What Is Air Wash In Samsung Washing Machines

Delicate clothes like winter wear, suits, trousers are often damaged when you wash those in traditional washing machines. Due to that, many of us send those types of clothes for a dry wash. But how about doing the dry wash at home. That’s what I am going to talk about in this article and we will learn what is air wash in Samsung washing machines.

What is air wash in Samsung Washing Machines?

Traditional washing machines use detergent and water for cleaning cloths. But air wash does not require any of those. It can clean clothes using hot air only. It can remove dirt, unpleasant smells, microscopic allergens, harmful bacteria, and microbes, etc. Is not it great that hot air can remove all this stuffs from your clothes?

The mechanism of air wash consists of a heater coil that produces the heat and a blower to blow the hot air. Hot air penetrates into the clothes and removes the dirt. The hot air can also kills all germs and bacteria. So after air wash, your clothes will be washed as well as sanitized.

Air wash is equivalent to dry wash clothes that you see in the shop. So with air wash, you can stop going to a dry wash shop as the same you can do at home This will save some money and time for you.

Currently, only in some Samsung washing machines, this air wash feature is available.

How to use air wash in Samsung washing machines?

You can follow the below steps to use Air Wash in Samsung washing machines.

• First of all, make sure there is no water in the drum. If required run an empty dry cycle
• Put clothes into the drum
• Switch on the power button
• Select the air wash option by turning the cycle selector
• Press the start button

Please make sure that there is no water inside the drum of the washing machine. Otherwise, the air wash option won’t work. You can either manually remove all water from inside the drum or use an empty dry cycle to take off the water.

Different options in Air Wash Cycle

There are two options in the Air Wash cycle as shown below

• Deodorization
• Sanitization

The cycle time of deodorization is 29 minutes, You can add a fragrance sheet to remove the odor from clothes. The sanitization option will clean the clothes for 59 minutes. You can use recommended chemicals also to sanitize the clothes.

When you select either of the options, you can not select any other option except the “ Delay End Time”. The delay end time can be up to 3 to 19 hours.

Advantages of air wash in Samsung Washing machines

• No need for water. Very useful for areas where we buy water
• Removes odors and also sanitize clothes
• You can do dry wash at home
• Does not damage delicate clothes

Disadvantages of Air Wash in Samsung washing machines

• Wash performance is not as good as water-based washing machines
• Can not remove heavy soils from clothes
• Extremely costly

Conclusion: Air Wash in Samsung Washing Machines

I hope that you got the basic idea about air wash / dry wash in washing machines. This is one of few technologies that is making the hype as it does not need any water or detergent. Hopefully, this technology will be available in other brand models too.

Unfortunately, air wash-based washing machines are too costly. On top of that, you can expect higher electricity bills due to the heating coil that is generating the heat.

If you have questions on this topic, please write in the comment section and I will be happy to respond to you back.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

What is Air Wash?

Air wash is a wash feature available only in Samsung washing machines that can clean clothes without any water or detergent. It uses a heater and a blower to blow hot air into the clothes and removes the dirt.

Does Air wash available only in Samsung Washing machines?

Yes, currently this feature is available only in Samsung Washing machines. But going forward it will be available in other brands too.


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