6 Best Ways To Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing In Windows 10

nvidia control panel missing

You bought a brand new desktop with an Nvidia Graphics card or installed an Nvidia graphics card in your existing desktop. Installed the driver and excited to change the setting to suit your game need. But what the heck is this? Where is the Nvidia control panel? Why the Nvidia control panel is missing? So in this article, we will discuss some easy tricks To Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing In Windows 10.

nvidia control panel missing

Nvidia control panel could be missing for so many reasons. The issue is very common and most of us have faced this issue when we first installed a new Nvidia graphics card. Fortunately, we have a couple of simple solutions to fix this issue.

The issue is more common in assembled desktops than laptops. The reason being, laptops are already pre-configured and hardly anyone installs Graphics cards separately.

Before you really get into finding a solution to the issue of ” Nvidia Control panel missing”, you need to make sure that the card is properly installed. You have to check the following points.

  • The card is properly slotted in the PCIe slot. If you use a riser card, make sure the riser card is slotted in properly.
  • Add a power connection from the PSU ( If the card supports it). Many Nvidia Graphics card gets power directly from the motherboard.
  • Make sure the screws are tightened enough with the chassis.
  • Reboot your computer and see if the hardware is listed under the device manager display adapter section. You may not see the Nvidia name until you install the driver.

1. Install or Update GPU Drivers

This is the first thing that you should do right after installing your Nvidia graphics card. Many of us forget to install the driver and look for the control panel. There are two options to install an Nvidia Graphics Card driver.

  • Install Nvidia Graphic card driver using windows device manager
  • Download from the Nvidia portal and install

Please make a note that there are two types of Nvidia Drivers. One is ” Standard ” and the other is ” DCH“. Make sure you download the DCH driver from the Nvidia portal and install it.

It’s preferable not to install a driver from the CD that came with the graphic card. Often the drivers are outdated in the CD. Also if you are upgrading from an old graphics card, make sure to uninstall the old card driver using Display Driver Uninstaller software before installing the new card driver.

nvidia control panel missing

If you use windows device manager to install the driver, then windows will automatically install the DCH driver only

nvidia control panel missing

If you don’t install the DCH driver, your Nvidia Control Panel may not show up in Windows 10

2. Connect To Nvidia Display Port

Nowadays almost every computer comes with an integrated graphics card. If your desktop comes with a pre-installed Nvidia graphics card in addition to an integrated graphics card in the CPU, then you may ignore this fix.

If you installed the Nvidia graphics card separately, then you need to make sure that your monitor is connected to the display port of the Nvidia card. Sometimes Windows does not show the Nvidia control panel if you connect to the display port of the integrated graphics card.

For example, my computer comes with an HDMI and a VGA port by default. When I installed the Nvidia card, I got a type C display port along with a microdisplay port. So I should connect to the Type C or the Microdisplay port that comes with the Nvidia graphics card to get the Nvidia control panel

3. Restart Nvidia Services

If you installed the driver properly and also connected to the Nvidia display port, but still could not see the Nvidia control panel, then you should try restarting Nvidia services.

To Restart the Nvidia services you have to go to the ” Services” section by simply typing the word ” Service” in the search bar and selecting the services option.

nvidia control panel missing

In the Services section, find the option ” NVIDIA Display Container LS” and double click on it.

nvidia control panel missing

Under startup, select ” Automatic” , Stop the service and again click on ” Start” to active the NVIDIA service.

nvidia control panel missing

4. Unhide Nvidia Control Panel

To unhide the Nvidia control panel, go to the Windows control panel and search for the Nvidia control panel. Make sure you enable the ” Large Icons” option instead of ” Category” ( Upper Right) in the Windows control panel

nvidia control panel missing

Open the Nvidia control panel and go the the ” Desktop ” tab and select ” Add Desktop Context menu“. This should enable the Nvidia Control panel in the desktop shortcut menu.

nvidia control panel missing

5. Launch Nvidia Control Panel Directly

If you do not see an option on the desktop to launch Nvidia Control Panel, then you can follow the below option to launch it directly.

Step-1 :
First head over to the below location. If you have installed the Nvidia control panel in any other location other than C drive, then you have to replace “C” with your drive location. In that location, you will find this below file.


C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Display.NvContainer
nvidia control panel missing

Press Win+R and type in the following line. Press Enter

nvidia control panel missing

Once you type in the shell: startup and press enter, the following windows will show up. You will have to paste a shortcut of the .exe file that you copied.

Right-click the shortcut file- > Go to Advanced Tab-> Check ” Run as Administrator”

nvidia control panel missing

That’t it. Now you will be able to see Nvidia Control panel if you do a right click on your desktop.

6. Install Nvidia Control Panel From Windows Store

If none of the tricks mentioned above work for you, then you should ” RECHECK” the graphics card installation. If you feel that everything is fine in terms of hardware, you can download the Nvidia Control Panel from the Microsoft Store.

Please make a note that you have to uninstall the existing Nvidia control panel software before installing the control panel from Microsoft store.

nvidia control panel missing


I hope there will be no more questions on how to find Nvidia control panel. I mentioned numerous options for Nvidia control panel download and installation. If still you have some concerns and not able to find the Nvidia control panel, please do reach out to me through the comment section and I will be happy to assist.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to find Nvidia control panel

You will find the NVIDIA Control panel in the menu if you right click on your desktop or you can search in the program section by clicking the Windows button on your keyboard.

How to Update Nvidia drivers

There are two options.
1. Go to device manager-> Find the Nvidia card under display adapter-> Right-click and Update
2. Download the latest driver from Nvidia Portal and install

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