Formidable forms

Formidable Forms is a powerful WordPress form builder with various complicated features. The free version, on the other hand, is only suitable for primary forms and has restricted features.

The Formidable is the most advanced form function in the Object() [native code] library. Single-page and multi-page forms with conditional logic, calculations, and file uploads are simple to create.

Views and graphs should then be used to display the data. It’s about a lot more than WordPress forms.

wordpress form builder plugins-formidable form

Formidable forms features

  • A form builder with drag-and-drop functionality is available, among other impressive features.
  • Basic Fields of a Form is a visual form styler that allows you to customise the fields on a form.
  • Field markers are used to indicate where things are.
  • The user interface is vibrant and visually appealing.
  • Filtering for the aim of preventing spam
  • There are no restrictions on the number of forms that can be created.
  • Form-based autoresponders are available
  • The form is responsive
  • Compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Option to convert data to csv file
  • CSS can be used to customise the look of the website.

#5. Everest Forms

Everest Forms is a powerful tool for generating online forms that are easy to use. With the drag-and-drop form builder included in the free edition, you may create an unlimited number of contact forms and other types of forms for your WordPress website.

In order to save your time and effort, templates are provided so that you do not have to start from scratch each time.

The simple preview option allows you to see how the form will appear on the front end before you submit it. You have the ability to personalize the options and alter the form to meet your own requirements.

wordpress form builder plugins-everest forms

Everest Forms Features

  • The user interface is simple to use, and the number of forms that can be created is endless.
  • Shortcodes can be used to add forms to your website’s pages, blogs, and sidebars.
  • Because of the plugin’s compatibility with translation plugins, translations can be accomplished quickly.
  • You may avoid dangerous spam and bots by using Google reCaptcha on your forms.
  • Conditional logic, a style customizer that lets you adjust the look and feel of the form, multipart forms for step-by-step submissions, and more are included in the plugin.
  • You can link your form with Mailchimp, PayPal, ConvertKit, Zapier, and Stripe to make your forms more functional.
  • You may design more complex forms, such as user registration, article submissions, and more, in addition to simple contact forms.

#6. Ninja Forms

Ninja form is available in the freemium version and well as in the paid version. However, the free version is more than enough to create simple forms.

Fields can be moved around the screen by dragging and dropping them. The rows and columns are laid out in a straightforward manner.

When you select a form template, you will be taken to a live editor where you can make changes right away. The free edition, unlike the other form builders on our list, allows you to create a wide range of forms.

wordpress form builder plugins-ninja forms

Ninja Forms features

  • Spam management and prevention are available
  • A drag-and-drop form builder with drag-and-drop capabilities is available.
  • Observance of the General Data Protection Regulation
  • A user interface that is simple to operate
  • Templates for pre-built forms are available for download.
  • A large number of customization options are available on forms.

#7. Jetpack Forms

If you had to choose only one WordPress plugin to install, Jetpack would almost probably be at the top of your list of options.

A contact form with anti-spam and caching features, as well as social media integration, is available with the Jetpack plugin. It is recommended that you study the contact form element if you have already installed Jetpack.

wordpress form builder plugins-jetpack

Jetpack Contact Form features

  • Because it is a free plugin, Jetpack is already used by a large number of WordPress users and website owners.
  • Jetpack is one of such plugins that will not cause your website to slow down or interfere with the operation of other plugins on your website.
  • The “form insert” button allows you to quickly and easily insert forms into your website.
  • Manually editing all form parameters can be accomplished within the editor of your post or page.
  • Topics, form fields, email addresses, and other information are all included in this collection.
  • The integration of Jetpack with Akismet ensures that each and every form submission is free of spam.

#8. Contact Form 7

The majority of small businesses and blogs want a contact form that is functional and valuable to their customers. Contact form 7 is such a plugin that has been used by bloggers at least once in their lifetime

Since it’s a completely free plugin, all the features are available out of the box without any cost. Creating a form is not that easy and straightforward, but since it’s free it is widely used even nowadays when there are many better alternatives available.

wordpress form builder plugins-contact form 7

You can create an unlimited number of forms, each including different components such as dates, URLs, email addresses, and text, as well as provide a preferred email address to which customers should send messages.

Contact Form 7 features

  • You will not be charged anything for using this plugin.
  • Contact Form 7 is the most straightforward and minimalistic form on the market.
  • The majority of the fundamental elements are available, such as quizzes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-down menus, in addition to CAPTCHAs and file submissions.
  • You can access documentation, frequently asked questions, and support resources from the WordPress dashboard.

#9. Typeform

Typeform is widely recognized as the greatest form builder for creating conversational forms and surveys, according to most users. This WordPress form builder is compatible with all of the most popular third-party applications.

Despite the fact that Typeform provides a plethora of useful capabilities, the requirement to utilize code may deter some users.

If you want to create forms, simply copy the embed code and put it into each post and page on your website where the form should appear. You will have access to a large number of forms, quizzes, and survey templates.

wordpress form builder plugins-typeforms

Features Of Typeform

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integration with tools like Zapier, Google Analytics
  • The collaboration tools Slack and Google Sheets have also been linked.
  • Ready made template to use in form

#10. weForms

WeForms is one of the newest WordPress contact form plugins that has just been released. Both WP Project Manager Pro and WP User Frontend Pro were developed by the same team of developers.

In addition to the ability to check form submission data in the WordPress administration, the free edition includes a surprising amount of other capabilities.

wordpress form builder plugins-we forms

weForms features

  • The $39 yearly cost is a steal when compared to other premium contact form plugins.
  • AWeber, Constant Contact, and MailPoet can all be integrated
  • You can use Google Sheets, Slack, Zapier, and Trello as integrations.
  • Shortcodes make embedding your Contact form a breeze.
  • To avoid spam, it employs Google’s reCaptcha technology.
  • It has a drag-and-drop builder and an AJAX live preview mechanism.

#11. HappyForms

The Theme Foundry, a business that has been working on WordPress themes for a long time, created and maintains this plugin.

While HappyForms is one of the newer contact form plugins on the market, we like that it’s totally created in the WordPress Customizer. You won’t have to learn a new user interface because you’re already familiar with your current one.

wordpress form builder plugins-happy forms

HappyForms is extremely light in terms of code and speed. There is no charge, and it is ideal for individuals looking for something quick and simple.

HappyForms features

  • It is entirely free to use.
  • Drag-and-drop form builders are presumably known to you.
  • All communications, as well as a relevant notification, are copied to the WordPress admin panel. You can also have them mailed to you if you like.
  • The use of one-click honeypots and Google Recaptcha can help you avoid spam.
  • Shortcodes make adding forms to websites, articles, and widgets a breeze.

#12. HubSpot

HubSpot is a free WordPress marketing plugin that comes with a form builder, live chat, analytics, email, and more. As a result, it’s much more than a form creator.

This plugin also integrates the HubSpot CRM with WordPress, allowing you to organize and segment your contacts into lists with ease.

wordpress form builder plugins-hubspot

HubSpot Features:

  • Creating a form is straightforward, thanks to the drag-and-drop interface.
  • Create your own design from scratch or use a template as a starting point.
  • There are up to 1000 fields to pick from, with dozens of different field types.
  • Forms can be customised to match the look and feel of your website.
  • In reaction to form submissions, send out automated emails and notifications.
  • Integrate the form submissions with HubSpot CRM to handle them as contacts.
  • Over 800 connectors are available in HubSpot (including OptinMonster)
  • HubSpot is a wonderful form builder, but it’s CRM and connectivity features are where it really shines.

#13. Form Maker by 10Web

10Web’s Form Maker is a drag-and-drop form builder plugin with an intuitive user interface that is ideal for beginners. However, despite the fact that the core plugin is free, it only allows you to use seven distinct types of form fields.

wordpress form builder plugins-10web

Form Maker by 10Web Features

  • With an almost limitless number of field types, it’s simple to collect exactly the information you need.
  • There are four different ways to display the form (embedded, pop-up, scrollbox, and top bar), allowing you to customise it to fit your WordPress site’s needs and appearance.
  • Using the custom CSS editor, you can give your WordPress forms more design possibilities while also making them more consistent with your brand identity.
  • The User Registration plugin makes it simple for visitors to your website to register with you.
  • Form Maker can be a little intimidating for newcomers and people who aren’t familiar with the HTML and CSS coding languages. It’s possible that this WordPress form plugin may be a better solution for you if you have any technical skills.

Conclusion: Best Form Builder Plugin

For WordPress sites to function properly, you’ll need the right WordPress form builder plugin. Good plugins will increase the speed of your WordPress site.

We, in this post, discussed some of the best plugins for building forms that you can use to create amazing forms to increase site quality and improve user engagement.

You must select the correct Plugin depending on the type of form you wish to create.

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