Best Smart TV In India 2021 [Best TV In India]: Buyers Guide And Review!

Many people think that buying a TV is the easiest task. Is it so? Yes, It was a true couple of years back when we had limited technologies and, therefore, limited models.

However, seeing the current scenario, things have evolved. Now, TVs are not being referred to as the’ Idiot-box.’ They have been revolutionized from being a big CRT box to a Smart one. 

With the best smart TVs, we can choose the program we wish to watch. Smart TVs offer awesome features like you can connect to the internet through built-in Wi-Fi, stream your favorite videos on the web, etc.

Not only that, apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., are coming preinstalled in TVs.

But we can’t deny the fact that choosing the best TV is still a hectic task. That is why we are here with the 10 Best Smart TV In India. This guide will help you shortlist a couple of models, and then you can choose the best among them.

Please note that this list of Top 10 Best Smart TV In India 2021 is compiled from our extensive research, user reviews, feedback, technical expertise, and the price to feature ratio. The list is completely unbiased without any influence from any brand or any monetary benefit.
If you are buying your first Smart TV or you are not much sure about the different types and technologies used in the Best Smart TV in India, then I would suggest you, please read the Best Smart TV In India Buying Guide at the end of this article before you make a purchase decision.

1. Sony Bravia 32 Inches Full HD Smart TV

Key Specification

Screen Size32 Inches
Display TypeLED
Refresh Rate50 Hz
Connectivity2XHDMI, 2XUSB, Wi-Fi
Audio20 Watts, Built-In Woofer
Special FeaturesSmart Plug and Play, USB Tethering, Easy connection to the internet, YouTube, Netflix, etc.
Warranty1 Year

Key Features

X-Reality Pro

It comes up with X-reality pro processing, making every pixel plushy to provide exceptional HD clarity. It refines the images to reduce noise during frame analysis. 

Clear Audio+

Clear Audio+ offers an immersive, enriching sound experience that seems to surround you. Hear music and dialogue with greater clarity and separation, whatever you’re watching.

Smart Remote control

This TV comes with a smart remote control. Control your TV and set-up-box(STB) by simply toggling between the TV and STB button on the top of the remote. You will get a direct Netflix and YouTube launch button on the remote to enjoy the web content easily and instantly.

Deep Bass

Power your entertainment with this best smart TV, as it has subwoofers. You will be able to feel every beat and soaring vocals, especially when you watch concerts. Also, you can hear deep bass riffs and powerful soundtracks.


  • Dynamic drive speaker
  • Clearaudio+
  • HDR
  • Easy Cable management
  • One-click Netflix and Youtube launch


  • No Apps store

2. LG 32 Inches HD Ready Smart TV

best smart tv in india

Key Specifications

Screen Size32 Inches
Display TypeLED
Connectivity3XHDMI, 1XUSB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Audio35 Watts Output | Dolby+ DTS
Special FeaturesActive HDR, Magic remote, Wireless audio
Warranty1 Year on the product and an additional 1 year on the panel

Key features


Web OS is LG’s proprietary OS for smart TVs. This is one of the best TV OS with many exciting features. It has its own app store from where you can download apps. However, few apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu come preinstalled.

If you connect your TV to your smartphone, you can also get notifications directly on your TV along with your smartphone.

Magic Remote

The remote looks like a normal remote, but you can operate it with your voice. You can also download the LG ThinQ app and use your smartphone as a remote. The magic remote also comes with dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Powerful Speakers

This TV comes with 35W powerful woofers that support Dolby Audio and DTS. The sound quality is excellent. You can also connect any Bluetooth speaker that will take the sound quality to the next level if you want.

Multitasking Ability

You can watch TV and also browse the internet on this TV, similar to any computer. Although the browsing experience is not that great, having this feature is a good thing in case you need it.


  • Active HDR
  • Magic Remote
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • 35W woofers
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Ports should have been on the side rather than at the back. Very hard to reach if you do wall mount.

3. Mi TV 32 Inch HD Ready Android LED TV

best smart tv in India

Key Specification

Screen Size32 Inches
Display TypeLED
Connectivity3XHDMI, 2XUSB, Wi-Fi
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio20 Watts Output | Dolby+ DTS-HD
Special FeaturesAndroid 9.0, Chrome cast Built-in, Stereo speakers
Warranty1 Year on the product and an additional 1 year on the panel

Key Features

Powerful Processor

This Mi TV comes with a powerful 64-bit A53 Quad-core processor coupled with 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. With a 7th generation imaging engine, you can enjoy reduced noise, professionally calibrated picture quality, and a rich range of colors with every single frame.

Android TV

This is an android TV, so you can enjoy almost all the android apps. It’s more or less like a mobile-like experience. You can also control the using Google Assistant app which is a bonus.

Powerful Speakers With DTS-HD

20W speaker is powerful enough to give you a super-rich voice experience along with Dolby audio support and DTS capability.

Chromecast Built-in

This TV also comes with a Chromecast built-in on top of the Android OS. So you no longer need to buy the Chromecast stick.


  • Powerful Speakers With DTS-HD
  • Comes with HD- Ready Display
  • Patch wall 3.0
  • Google Assistant


  • Customer Service is not so good

4. Vu 43 inches HD Ready Android LED TV

best smart tv in india

Key Specification

Screen Size43 Inches
Display TypeLED
Connectivity2XHDMI, 2XUSB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IR
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio24 Watts output | Dolby Audio | DTS Studio Sound
Special FeaturesAndroid Pie, Chromecast built-in, Bluetooth 5.0, google play store
Warranty1 Year on the product


Key features

Pure Prism Panel

This smart LED TV comes with a pure prism panel. This TV can easily deliver high-intensity color and perfect white balance for the best viewing experience.

OTT Hotkeys:

You will get a standard remote with OTT hotkeys. Using it, you can access YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, and many more web entertainment on your TV screen.

Android Pie 9.0 With App Store 

You will get Android OS on this TV with full support for the App Store. You can download any app and enjoy that on your TV like how you do on your smartphone.

Dolby Audio

This smart Tv comes with 24W speakers that support Dolby audio and DTS. Excellent combination to enjoy movies.

Gaming Mode

Apart from TV mode and cricket mode, this TV also has a gaming mode. Colors, contrast, and brightness get auto-adjusted based on the game you are playing. So you can use this TV as a monitor also.


  • Adaptive Contrast
  • OTT hotkeys
  • Android OS
  • Dolby Audio


  • Support is still a concern

5. Onida 43 Inches HD Ready Smart IPS LED TV

best smart tv in india

Key Specification

Screen Size43 Inches
Display TypeLED
Connectivity3XHDMI, 1XUSB, Wi-Fi
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio16 Watts output | Dolby Audio | DTS Studio Sound
Special FeaturesFire TV, Dolby Audio, Alexa voice control
Warranty1 Year on the product

Key Features

Smart Home Ecosystem

This TV comes with Alexa support. So you can create a smart home ecosystem with Alexa-supported products. You can control the TV using the Alexa voice command. You can use the voice command to change the program or start or switch off the TV.

Wide Viewing Angle

This smart TV uses a high-grade IPS panel which is known for a great viewing experience. Even if you sit at an angle from the TV, you can still enjoy the same picture quality. This is something very unique to this TV.


  • Viewing Experience is impressive
  • Alexa Support
  • Seamless Connectivity


  • Weak speaker

6. Kevin 32 Inches HD Ready LED Smart TV

kevin tv

Key Specification

Screen Size32 Inches
Display TypeLED
Connectivity2XHDMI, 2XUSB, Wi-Fi
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio20 Watts
Special FeaturesAndroid 8.0, Wide Viewing angle
Warranty1 Year on the product

Key features

HRDD Technology

This Best LED TV in India comes with an HRDD Technology that brings quality to the picture and makes it glorious so that you can feel the best viewing experience

Certified TV Apps

This Smart LED Tv has its official smart cloud Tv, which allows you to access various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Eros Now, Hungama Play, And many more on your tv.

CINEWALL With Android 8

CinéWall – your own world of entertainment with the availability of 15,00,000+ hours of content across genres of movies, trailers, music videos, TV shows, cookery shows, and a never-ending list from a host of apps, you will never run out of options. The CinéWall is the ultimate solution to your quest for the best content

Content Discovery Engine

Kevin’s Best Smart TV provides a content discovery engine. You can search simply by typing in the title. Your TV will search the content and present it in a matter of seconds. 


  • HRDD technology
  • Certified TV apps
  • Content Discovery Engine
  • Web touch remote


  • No Bluetooth
  • Limited ports

7. Samsung 43 Inches Smart TV

best smart tv in india

Key Specification

Screen Size43 Inches
Display TypeLED
Connectivity2XHDMI, 1XUSB, Wi-Fi
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio20 Watts
Special FeaturesAlexa Support, Dolby Digital Plus
Warranty1 Year on the product

Key Features

Ultra Clean View

Ultra Clean view feature of this best smart Tv In India uses an advanced algorithm to deliver high-quality distortion-free images.

Contrast Enhancer

This feature brings life-like quality to flat images by adjusting the contrast levels. You will get outstanding picture quality with better depth.

Voice Assistant

Alexa voice control is built-in in this TV. So you can control every function of this using Alexa and also create a smart home eco system.

Personal Computer Mode

You can use this TV as a monitor, when you select the personal computer mode, it mirrors your computer display automatically rather than selecting input device manually.

Home Cloud

You can save image and video files to the TV storage wirelessly using home cloud function. However, the space is very limited.


  • Ultra-clean view
  • Home cloud
  • Multiple Voice Assistants
  • Personal computer mode
  • Contrast enhancer


  • 20W speaker is too bad for this TV

8. OnePlus 43 inches Y Series Full HD LED Smart Android TV

Key Specification

Screen Size43 Inches
Display TypeLED
Connectivity2XHDMI, 2XUSB, Wi-Fi
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Audio20 Watts
Special FeaturesAndroid TV 9.0, Near bezel-less, DCI-P3 93% color gamut
Warranty1 Year on the product and an additional 1 year on the panel


Key Features

Bezel Less Design

The screen to body ratio is 88.5 %. So you will see a very thin bezel all around the screen. This enhances the viewing experience.

Fascinating Visuals

Treat your eyes to vivid imagery with a high color range of DCI-P3 93% featuring a 20% wider color gamut.

Android TV

With the Android system, you can use voice commands through Google Assistant, access a range of apps from the Play Store, and explore tailored recommendations, compiled just for you.


  • Bezel-less design
  • Dolby Audio
  • Android TV


  • Bad customer support

Best Smart TV In India: Buying Guide

Smart TV is in every house now. It’s a must-have electronic instrument that every household posses. A smart TV can connect to the internet, connect to BlueTooth, and work as a computer, although it can not match the functionalities of a computer.

When we shop around for a smart TV, we simply watch for the ” Smart” tag on a TV. Often we forget about our requirements. The definition of smart TV varies based on your requirement also. Due to this, many people often buy a smart TV, but it does not match their requirements.

With the evolution of different technology, every company is now coming up with new technologies. So it became more confusing and harder for people to make a choice. When we spend our hard earn money, we always want to spend on the right product. Right?

So in this section of this article we will discuss different technologies and features used in smart TV nowadays. After reading this article, you will be informed enough to judge which TV is good or which one is bad, and you can make the right purchase decision.

Factors to consider while buying the best smart TV in India

Here are the key factors that you should consider while buying a smart TV.

1. Type of Display

Choosing the type of display is one of the most important aspects of choosing a smart TV. The type of display will decide how clear and vivid the colors will be on the TV, and it will decide the kind of energy the TV may consume.

In India, there are basically four types of display available in TVs.

  • LCD ( Liquid Crystal Diode)
  • LED ( Light Emitting Diode)
  • OLED ( Organic Light Emitting Diode)
  • QLED ( Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode)

LCD Display

LCDs use CCFL ( Cold-cathode fluorescent lamps) for backlighting. In earlier days, we used CRT (Cathode Ray Displays), which was very bulky. Compare to that, LCDs are slimmer and provide better picture quality.

However, since LCDs use a lamp for backlighting, those are not as slim as modern TVs. You will hardly find any LCD smart TVs nowadays as this display technology is very outdated.

LED Display

As opposed to CCFL, LED displays use a light-emitting diode for backlighting. However, LED displays still use an LCD panel to control where the light should be displayed. Only the backlighting mechanism is different.

In contrast to LCDs, LED displays are slimmer, more energy-efficient, and provide better picture quality. LED displays are more widely used in televisions.

OLED Display

Unlike LCD and LED displays that use a light source to emit light on the screen, OLED does not need any light source. In fact, the pixels themselves emit light when an electric current passes through them.

This is one of the advantages of OLED displays where individual pixels can be turned off if not required. You might have heard about OLED displays that produce perfect black in smartphones. Right? Do you know how OLED displays perfect black or perfect white?

best smart tv in india

In the case of LCD or LED, both use a light source. So even though it needs to be black, it always becomes a bit of gray instead of black due to the backlight. In OLED displays, wherever black color needs to be shown, pixel gets turn off automatically, and we get the perfect black color.

So you might have understood that OLED displays better color accuracy, a very high refresh rate, and better energy efficiency. Now you might be thinking about how OLED displays are more energy-efficient.

best smart tv in india
best smart tv in india

As I said that OLED displays turned off pixels wherever it is not required. So instead of keeping a backlight switched ON all the time, the OLED panel only switches ON pixels that is required. Due to this, OLED panels consume less energy. That is the reason Dark Mode in OLED-based smartphones gives better battery life.

QLED Display

QLED is more of an advanced version of LED displays rather than a whole new technology. QLED displays use a metallic quantum dot filter. The filter consists of numerous tiny semi conductor particles. Those particles can be controlled independently for their output.

Due to the independent filter, we get more accurate and vivid colors. We get more brightness. But QLED is still a LED display that solves the problem of old LED displays. OLED displays are still superior.

best smart tv in india

If you are buying the best smart TV in India, you should only go for OLED or QLED display. Otherwise, the actual fun of owning a smart TV won’t be encashed.

One more thing you need to know that OLED displays are better for your eyes. OLED displays emit less blue light, which is good for our eyes. That is why you may see that OLED displays are always more warm than other display types.

2. Size of the display

Before you decide on the display size of your TV, you need to figure out where you are going to install the TV. If it’s a living room, you can go for a much bigger size TV. But if it’s a bedroom, then it is preferable to go for small size TV.

The reason is that bedrooms are reasonably smaller than living rooms and if you install a bigger size TV, that will create a problem for your eyes.

You also need to figure out how you are gonna install the TV. If you do a wall mount, then you can buy a bigger size TV. However, if you choose to keep it on the top of a table or showcase, go for a small TV.

best smart tv in india

The reason is that if you keep a big size TV on a table, it won’t be stable at all, and there are chances that it may accidentally fall. But if the wall mounts a TV, it will be more stable even if it is a bigger size.

Typically people don’t buy TVs that are less than 32 inches in size. 24 inches TVs are almost obsolete nowadays. The sweet spot is between 42-55 inches, and more than 70% of TVs are sold in this size range.

One more thing that you should consider is the distance between the TV and you. If you sit closer to your TV, it may harm your eyes. Not only that, if you keep a proper distance from the TV, you can enjoy the color, contrast, and picture accuracy.

So a considerable distance you should always maintain. But how much distance? Let’s list out that data in the below table.

Screen Size (Inch)Minimum Distance (Feet)Maximum Distance (Feet)

3. Types Of Display Panel

We discussed various display technologies, but ultimately all those display technologies will give the output to the LCD screen that we see. So it is equally important to know about display panel types so that we don’t make a wrong purchase decision.

Types of display panels are based on the alignment of molecules within the LCD and how they change alignment when current passes through them. The color accuracy, contrast, viewing angle, and many other things depend on how those molecules change the alignment.

There are basically three types of display panel available in the market. However only IPS and VA panels are widely used in televisions.

  • Twisted Nematic ( TN)
  • In Plane Switching ( IPS)
  • Vertical Alignment (VA)

TN Panel

TN Panel ( Twisted Nematic) is the oldest type of display panel. Although these are still used for monitors, but for TV’s it is almost obsolete. And there is a reason for that.

TN panels offer the worst viewing angle. So if you watch your TV from a different angle, you may see all together different colors. Also, TN panels can not show 24 bits of colors and do not cover the full sRGB spectrum.

We know that when we watch TV, we need good color, contrast, and viewing angle. TN panel does not offer that, and that is why it is not used in TV anymore.

However, TN panels are good at the refresh rate. It can go up to 240 Hz. Also, the response time is about 1 millisecond, which is one of the lowest among all the panels. Due to this, TN panels are excellent for gaming monitors, and gamers do not care about viewing angle, color accuracy, or contrast.

IPS Panel

IPS solves the biggest problem of the TN panel. The viewing angle. You will get an excellent viewing angle in the IPS panel. That is why most of the TVs use IPS panels. However, the response time is more than TN panels. Response time is usually 4 milliseconds.

One of the other issues with IPS panels is the refresh rate. Apart from few high-end IPS panels, most of the normal IPS panels offer a 60-120 Hz refresh rate. But it can go up to 240 Hz in some TV models.

So if you are bothered about viewing angle and perfect color reproduction, then the IPS panel is the best.

VA Panel

VA panel is the compromise between the TN panel and the IPS panel. You will get an excellent contrast ratio and perfect color preproduction in VA panels. In fact, color accuracy can go up to 125% sRGB. But in terms of viewing angle, it is not as good as IPS.

One of the other issues with VA panels is the response time of about 4-5 milliseconds. The refresh rate also not that great compared to TN panels.

So here is the deal. If you are concerned about viewing angle and better color accuracy, and moderate contrast ratio, then the IPS panel is for you. However, if you want the best color reproduction at the cost of a poor viewing angle, then the VA panel is better.

AttributeTN PanelIPS PanelVA Panel
Viewing AnglePoorBestPoor
Refresh RateBestPoorPoor
Contrast ratioPoorBetterBest
Response TimeBestPoorPoor

4. Screen Resolution

Screen resolution will decide how crisp and clear your display will be. No matter what type of display mechanism or display panel you use, everything is in vain if your TV screen resolution is not good.

Screen resolution means the total number of pixels on the screen, the more the number of pixels, the more dense the light will be, and the more clear the picture will be because each pixel contributes to your TV screen clarity.

Here are the different screen resolutions available in the market.

Full HD19201080
4K UHD38402160

Out of all those, HD TVs are the cheapest and offer poor picture quality. However, most people buy full HD or QHD TVs as those are relatively cheaper than 4K TV, and the picture quality is not that bad. UK UHD offers the best picture quality, but those are costly too.

Recently Samsung has launched 8K TV in the market. However, due to the very high cost, it is still out of reach of wide audiences. In the coming years, only 4K UHD and 8K will dominate the market.

5. HDR ( High Dynamic Range)

HDR stands for high dynamic range, and it is one of the most important factors that you should consider before buying a TV. Some people assume that a 4K TV is an HDR TV. But that may not be true. Not all 4K TVs are HDR TV.

We all know that color accuracy, contrast, and wide color gamut (WCG) are the three essential requirements of having a crystal clear, vivid, and accurate picture. Obviously, you need a higher resolution screen too. HDR enhances the luminance, increases the contrast ratio, and produces a wide range of the color spectrum.

best smart tv in india

The main intention of having HDR is to have a more realistic picture with high brightness, high contrast, and color accuracy. There are three types of HDR ranges available in the market as of now. The best bet is to get a TV with Dolby Vision.

  • HDR 10
  • HDR 10+
  • Dolby Vision
  • HLG ( Hybrid Log Gamma)
AttributesHDR 10HDR 10+Dolby VisionHLG
Bit Depth10 Bit10 Bit12 Bit10 Bit
Color1 Billion1 Billion68 Billion1 Billion
Peak Brightness1000-4000 Nits1000-4000 Nits4000-10000 Nits1000-4000 Nits
TV supportGreatGoodLimitedLimited
Content AvailabilityGreatGoodLimitedLimited

6. Refresh Rate

Do you plan to watch more high-speed dynamic contents like action movies or racing cars show, etc. Obviously, when we buy a TV, we watch those kinds of dynamic content. So it’s better to go for a TV with a high refresh rate. With a high refresh rate, you will get better clarity video.

We all know that videos consist of tons of frames. How frequently those frames get refreshed impacts video quality when you watch that on the TV screen. For example, if you have a 60 Hz refresh rate TV, each frame will be refreshed 60 times per second. If it is 120 Hz, then the frame will be refreshed 120 times per second.

best smart tv in india

Nowadays, most TVs have a minimum of 120 Hz, with few high-end TVs going as high as 240 Hz. Although the concept is the same but different manufacturer uses another term for the refresh rate. For example, LG uses the term ” True Motion.” Samsung uses the term “Motion Rate.”

7. High Contrast Ratio

Many of us ignore this important aspect of TV. The reason is that many of us may not even know what contrast ratio is. In mathematical terms, the contrast ratio is the ratio between the intensity of white color to the black color in a TV.

Better the contrast ratio, more clear the picture will be, and the TV will show the more actual color. For example, a high contrast ratio will show black color as pure black and white color as pure white and everything in between.

best smart tv in india

If you buy a TV with HDR technology, you don’t need to worry about contrast ratio as HDR will boost the contrast ratio.

8. Operating System

TV’s are more or less like a computer, and every computer needs an operating system. Unlike computers where we have only Windows and Linux, TVs have many proprietary operating systems. What that means is that every manufacturer comes with its own operating systems.

Apart from that, there are third-party vendors Like Google Chrome Cast, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV that can make your TV smart with their own device loaded with their operating systems.

Web OS ( LG)

Web OS is a proprietary operating system by LG used in almost all LG smart TVs. It comes loaded with many apps, and in fact, it has an app store from where you can download apps. It supports Voice support through Google Assistant.

best smart tv in india

The navigation is butter smooth, but the interface is really boring. Also, connectivity options are limited. Also, you may not see frequent updates in the Web OS.


Taizen is an open-source mobile operating system developed by the Linux Foundation, but Samsung TV widely uses it for the last couple of years.

best smart tv in india

Compared to Web OS, Tizen looks very fresh, more refined, and has an intuitive interface. The functionality is more or less similar but lacks the availability of the app.

Apple TV

Trust me, this is the best operating system that you can get for your TV. Apple TV does not come inbuilt with any TV. You need to buy the device separately. Apple TV device cost us a bit high but considering the kind of service, it is simply great.

best smart tv in india

Apple TV offers 4K level picture clarity, supports Dolby Vision, and more HDR content. On top of that, it has millions of app that you can install.

Amazon Fire Stick

Like Apple TV, you need to buy Amazon Fire Stick to activate the features on your TV. Comparatively, Amazon Fire Stick is damn cheap. You can always use Alexa with Amazon fire stick which is a plus.

best smart tv in india

You also get access to amazon music and other programs that amazon supports. You can also control other smart devices with this Amazon Fire Stick.

Android TV

Android TV OS is an open-source operating system offered by Google. It comes inbuilt with many TV’s, and for that, you don’t need to buy separate device like Apple TV or Fire Stick.

best smart tv in india

Most of the apps of Google Play Store will work on Android TV as well. And you know that Google Play Store has millions of apps. So with Android TV, you will have more apps and more features.

Ruku TV

Ruku TV comes inbuilt with many TV’s, and you can also buy the Ruku stick if your TV does not come with it.

best smart tv in india

The interface is similar to Android TV or Fire Stick, but Ruku TV lacks a wide range of app availabilities. One of the other issues with Ruku TV is that it does not support Dobly Vision HDR.

9. Picture Engine

We already realized that having a high-resolution screen, better display mechanism, and a good display panel enhances your TV’s picture and video quality. But is that all you need?

Picture Engine comes into play to address the shortcoming of your hardware. Like if you want to upscale resolution or enhance the pixel count artificially, the picture Engine plays a big role. It also enhances the color quality, contrast, and brightness of the picture.

best smart tv in india

Think of Picture Engine as a post-processing software. It just enhances the quality of raw pictures and videos before it is displayed on the screen.

Below are couple of picture Engine offered by TV manufacturers.

  • X Reality Pro Engine
  • Tripple XD engine
  • Hyperreal engine
  • 4K fine remaster engine

X Reality Pro Engine

X Reality Pro is owned by Sony and used in most Sony TV. X really Pro is known for upscaling content without damaging its quality. Apart from that, it also helps in improving contrast ratio, color accuracy, and brightness.

best smart tv in india

Triple XD Engine

Triple XD engine is a proprietary image processing mechanism owned by LG for use in their smart TV lineup. Like x reality Pro engine, it can do upscaling, but it also has couples of other key features like XD color, XD contrast and XD noise reduction. All these mechanisms help in getting a better quality picture.

best smart tv in india

Hyper Real Engine

The hyperreal engine is the brain of most of the Samsung 3D TV. It enhances the color, contrast, and motion of already excellent Samsung displays. The result is a vibrant and crystal clear picture.

best smart tv in india

4K Fine Remaster Engine

4K Fine Remaster engine is specific to Panasonic and specific to its 4K resolution. The working principle and advantages are the same as other picture engines. Only the name is different.

best smart tv in india

10. Connectivity Ports

Although your TV is smart, sometimes you may need it to connect to your soundbars or your computer or connect it to a Bluetooth device. For that, you need to have a wide array of connectivity ports.

best smart tv in india

Usually following ports are now more or less mandatory for even a basic smart TV.

  • USB 3.0 Ports: Make sure you have at least two USB 3.0 ports. Don’t buy a smart TV if it still offers USB 2.0 ports. This is a must-have port for a smart TV.
  • HDMI Port: Make sure you have a minimum of 2-3 HDMI ports. These are essential if you want to connect your laptop or any other display
  • Display Port ( or Mini Display Port): This can be an optional port. If it’s there it’s good.
  • USB C Port (PD): The world is moving towards USB C. So if your TV has one, it’s better.
  • RJ45 Ethernet Port: If you want to connect your TV to the internet through cable, then an ethernet port is a must.
  • Traditional Audio / Video Ports: These ports usually comes by default with all TVs. Those are the ports shown in different colors in the above picture. Although we hardly use those ports but if we have that it’s good.

11. Audio

Usually, most consumers prefer to connect their smart TV to the external sound system. The reason is that no matter how good your TV is, it just can not match the sound quality of an external soundbar.

If you still want to stick to a TV speaker, make sure your TV has a minimum of two 10W speakers. Better if you get a 20-25 W speaker, and if it supports Dolby Atoms, then it is the best

12. Remote Control

Although remote control should not be a factor in your TV buying decision, it is good for navigation if you have a better remote. Nowadays, almost all TVs support navigation through a mobile app.

Traditional remote controls uses infrared. But current generation remotes use Bluetooth technology. It is preferable to choose a Bluetooth remote control so that you can control your TV effectively.


That’s all we have in this article. I hope we have covered almost everything about smart TV’s so that you can take a smart call on which smart TV to buy.

However, if you have some queries left with you, just drop a comment below in the comment box. We will be happy to resolve your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ) On The Best Smart TV In India

How can I connect my Smart TV to the internet?

There are two ways to connect your TV to the internet. You can use the WiFi to connect the TV to the TV wirelessly. That is the easiest way. If the WiFi facility is not available, then you can directly use the ethernet port to connect the TV with the internet router using a cable.

What is the difference between traditional remote and bluetooth remote?

Traditional remote use infrared technology. So you need to be very close to your TV, and the remote need to be at a certain angle range to work. On the other hand, Bluetooth remotes can be operated from up to 6-10 feet distance without any angle.

Can I watch local cable channels on a smart TV?

Absolutely. Why not. Every smart TV has an option for attaching an antenna. Just connect your cable TV antenna to that port, and you good to watch all your cable TV programs.

Dolby Vision or HDR 10? Which one is the best?

Dolby’s vision is far better than HDR 10 or even HDR 10+. The amount of clarity and color perfection that Dolby’s vision offers is far better than HDR10+. However, TVs with Dolby vision cost a lot.

What is the difference between HD ready and full HD resolution?

HD ready means that your TV can show up to 720P images or videos. That does not mean that you can not watch 4K videos. But anything above 720P will be downscaled to 720P.

On the other hand, Full HD resolution TV shows pictures and videos of up to 1080P.


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